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There are a variety of events that are being organized and hosted on a daily basis. These events differ in nature especially in terms of the activities and programs that are being implemented during the happening. Event invitations also vary in relation to the content that can be seen in specific program implementations. The structures that are applied on these documents that are needed to be disseminated to invited guests are also needed to be considered to assure coherence with all the items present in it.

The event invitation design is greatly affected by the nature of the event and the kind of program that will be implemented in the entirety of the occasion. Creating a well-curated event invitation is vital as it provides a preview of the event and it will also set the expectations that the prospective event attendees will make and think about. We can provide you with downloadable samples of event invitation templates and Party Invitation Samples so you can be guided in creating the entire design of this kind of invitations.

Free Event Invitation Template


Corporate Event Invitation Template


Event Invitation Template


Debut Event Invitation Card Template


Formal Event Invitation Template

Formal Business Event Invitation Template



Formal Wedding Event Invitation



Business Event Invitation Template

Business Email Event Invitation



Business Social Event Invitation



Business Dinner Event Invitation



Corporate Event Invitation Template

Corporate Sports Event Invitation


Corporate Social Event Invitation



Email Event Invitation Template

Formal Email Event Invitation



Corporate Email Event Invitation Template



Thank You Email after Event Invitation



Music Event Invitation Template

Music Party Event Invitation



Music Themed Event Invitation



Music Event Invitation Wording



Inclusions of an Event Invitation

A basic event invitation should have the following details:

  • The reason why the event invitation has to be given out or the purpose of the celebration or gathering
  • The date and time that are essential to be known by the invited guests. This information can be related to any of the following:
    • The expected arrival time of the guests
    • The time that the event will start
    • The time slots of the programs that will be executed during the event
    • The date of the event proper
    • The date of the deadline of event attendance confirmation
  • The location where the event will be held. If you want to be precise with the event vicinity, you can include all these information:
    • The building where the location is situated or the name of the space where the event will be held
    • The street number and block number of the location
    • The landmarks that can make it easier for the guests to spot the location
    • The complete address of the location including the city where it is situated
    • A step by step guide on how to get to the location with various selections of modes of transportation
    • The location map of the venue and its area
  • The people who are invited for the event which can be grouped as follows:
    • Close friends and colleagues
    • Business partners, stakeholders, and other people entities involved in various corporate and professional transactions
    • Members of an organization
    • Common people from different walks of life invited to celebrate a particular occasion
  • The theme of the event and the event program which includes:
    • The suggested attire of the invited guests
    • The list of the activities that will be done during the program proper
    • The overall theme that the event will follow
    • Other information related to the theme of the event, the materials that will be used for the event and the likes
  • Information about the event host or to whom the event is for. It can also state the kind of event should it be done for an organization or a big group of people.

Designing an Event Invitation

If you are tasked to create a design that will be applied to an event invitation, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Assure that you are aware of the theme of the event so you can incorporate the theme to the design of the event invitation.
  • Create an event invitation design that is striking but does not overlap the information needed to be known by the guests.
  • Use a design that is appropriate for the celebration. You can do this by taking note of the following:
    • The people who will attend the event and their social status
    • The age range of the attendees
    • The reason for the gathering
    • The theme of the event
  • Stick with a few color choices and use different varieties and shades of each if needed. It will allow your event invitation to look more cohesive and well put together.

Other than our samples of event invitation templates, you may also be interested in browsing through and downloading our samples of Bridal Party Invitations and Farewell Party Invitation Templates.

Employee Event Invitation

Employee Appreciation Event Invitation



Employee Recognition Event Invitation



Employee Engagement Event Invitation



Sports Event Invitation Template

Formal Sports Event Invitation



Business Sports Event Invitation



Corporate Sports Event Invitation




Wedding Event Invitation Template

Wedding Event Invitation Wording



Wedding Party Event Invitation



Wedding Ceremony Event Invitation



Training Event Invitation Template

Professional Training Event Invitation

Professional Training Event Invitation


Opening Event Invitation Template

Grand Re-Opening Event Invitation



Opening Celebration Event Invitation



Grand Opening Professional Event Invitation



Kinds of Event Invitations

A few samples of event invitations that you may use as references in creating one that will fit your needs are as follows:

