10+ Plane Boarding Ticket Designs & Templates


Perhaps you are actually working for an airline company and are looking for the perfect design for your boarding tickets, or perhaps you’re not and you’re simply looking for some inspiration for your event invitation cards. Whatever reason you have that led you to this article, it definitely has to do something with airline boarding tickets. Thankfully, we have just quite enough ticket templates to offer to you in this article, and you can find all of them below.

Plane Ticket Invitation Template

plane ticket invitation template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: 5.5×2 inches with Bleed


Plane Boarding Ticket Template

plane boarding ticket template
File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: A4



Do you want your boarding tickets to look clean, professional, and presentable? Well, you are definitely in luck because we may have just the ticket layout template for you. Just like the other templates in this article, this one contains relatively the same contents as the others, the only noticeable difference between this and the other templates in the absence of a broken line that supposedly divides the “tear-off’ stub with the rest of the boarding ticket. But other than that, the navy blue and white color scheme seem to be the other feature that’s different on this design.

Simple Plane Boarding Tickets

simple plane boarding ticket

But before we get there, it may be a good idea to let you know ahead of time that these templates won’t cost you a lot, guaranteed. These templates have all been priced reasonably, and they are fully editable as well, giving you the freedom to customize the design according to your preferences. So once you decide to download any of these plane boarding ticket templates, you can already assure yourself that you’ll be getting your money’s worth.

Looking for a simple looking airline ticket that you can use for various purposes? Here is a template that you can easily download and use for a mere price of $5.00. This ticket template comes in two vibrant color schemes—teal and vermilion—and you can fully edit the contents on the various spaces provided on the design. Also, this template can be downloaded in two file formats—EPS and JPG—allowing you to work with them easily regardless of the editing tool you have on your system.

Birthday Invitation Plane Boarding Ticket

birthday invitation plane boarding ticket

Ready to take the birthday celebrant to a journey in the skies? Make a birthday invitation out of this template and mesmerize the people with its beautiful design. With this sample ticket invitation template, you can use the different fields to indicate that relevant details of the birthday party such as the name of the birthday celebrant, date, time, and the location. Then again, those are also the details that you can find on real airline boarding ticket stubs.

Plane Boarding Ticket Sample Template

plane boarding ticket sample template

What does a plane boarding ticket contain? Well, it indicates the name of the person who it is entitled to, and that is the first information that you’ll see written on the ticket. Other details indicated on a boarding ticket are the flight number, schedule of departure and arrival, and the seat number. Check out the printable ticket above, it has those details indicated which makes it an excellent choice to use for making plane boarding tickets.

Plane Boarding Ticket Example

plane boarding ticket example

Here is another printable ticket template that you can download from this article, and the design on this template is only slightly different the ones that you have just previously seen. The main feature, though, that you can see from this template is their use of a vibrant red color for the upper border of the design. While not entirely a big leap in terms of difference with the other templates, but the design on this one still manages to create a sense of freshness to it.

Plane Boarding Pass Ticket Sample

plane boarding pass ticket sample

If you’re looking for a ticket template that’s easily editable, then the one shown above may be something that fits that criteria perfectly. Blank fields are provided on this design that will enable you to indicate the flight and gate numbers, the date and time, the points of origin and destination, the accommodation class, and the seat number. But even with the given texts, you may still be able to edit them to something else, and this is what makes this ticket template highly functional. You can also read free ticket templates.

Customizable Plane Boarding Ticket

customizable plane boarding ticket

Check out this rustic themed ticket template that closely resembles an actual plane boarding ticket, but not entirely. This template has something unique about it that effectively makes it stand out. To provide you with a brief description on what you can find on this template’s design, the right-hand end bears the name of the “passenger”, the locations of the “departure” and “arrival”, and the date. Take note that we intentionally added quotation marks to clearly indicate that these contents are only made to look like a genuine boarding ticket, though you can use it for any other purposes such as party invitations.

Unique Wedding Plane Boarding Ticket

unique wedding plane boarding ticket

If you’re planning to make your wedding invitations unique—and by unique, we actually mean make them resemble airplane boarding tickets—then this wedding ticket template would probably be what you need to pull off that look. Just to be clear, the design is not entirely 100% accurate with what you can actually see on boarding tickets because there are a few unique elements added to make the design special and artistic. You may also see free ticket sample templates.

Take for example the manner in which the date of the event is being indicated. The year is the first element seen from the left, followed by the month, and then in calendar form, the days of the month with the specific date highlighted. Below that are the time and the venue where the event will take place. And acting as the removable stub is the RSVP card that the invitee can actually tear off and send back to the host of the event.

Beach Plane Boarding Ticket

beach plane boarding ticket

Everybody deserves to go on a vacation, it doesn’t have to be the summer season for people to go to the beach or to enjoy some quality time, they can do it at any time of the year. Work is stressful, and people work for most days of the entire year, taking breaks only once or twice per week, and that is something that may lead to negative effects on our physical and mental health.

To keep us from accumulating all the stress that we encounter everyday, we need to let it all out by de-stressing measures, and going on a vacation is one of the best ways. On this ticket template’s design, it clearly illustrates a beautiful scenic view of the beach, a perfect place to unwind and de-stress. Use this travel ticket template to make genuine travel tickets, or you may also use this to make party invitations if you like, it’s totally up to you.

Elegant Plane Boarding Ticket

elegant plane boarding ticket

Here is the last ticket template in PSD in this collection, and while this template is actually intended for making save the date cards, it heavily resembles an actual airline boarding ticket. The great thing about this template is how the details regarding the event are being presented, and it really does imitate how the details on real boarding tickets are written. The color scheme used on this design effectively matches the tone of the event with its white background and gold, glittery elements.

What Is an Airline Ticket?

An airline ticket is a type of document that acts as proof that a person has made a reservation or is entitled to a seat on an airline flight. These tickets are commonly issued by the airline’s office or an authorized travel agency, though nowadays, they can also be purchased online and simply printed out. You can also check out printable raffle ticket templates.

There are two forms of airline tickets:

  • Paper ticket. A printed out form that comprises vouchers or coupons, and may either be printed by the issuing office themselves or at the convenience of the buyer’s own home. You may also like luncheon ticket templates.
  • Electronic ticket. Also referred to as an e-ticket, these is the no-print counterpart of airline tickets, wherein the person who purchased it will receive their details through an email and will only need to show the airport staff that email to be able to check on and get a boarding pass. You may also like baseball ticket templates.

Airline Tickets and Boarding Passes

An airline ticket is simply the itinerary or the receipt confirming that the individual has indeed paid for a seat on the flight, and this only reserves them of any seat from a specific accommodation. Airline tickets are not yet the final document to be used by the individual to allow them to get inside the airline, a process is still yet to be followed once they get to the airport with the airline ticket. You can also lika a movie ticket templates.

Upon reaching the airport, the individual will be required to check themselves and their baggage in to the flight. Here, their baggage are weighed to determine whether it is within their allotted weight limit, and the individual is assigned to a specific seat. It is during this time that the person will know where they will be seated, and this information will be indicated on the boarding pass which will then be issued to them. You may also like best dance ticket templates.

Now with a boarding pass in hand, the individual will now be allowed to enter the airport’s terminal and wait for the airline to start boarding. Once it does, the airline staff will then ask for the person’s boarding pass then allow them to enter the airline. On a side note, the process of checking in flights can be done on the internet, but this option is usually made available for people who only have carry-on luggage. You may also see vintage ticket templates.

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