15 Exquisite Pencil Drawings That Will Dazzle You

Even for veteran artists, it might often be difficult to come up with a variety of new and innovative designs. That is why you could do with some inspiration. These sketches here pay close attention to detail and are imaginative. You’ll find a number of designs here, one to go with every mood. 3D drawing, paintings, portraits, beautiful landscapes- you’ll get everything here in abundance. All the examples of pencil sketches here are sure to dazzle you and blow your minds away!

pencil drawings

Eiffel Tower 3D Pencil Drawings

eiffel tower


3D sketches look absolutely fantastic because of the surreal effect they have. The skill required to create such marvelous art must be admired. This rendition of the Eiffel Tower is one that you surely haven’t seen before.

Are you fond of action figures and ninjas? Then you could take a look at this amazing template. It consists of a brilliant sketch, which appears to come to life.

Venice Great Pencil Drawing

venice great pencil drawing


When you think of Venice, your mind immediately wanders off to gondolas. The stunning sketch here demonstrates a very classic and stereotypical Venice scene that you can use for inspiration. You can also see Amazing Pencil Drawings.

Dr Hadley Thirteen – House Md Pencil Drawing

dr hadley thirteen house md pencil drawing


There is something extremely intense about this image. An ordinary portrait of a beautiful woman has been converted into something that is sure to send chills down your back.

The detailing in the image is breathtaking. You have to appreciate the way the artist has perfectly captured the expression of the pets. It is sure to make your hearts melt!

Cecil The Lion Pencil Drawing

cecil the lion pencil drawing


Drawing a lion with its mane can be extremely complicated unless you have an eye for detail. If you have been planning to create a similar design, then you could seek inspiration from this. You can also see Best Pencil Drawings.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most popular actors of Hollywood. If you want to pay a tribute to him and create his portrait, then you could use this image as a guide.

L-Arco Di Via Tagliamento Rome

l arco di via tagliamento rome


This image perfectly encapsulates the charm of an ancient city. Also, the blurry strokes in the sketch require utmost care and patience. As far as pencil sketches go, this has to be one of the best.

Tiger Pencil Drawing

tiger pencil drawing


A close up of a tiger’s face would be a perfect way to try your hand at sketching. Look at how the artist has sketched the eyes and the other aspects of the portrait, paying careful attention to details. You can also see Easter Drawings.

Smiling Beautiful Girl

smiling beautiful girl


In order to create a sketch that is cheerful and vibrant, you could refer to this pencil drawing. The clarity in this sketch is mind-blowing and it appears almost lifelike!

66 Shelby 350 Gt Pencil Drawing

shelby 350 gt pencil drawing


Mustangs still happen to be etched in the memories of car lovers. To pay a tribute to the car that everyone loved, you could use this sketch that brilliantly highlights the beauty of the vehicle.

Pencil Drawing Of Small Birds

pencil drawing of small birds


For beginners experimenting with sketches, you could follow the guidelines in this image. The sketch here is relatively simple and wouldn’t require too much of technical knowledge to draw it.

All artists would agree that more than painting, sketching takes a lot of skill and patience. Also, you need to have a knack for it. If you want to experiment with your drawings, pencil sketches would be a great way to go. Here you would find sketches of varying difficulties that can help you out. You can also see Cool Drawings.