  • Formal Business Event Invitations are used by companies and industries to celebrate milestones and other occasions that are related to the business operations. A few of the reasons why these entities send out event invitations are as follows:
    • The business will have a grand opening of a store or an establishment that they will manage
    • The company is celebrating the receipt of a citation or an award
    • The business is being joyous because of anniversary milestones
    • The company will be having a product launch or a service introduction
    • The company will host a formal event for its stakeholders
    • There are events that the company will host and organize in relation to a specific holiday or celebration
  • Wedding Event Invitations are sent out by the couple to their invited guests. A few wedding event invitation samples are as follows:
    • Wedding Shower Event Invitation
    • Wedding Ceremony Event Invitation
    • Wedding Dinner Event Invitation
    • Wedding Reception Event Invitation
    • Wedding Anniversary Event Invitation
  • Social Event Invitations are created to provide information and invite people to the following events where socialization happens:
    • Open houses of businesses especially those that are in the field of real estate
    • Conventions and trade fair events
    • Symposiums
    • Marketing events
    • Media gatherings
  • Sports Event Invitations are commonly used for the following purposes:
    • It can be used by sports team to gather support from the people who believe in them
    • It can be used by businesses to promote a sports event
    • It can be the document that will be sent out to people who are invited to witness a sports event either as a spectator or as a judge / any other special participation
  • Music Event Invitations usually are sent out to provide details of the following events:
    • Electronic dance music festivals
    • Rave parties
    • Nightclub and DJ events
    • Music and arts gatherings
    • Other events that are related to music in varying genres
  • College Graduation Event Invitations are sent out either by these entities:
    • The person who will graduate
    • The school that will host the graduation
    • The family of the graduate
    • The friends and/or relatives of the graduate who will host a party or event for the graduate
  • Employee Event Invitations can be used to any of the following events:
    • Employee appreciation event
    • Employee recognition event
    • Employee party
  • Charity Event Invitations are created by these entities:
    • Nonprofit organizations championing an advocacy
    • Corporations and businesses who would like to execute their corporate social responsibilities
    • Individuals and groups who would like to gather money to support an individual or a community

We can provide you with templates of Invitation Flyers so that you can have more options of event invitation and announcement samples to select from. Moreover, we also have downloadable Invitation Flyers Design Samples to give you ideas on how you can beautify and improve the overall look and appeal of the invitation document that you will use may it be a flyer, a card, or any other forms of invitation.

Graduation Event Invitation

Graduation Party Event Invitation



Printable Graduation Event Invitation



College Graduation Event Invitation



Charity Event Invitation

Charity Golf Event Invitation



Charity Fundraising Event Invitation



Free Charity Event Invitation



Party Event Invitation Template

Birthday Party Event Invitation



Corporate Party Event Invitation



Holiday Party Event Invitation



Dinner Event Invitation Template

Dinner Event Invitation Wording



Holiday Event Invitation Template

Holiday Business Event Invitation Template




DIY Holiday Event Invitation Template



Holiday Event Invitation in PSD



Formal Corporate Event Invitation


Guidelines in Creating Event Invitations

Aside from knowing the things that you need to be aware of in designing event invitations, you also need to make sure that you are guided well in terms of putting the details that are needed to be seen in the event invitation. A few guidelines that you may follow regarding the creation of event invitations are as follows:

  • Assure that all the information needed to be known by the guests are included in the event invitation.
  • Create cohesion with the font styles, colors, sizes, and faces that you will use.
  • Make sure that there is a proper format for the content of the event invitation.
  • Be aware of how the design items are placed and how it can affect the entirety of the event invitation.

Importance of Event Invitations

The use of event invitations is important for the following reasons:

  • It allows the guests to be aware of the details that they need to know.
  • It helps in assuring that proper information dissemination has been done by the host.
  • It serves as the first document that the guests will have in relation to the event.
  • It creates the mood for the event and its occurrence.

Thank-You E-mail/Letter After Event Invitation

If you have received an event invitation, it may not be necessary but is for sure very much appreciated if you can send back a thank you e-mail or letter to the entity who gave you the event invitation. The basic information that can be seen in a thank-you e-mail or letter after event invitation are as follows:

  • A message of appreciated for being invited to the event
  • The event where the individual is invited
  • The details of the event
  • The reason why the individual is thankful for the event invitation
  • The decision of the individual on whether s/he will attend the event or not

Sending a thank you e-mail or letter after an event invitation is advantageous for the following reasons:

  • It allows the sender to be connected to the host or organizer of the event.
  • It can be a way to ask for inquiries and other information about the event.
  • It helps the receiver to assure that the invitation has been delivered to the correct person.
  • It can be the platform where the attendance of the invited guest may be confirmed.

With all the guides, suggestions, and other items that we have discussed in this article, we hope that you will be fully aware of creating a comprehensive event invitation for your invited guests. Aside from our event invitation samples and templates, our downloadable Invitation Card Designs and Corporate Event Invitation Templates are also available for viewing and browsing.

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