23+ Modern Magazine Designs & Mockups to Print


“Poorly positioned art is a Crime”. Especially people from the magazine industry should underline this quote because they need to deal with creativity and art day in and day out. Welcome to the compilation of great magazine designs. The examples in this article are magazine builder friendly. They are the most influential resources. They can be even used as templates for blog post platforms. You will discover more as you scroll down. Make them your intellectual property.

Modern Branding Editorial Magazine Mockup


Do you want to have a strong and sound footing in the area of digital publications with a Computer Magazine? Embarking on a new journey is a good thing, but does your magazine design have all the required qualities? Compare and cross check with this PSD Magazine Design.

Printable Model Magazine Design


Teen-friendly Travel Destinations are trending these days. If you have something similar in your mind for your biweekly magazine, consider using this youthful design.

Creative Exchange Magazine Design


If your magazines feature stuff relevant to next generation technology such as Human Interface Device (HID), you can use this Creative Exchange Magazine Design. The beautiful color combination of blue and metallic brings the Techno fusion look to your magazine.

Creative Printable Graphic Design Mockup


If your print space and/or online space deals with creativity, you can go for this Creative Magazine Mockup. This handbook that features the images of a girl and a piggy raises the curiosity about the story it tells.

Summer Aqua Lifestyle Magazine


Old habits die hard. The refreshment that is integrated with the color Aqua Blue attracts the young and adults alike. Needless to say, it is one of the best matching colors for lifestyle magazines.

Printable Modern Fashion Magazine Template


Fashion has come a long way. From the simple jeans and tops, it has evolved to trendy outfits. This is certainly a winning design for your fashion magazine. This Printable Modern Fashion Magazine Template helps you cover the great shows in the right way.

99U Quarterly Magazine Design


Is your magazine abundantly filled with folklore? Then this 99U Quarterly Magazine Design drags the enthusiasts for some important reading. You can even add some Anglo-Saxon pre-historian images as well. You can also see Web Design Online Magazines.

Capital Magazine Editorial Design


Pack this up right now to tell true travel stories. You can also use this for your amateur flipbooks. Let your magazine hit the top shelves everywhere and earn moving sales.

Modern Newsletter Magazine Design


A cover photo of a college going girl embracing her books. Use this Modern Newsletter Magazine Design for your Collegiate Magazine that talks about teaching and learning. You can use this for other academic and Educational Magazines as well.

Branding Magazine Mockup Design


Imitation may help you flatter the readers at that moment. But to truly flatter them, you need to be sincere in understanding the design and remodelling it. Have a look at this magazine design.

Simple & Elegant Magazine Design


Graphic Design Magazine Mockup Design


Cool Modern Fashion Magazine


The Washington Post Magazine Modern Design


Creative Modern Magazine Mockup Design


Classic Travel Magazine Template


Modern Magazine Free Download


Here the inks did the trick. Every Magazine comes to market with a story. Paint your story space with this Free magazine design.

Free Art Direction Cover Magazine 


The ability to manage a magazine is not inborn. The pre-defined designs these days ease the task of obtaining one. You can use this design in the fields of fashion and lifestyle as well.

Indesign Magazine Modern Template


Indesign is another impressive tool that helps you convert your photos into cover photo designs. This is a good sample if you know color grading and Photo manipulation. It sizes A4 letter and comes in a high resolution of 300 dpi.

Simple Travel Magazine Template


Modern Summer Travel Magazine


Promotion Modern Magazine


Stylish Magazine Bundle


How is the big delivery of the designs that covered fashion, lifestyle, education, photography for men, photography for women, and style?. You can have these designs in the magazines as well. Let these designs feature in your magazines. Great designs abound. They are absolute adorables. Because first impressions are lasting impressions.

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