15 Restaurant Bi-fold Brochure Templates

Bi-fold brochures are used by companies to advertise a number of products which can’t fit on a single brochure page. Companies selling retail items and grocery items use bi-fold brochures to sell their wide catalog of products. Most restaurants use them as well.

Bi-fold brochures are very effective marketing tools as they list down all the products and their corresponding prices. This provides enough time for customers to decide for themselves what products they want to purchase or avail, without some pushy sales people forcing them to make the purchase immediately.

Here are some attractive bi-fold brochures you can use for your extensive restaurant menu.

Great Taste Bi-fold Menu Template


This is a simple yet attractive bi-fold menu template you can use for your own restaurant. It has a minimalist design due to its white background and blue stripes but you can make it more attractive by attaching photos of your top-selling dishes. For the cover page, use some food photography to easily grab people’s attention as seen in the sample template. Aside from taking a clean photo of your dish, incorporate a little bit of art by adding other aspects in the photo like the raw ingredients used in making the dish. You can also use light effects in your photos. This template includes MS Word, Photoshop, and Publisher formats, and it has a file size of 16.53 x 11.69 inches.

Pizza Menu Bi-fold Template


This bi-fold template is best used for pizzeria or Italian restaurants mostly selling pizza. Similar to the template above, food photography brings another layer to the bi-fold menu. Since pizza is very appetizing and is one of the most popular dishes around the world, make people’s mouths water by adding some high resolution pizza photos to this bi-fold menu template.

Food Menu Tri-fold Bi-fold Brochure


Aside from attaching photos of dishes, this tri-fold and bi-fold brochure uses an image of people eating and an image of a chef. Use the same concept for your restaurant and get a few people to take a bite of your most delicious dishes. You can also take a photo of your chef or cook prepping the food and add the photo to the brochure.

This template features a CMYK color mode and 300 dpi resolution. It also contains easy-to-change photos and a help file as well. This template is ready to print and fully customizable.

The Food Menu Package


This bi-fold menu template uses simple colors but still produces a clean and attractive design. Adding food images from your restaurant will add some nice visual appeal to an already attractive bi-fold template.

This menu package contains eight different design pages (bi-fold menu), six design pages (tri-fold menu), two different side designs (table tent design), and two business card designs. The package uses a letter size and bleed cut with Illustrator compatibility and ready-to-print and organized layers. Free fonts are available as well.

Gurih 86 Bi-fold Menu


This bi-fold menu template uses some nice food photography with various colors from the pizza ingredients like olives, mushroom, and basil complementing each other to produce a stunning bi-fold menu template. Bi-fold menus can be converted into bi-fold brochures with the same design used for both print materials.

This template contains a double DL size, 210×198 mm plus three mm bleed, three page-document in CMYK color, character and paragraph styles, well-organized layers (easy to edit and customize), easy edit color through swatch palette, INDD and IDML file formats, PDF preview, and free fonts. This template is also compatible with Adobe InDesign CS4 or higher on Windows OS.

A5 Bi-Fold Menu Euro Football


If you are having a sports or event viewing party in your restaurant or sponsoring an event like this Euro Football Championships bi-fold menu brochure, then purchase this template. One of the best marketing tools you can use for your restaurant is to hold viewing parties and sports events to draw the largest crowds. Football, basketball, baseball, boxing, mixed martial arts, and cricket are some of the most watched sports events in the world.

Space is provided in this bi-fold menu template where you can insert the logo of the event you are sponsoring or holding a viewing party for. This template is fully customizable and you can change text, edit colors, move items, and turn/off layers. Free fonts are also available.

Restaurant Menu Food Menu V170


This bi-fold brochure uses a dark color in the background to complement the shake and cupcake image on the cover page. This brochure has a casual design which can be best used for fast food restaurants or snack bars. Adjust the text and replace the images in this template using the dishes in your restaurant.

This template has a 210 x 210 mm size, 300 dpi resolution, CMYK color mode, 0.3 bleed, and square bi-fold brochure page. Free fonts are included. This template works well with Photoshop CS2 and higher.

Restaurant Menu Bi-fold Brochure


Similar to the previous bi-fold brochure where an image of a person eating is incorporated in the brochure, bi-fold brochure template also includes an image of a woman eating salad. The delicious salad is not only the main attraction in this template as the woman’s beauty radiates and takes over the template’s overall look. Images of food are also added in the template to increase the attractiveness in an already attractive bi-fold brochure template.

