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9+ Wings Drawing

Wings evoke a certain light feeling in us. Wings tend to make us think of protection, travel, freedom, or flight. And to a lot of people, that is very appealing. Feeling light and free is a very pleasant thing to be, and many would like to be called back to that feeling through art.

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Besides the connotations that come with it, wings look awesome. Maybe it’s the symmetry or the symbology behind it, but wings are something that most artists can add to literally anything and the result would be something most definitely cool to look at. For more cool things to look at, here is our collection of cool drawings for you to gaze upon.

Angel Wings Drawing


Fairy Wings Drawing


Heart with Wings Drawing


Eagle Wings Drawing


Bird Wings Drawing


Animal Wings

Eagles are some of the coolest animals around; birds of prey usually are. Wings drawn are usually of that or a similar animal. Barely anyone who is fond of airplane wings devote any amount of time to drawing them. And it makes sense, mechanical wings are stiff and, well, mechanical in appearance. Bird wings are amazing structures with glorious feathers and look more like they could actually move even in paper. Even bat wings are drawn a lot; albeit, not as much as day animals. If you’re a general animal lover and are looking for more than eagles and owls, check out this collection of animal drawings.

Wings and People

Freedom is one of the most driving ambitions that people have even if indirectly. They want to travel to see more or earn more so they have more choices to pick from. It’s usually about having more to choose from or to have everything as an option. Wings are a perfect symbol for that, so most people want them on themselves or on other works of art.

Wings are common tattoo subjects often drawn on a person’s back so they look like angels. If you want to look at more angel drawings, then our website has got you covered.

Blurred Wings Drawing


Cross with Wings Drawing


Dragon Wings Drawing


Wings Tattoo Drawing


Wings Ink Drawing



Wings usually mean something to most people. If there’s anything about any animal that humans are jealous of, then it’s birds with their beautiful feathered wings. Wings represent something that most humans can’t have—flight. Not assisted flight on those planes with stiff metal wings, but true flight in which we hover up, down, and every direction like a fish in the water. Flight, to many of us, is a form of freedom we can never experience while we’re stuck on the ground that we’ve planted our feet upon.

Drawings of wings are common in art because of how closely they represent an unattainable goal. So we look at wings and things in flight earnestly, as if inspired by a meaning known only to us.

Pencil Drawings

Pencils are some of the most common drawing implements and, for many, the most practiced. A skilled draftsman can make wonders with a simple pencil. The time and dedication it takes to get to a certain skill level can be daunting.

After having gone through those drawing of wings, and eventually earning yours, if you’re looking for more drawings to inspire you, have a look at our collection of pencil drawings. Take a gander at how they show shadings and textures with little more than graphite.

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