Pen Drawings – 21+ Free PSD, AI, Vector EPS Format Download

Sketches or artwork are one of the most popular forms of design that enables people to come up with creative ideas. The humble pen and ink are used as tools to deliver the most striking artwork that is then used in a variety of ways to market to potential clients. You can also see Photorealistic Pencil Drawings. Pens, when compared to brushes or Pencil Drawings, are precise and far more accurate due to the fine tip control. They are also more definite and give bolder strokes than the latter two. For all things that require intricate detailing, pen styled sketches are your best bet.We are here to guide you in your decision-making factor and to pick some of the best types of designs around the world.

pen drawings

Howl Pen Drawing JPG Download

howl pen drawing jpg download

Awesome Pen Drawing of Tree & Animal Together

awesome pen drawing of tree animal together

Beautiful Girl Pen Drawing

beautiful girl pen drawing

Beautiful Rose Pen Drawing

beautiful rose pen drawing

Ballpoint Pen Cat Drawing Download

ballpoint pen cat drawing download

Puppy Pen Drawing

puppy pen drawing

Drawing of an Elephant with Ball Pen

drawing of an elephant with ball pen

Drawing of Sachin Tendulkar with Ball Pen

drawing of sachin tendulkar with ball pen

Ballpoint Pen Icarus Drawing

ballpoint pen icarus drawing

Easy to Draw a Fish with Pen

easy to draw a fish with pen

Crocodile Reading Pen Drawing

crocodile reading pen drawing

Mr. Bean Pen Drawing


Intricate Pen Drawing

intricate pen drawing

Mind Blowing Hands & Horse Pen Drawing

mind blowing hands horse pen drawing

Fineliner Butterfly Pen Drawing

fineliner butterfly pen drawing

Beautiful Nature Ballpoint Pen Drawing

beautiful nature ballpoint pen drawing

Ballpoint Pen Drawing of an Eye

ballpoint pen drawing of an eye

Girl Ballpoint Pen Drawing

girl ballpoint pen drawing

Butterfly & Nature Pen Drawing

butterfly nature pen drawing

Car Pen Drawing Download

car pen drawing download

> Pen sketches are the most detailed Artwork produced

Well firstly, most designs sell because of the realism and the amount of effort went into making it. Simply put, pen works are some of the highest sellers in the global market. There is a lot of intricate detail and stroke play involved in bringing some of the designs from the mind to the canvas. The demand for them is huge.From ballpoint pens to fountain pens to micron pens each of them has a noteworthy and unique design outlook that attracts different organizations. You can also see Easy Drawings.

> Importance of showcasing the right type of quality

Unlike digital work, pen sketches have to be of high quality to be considered. Mediocre work is usually not considered by top-level organizations. There has to be a level of detail shown by the artist in his work that melds. Some of the pen techniques that clients look for in their pen sketches are

  • Ballpoint pens – The ability to draw sharp lines at uniform lengths is an invaluable feature. The added advantage of no setup time required for quick sketches makes it a popular pick among artists.
  • Technical pens – Are great for micro-precise detailing. They come with a tip size as low as 0.03mm and allow for intricate touchups. They make for great schematics and detailed sketches.
  • Brush pens – Depend entirely on the pressure used by the artist to create bolder or minor stroke details. Its expertise lies more in shades and Grunge Textures.

> Organizations and Professions that work with pen sketch works

Many companies hire designers to work with to sketch them artwork to complement the products they sell.

  • Tattoo Art companies
  • Comic Book companies
  • Interior Designers
  • Decal designers
  • Sticker and poster companies
  • Stationaries
  • Clothes printing

> Where are pen sketches generally preferred to be used on?

The popular use of artwork designs caters to a set of trends that usually are always in demand.

  • Bodywork – Its very common to see people get tattoos and have their designated art on a piece of paper shown to the artist to carve on their body. Pen sketches play an important role due to the finer and darker shades being a prominent choice by most people.
  • Mugs – Mugs are incredibly popular places to put up sketched artworks. They come in a variety of designs to suit the size of mugs, they are personal and hence act as a daily use item that is high on demand.
  • T-shirts – Probably, the most popular of them all. T-shirt prints are trendy, hip and extremely cool. College students to working professionals can be seen sporting imprinted sketches.
  • Album-Digital Artwork – A lot of CDs and books tend to use sketches as a preferred form of marketing their source material through cover arts.

> Perfect your Artwork by outlining using stencils and templates

  • Stencils and templates come in various designs for different uses, their primary use is to give a perfect outline of the desired shape or form.
  • Radius templates give a circumference range for creating various circles that appeal to clients of a general kind that require designs and measurements.
  • Architectural templates have a diverse range of shapes that relate to construction sketches that appeal to engineers and architects.
  • Lettering templates as the name suggests gives various designs to the alphabetical letters to appeal to books and fonts.
  • Templates play a great role in perfecting your craft to advertise better for companies.

> Steps to convert sketches into vector and Graphic Art

  • Take the image on which the sketch is drawn and proceed to scan it using a scanner.
  • Choose a program like Illustrator or Photoshop for your preferred converting tool.
  • For example, in Illustrator we use the image trace option and then expand the image.
  • After converting it into vector form. Our next step is to proceed to convert it into graphic art.
  • Next, we choose to fill color in the blank spaces of the vector of our choosing. Once we are satisfied, the graphic art is now complete to be saved and used!

> Copyrighting and Watermarks for sketches is an important factor

  • Once your sketch is scanned and available on the web, there is another underlying factor to tackle. Theft! To protect your work from being stolen you have to consider using watermarks or copyrights.
  • Watermarking is the process of applying an image of choice, in a varying stage from light to dark, on the scanned image of the sketch. What this does is make it impossible to scan the original work and anyone who tries to share your work as their own to potential buyers end up being exposed due to the watermark image. Since you are the only one who has the copy of the original, it is necessary to keep it safe.
  • Copyright is a legal admission provided by a body of law of a country that the work belongs to the author and using it prior to his or her permission leads to copyright infringement or theft. The author can then proceed to file a case and seek an amount in damages from the miscreant.

> Tips to keep in mind while working with hand sketches

Always pick the perfect pen before you start sketching. There is no point regretting half way into an artwork to see an ink blot ruin the whole piece that you spent hours to draw. It’s a good idea to create a rough outline of your sketch before proceeding to add finer details and polishing it off in the end. Experiment with different techniques and choose the one that suits your style the best!