Bi-fold Brochure InDesign Template


This bi-fold brochure was created using Adobe InDesign. Grilled food, corn, and a slice of tomato provide the main attraction of this bi-fold brochure template. An image of people eating is also added to this template. This template includes INDD, IDML, AI, EPS, and PDF artwork and a help file. The template which is available in four colors uses an A4 size (216×303 mm with 3mm bleed), 300 dpi resolution, and CMYK color mode.

Fast Food Restaurant Bi-fold / Half-fold Menu


This fast food restaurant bi-fold or half-fold menu is one of the best bi-fold brochure templates you can use for your fast food restaurant. If you are selling some sumptuous hamburgers, hotdog sandwiches, fried chicken, and french fries together with some sweet and thirst-quenching shakes, then don’t hesitate to purchase this brochure template.

This template features a tabloid size 11×17 folded into 8.5×11 or A3 folded into A4 bi-fold brochure Adobe Photoshop CMYK 300 dpi, Indesign, and Illustrator formats (.Psd .Indd .IDML .INX .Ai .EPS), downloadable free patterns and fonts (kg inimitable original, source sans pro, grobold), and ready drop-marks and bleeds.

Restaurant Fast Food Menu Bi-fold Brochure


Here is another fast food menu bi-fold brochure for your fast food restaurant. Using some red and blue colors to complement the hamburger, fries, chicken, and soft drink images, this fast food bi-fold brochure is another ideal brochure that will definitely increase the chances of attracting more customers to your restaurant. This template features two different colors, 300 dpi or CMYK, and easy editable and organized layers.

Bi-fold Fast Food Menu Brochure Template


If you liked the two previous fast food menu bi-fold brochures, then you’ll love this one as well. Aside from the mouthwatering two-layered burger and fries in the brochure’s cover page waiting to be devoured, a vector image of a hamburger with some nicely created text also make the brochure template a beauty to look at. Red, yellow, and grey comprise the color scheme of this template and complements well with the life-sized hamburger image.

This template contains two PSD Files, has a 210mm x 297mm (when folded) and 420mm x 594mm (when open) size, has a 12mm bleed, 300 dpi resolution, CMYK color mode, and help file. This template is also editable and print-ready.

Japanese Bi-fold Food Menu


This Japanese bi-fold food menu is the best bi-fold brochure you can use if you are selling some delicious sushi, sashimi, tempura, ramen, and other famous Japanese dishes. The brochure template’s front cover uses an image of an elegant sushi roll with the template’s corresponding pages showing images of other Japanese food.

This template uses a Photoshop format and is print-ready (CMYK resolution, 300dpi) as well. This template also features organised and detailed layers, in which layers and text are easily editable.

Thai A4 and US Letter Bi-fold Food Menu


Continuing with some more Asian cuisine, this Thai A4 and US letter bi-fold food menu is the best template for your restaurant selling some hot and spicy Thai food like pad thai (fried noodles), tom yum goong (spicy shrimp soup), gaeng daeng (red curry), khao pad (fried rice), and yam nua (spicy beef salad). The cover page of this brochure template incorporates an image of pad thai taken from the top angle complemented with a brown-colored background and bamboo silhouettes.

This templates features A4 and US Letter sizes with bleed areas and safety zones, highly organized layers (labeled and grouped), 300 dpi high resolution, CMYK color mode, print-ready format, and a help PDF file. The layers and text can also be easily customized.

BBQ Restaurant Bi-fold / Half-fold Menu


This barbecue restaurant bi-fold brochure uses an image of grilled steak cooked in all its smoky glory. The orange and brown hues complement the image as it resembles the grill flames and grill equipment.

This template features a tabloid size 11×17 folded into 8.5×11, or A3 folded into A4 bi-fold brochure, and comes with Photoshop (CMYK, 300 dpi), Indesign, and Illustrator formats (.Psd .Indd .IDML .Ai .EPS). Free fonts (clear sans and reitam) are also downloadable. Ready drop-marks and bleeds are available in this template as well.

So purchase these restaurant bi-fold brochures now. They increase the visibility of your restaurant which in turn will eventually increase your sales. People will be flocking to your restaurant once they get a copy of your bi-fold brochure.

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