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Of all subjects in drawing, the hand is very expressive. They say the eyes are the window to the soul, but the hand is a portrayal of character. These appendages are also very symbolic and are used in a lot of nonprofit company logos and every other field of creative art. For many practitioners of abstract drawings, there is even an opportunity to go meta and draw a hand drawing a hand. Human beings are instantly drawn to certain features of the human body, and the hand, when translated to paper, is capable of expressing so much even with simple line work.

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If you would like to see a collection of inspiring hand drawings, just scroll down. Art lovers and art creators should learn something from each piece in this gallery.

 Hold on Tight Hand Drawing

hold on tight hand drawing

Together For Ever Hand Drawing

together for ever hand drawing

Pencil Hand Drawing

pencil hand drawing

Holding Hand Drawing

holding hand drawing

Bird & Hand Drawing

bird hand drawing

Why Do So Many People Draw Hands?

The great fictional detective Sherlock Holmes has been credited as being able to tell the whole personality, background, interests, and activities of a person merely by examining the hand, the wrist, the fingertips, and the nails of that person, as well as any tell-tale markings or ornaments.

Perhaps we don’t have this same level of mental acuity as Mr. Holmes, but we certainly do have a fascination with hands – other people’s hands, if not our own.

There is an expression: “I know it like the back of my hand.” This came into being because our own hands are so routine, and we see it in almost every activity we do.

When portrayed in art, the commonplace hand, even of some anonymous person, still draws our interest. It is a symbol. Symbols are anything in the visual world that stands for something unseen. The human hand is a symbol of many things, whether alone, in a pair, or in interaction with another set of hands.

A human hand means

  • Action and ambition,
  • Compassion,
  • Decision,
  • Dedication and commitment,
  • Power,
  • Unity and diversity,
  • Humanity,

and various states of body and mind and community.

Good chances are you’ve been exposed to many pencil drawings in your life, whether by other people or watching it form under your own hands.

Even if you understand why we are so drawn to this subject, the fascination with the drawing itself won’t fade.

Heart with Hands Drawing

heart with hand drawings

Baby Hand Drawing

baby hand drawing

Hand Pen Drawing

hand pen drawing

Hand Pencil Drawing

hand pencil drawing

Creative Pencil Hand Drawing

creative pencil hand drawing

Why Is the Hand an Important Art Subject?

You see it everywhere. Hand drawings are as commonly seen as the back of your hand, you almost stop noticing it. And yet it draws attention for the reason that it symbolizes what we just discussed.

If you’ve ever taken an art class, or flipped through a how-to-sketch book, you will notice this same interest in the human hands.

Learning to draw them well is another challenge. When done well, and if you’ve mastered the how-to technical side of it, human hands can be used to express all sorts of personal, emotional, cultural, social, and political messages.

If you throw all that aside and focus on mastering the line work and getting a realistic set of hands, that’s a worthy accomplishment in itself. It is too easy to aim to draw a pair of hands and end up with a pair of weird shapes and five or ten bloated bananas or sausages for fingers.

Weirdly enough, a hand that is well-drawn, even if you encounter it in some throwaway graffiti pencil drawings, can speak so much—about the subject and about the artist themselves.

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