9+ Hair Drawings


Hair is one of the unique details of a portrait or cartoon character. It distinguishes one person from the other, and usually, it’s the part of the body that is hard to draw. Pencil drawings are time consuming, especially if you need perfect strokes of hair to make your portrait or cartoon character noticeable.

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Luckily, our hair drawings can be utilized as a guide or even as a template for you to get started on traditional or digital sketches. Learn how to sketch hair of different styles—whether wavy, straight, or curly—or even draw anime hair with these cool sketches that are perfect to imitate for your next drawing project.

Pencil Hair Drawing

hair pencil drawingSource

Curly Hair Drawing

curly hair drawingSource

Emo Hair Drawing

emo hair drawingSource

Braided Hair Drawing

braided hair drawingSource

Wavy Hair Drawing

wavy hair drawingSource

Start Drawing Now

The important thing to remember is that the hair should slightly overlap the eyes, if you’re drawing bangs. Take a look at how our samples are drawn:

  • Pencil Hair Drawing. Possessing straight and flowy hair, this pencil drawing of an animated character has a clean finish. Hair highlights are emphasized for a shiny hair, and the hair do not cover the eyes at all.
  • Curly Hair Drawing. This side-view portrait of a curly-haired lady uses enough space to keep the curls out of the face. The curls are also crisp with long hair length, and a little frizz is added for a natural curl.
  • Emo Hair Drawing. Need a male anime drawing for a Manga, or Japanese comic? Follow this spiky and uneven hair length drawing for an emo look.
  • Braided Hair Drawing. Want a fancy fishtail braided hair like Katniss? This braided hair drawing will guide you through the strokes and highlights needed to get the perfect fishtail braid.

Are you a pencil sketch artist particular of eye drawings and hair drawings? Our sample collections will offer great techniques on how to balance out eye drawings with hair drawings, so your character can still see with his own two eyes. Sometimes, when you overwork drawing the hair, there’s little or no room at all to draw the eyes.

Anime Hair Drawing

anime hair drawingSource

Hair Bow Drawing

hair bow drawingSource

Mermaid Hair Drawing

mermaid hair drawingSource

Realistic Hair Drawing

realistic hair drawingSource

Long Hair Drawing

long hair drawing

What We Offer

Here are a few more designs our website offers:

  • Wavy Hair Drawing. Voluminous wavy, long hair would look great for most portraits and even in your own comic projects. Be sure to use light and dark shades with emphasis on the curves so your wavy hair drawing stands out.
  • Anime Hair Drawing. Anime wavy hair is completely different from your realistic wavy hair portraits because it uses light shading and usually have sharp edges. Follow the variety of braids done on anime wavy hair drawings and see the difference.
  • Hair Bow Drawing. Need a matching hair bow to pair with your hair style? This elegant hair bow is an easy design to follow.
  • Mermaid Hair Drawing. Mermaids are a popular drawing among kids and even beach lovers. Mermaids need a damp look on their flowing, long hair. Drawing mermaid hair doesn’t have to be completely neat; what’s important is emphasizing the fine strands of hair and drawing it to the direction of where the mermaid swims or, if above seawater, you can let her hair flow to the direction of the wind.

Some hair drawings make great abstract drawings because of the shading and contouring that takes place. Highlights on hair makes it even more shiny and beautiful. If you want a piece of art to attract women, go for abstract drawings of hair.


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