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7+ Graffiti Drawing

Graffiti and street culture has been on the rise today as more daring artists take on the streets to display their masterpieces. Considered as vandalism and punishable by law before, this kind of art has found its way into the mainstream and has even become national treasures as they are used as landmarks and begin attracting tourist for photo opportunities.

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Graffiti are writings or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed on a wall or other surfaces in a public place, which range from simple written words to elaborate wall paintings. They are originally used by gangs to mark territories but now has become a medium to express ideas and underlying social and political messages.

Here, we curated pencil drawings of graffiti art that you can use to whatever purpose it may serve you. Whether it’s for reference or for inspiration, feel free to browse our website.

3D Graffiti Drawing


Graffiti Letters Drawing


Graffiti Pencil Drawing


Abstract Graffiti Drawing


Graffiti’s History and Evolution

  • History. With a long and proud history, the subculture associated with graffiti has existed for decades and still going strong. Seen as common criminals before, graffiti artists have become passionate, skilled, community-oriented, and socially conscious.
  • Modern graffiti. Urban graffiti which uses spray cans came in the late 1960s from New York City. A certain messenger would use a marker and write his name wherever he went. Kids soon followed tagging their names anywhere to gain fame and notoriety.
  • Tagging and more. Aside from getting their names around as much as possible, artists or writers started outdoing each other in terms of style. It has since then evolved into a complex art form with its own techniques and vocabulary.
  • Style wars. The emergence of an entire subculture surrounding graffiti began in the 1970s when artists began creating bigger and better pieces to outdo each other and become more famous than anyone else.
  • Creativity in action. Most early graffiti artists came from the ghetto who created something beautiful and required dedication. They have succeeded in expressing their identity in a society that tried to keep them anonymous.
  • Graffiti and hip-hop. Graffiti drawing artworks have become a major part of the urban environment, which provided a visual inspiration that has encouraged other forms of creativity and expression. It has become one of the four elements of hip-hop.

Graffiti Drawing Artwork


Graffiti Brick Wall Drawing


Graffiti Rose Drawing


Graffiti Sketch Drawing


Some Famous Graffiti Artists

  • Banksy. Although Banksy has successfully hidden his real identity, he is undoubtedly the most well-known graffiti artist in the world. His skillful use of stencils and dark sense of humor can easily be recognized as seen in London and other English cities.
  • David Choe. This flamboyant artist painted the mural at the Facebook headquarters and asked to be paid in company stocks. He also painted a now well-known portrait of Barack Obama during his presidential campaign.
  • Blek le Rat. The Parisian artist is considered the father of stencil graffiti and painted rat images all around Paris in his early days. Now, his recent works can be viewed in London, Paris, Berlin, and New York City.
  • Eduardo Kobra. Kobra is a muralist from Brazil who is famous for his large, colorful, and realistic murals, which can be seen all over his hometown. He is also well-known because of his unique 3D chalk pictures and paintings.

Whether you are an aspiring mural artist that wants to follow the footsteps of these famous graffiti artists or a creative director looking for inspiration, the sketch drawings that you can download from this page will help you jump-start any art project you desire.

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