7 Menu Templates for Italian-themed Restaurants

If there’s one thing that the Italians have contributed to mankind’s existence aside from literature, it would have to be food. Pizza and pasta have become a staple in restaurants and households around the world. These dishes have also been adapted in many different cultures which fuses Italian and local flavors. Some popular Italian and local fusion dishes include shrimp and mayonnaise pizza (Japan), spaghetti and meatball tacos (Mexico), chicken noodle and curry (Thailand), and sweet spaghetti (Philippines).

whole pizza

Italian food is known for its simplicity. The most basic pasta dish or pizza can be made with less than five ingredients (any combination of noodles/dough, tomato, cheese, canola oil, and basil). Although Italian food has evolved over the years and cooking these dishes has become an art form, its humble beginnings are still evident in most of its dishes.

meat spaghetti

If you have an Italian-themed restaurant or you’re planning to open one, use Italian-inspired concepts which can be seen throughout the restaurant (tables, utensils, posters or signages, menus, floor designs, etc.). Give your guests a small preview of that mouthwatering pizza by showing them a beautifully made menu. Menus are the extension of your food, so make sure the menu designs are done right. Take a look at these Italian-themed menu templates for your restaurant or food shop.

Free Italian Menu

Free Italian Menu

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Also check these other menu design templates and restaurant menu templates for some great concepts.

Leaning Tower of Pisa Menu

Leaning Tower of Pisa Menu Template 1

Leaning Tower of Pisa Menu Template 2

Pisa’s famous tower, which is known for its 80 degree angle, is a great concept to add to your Italian-inspired menu. Also known as the “Torre Pendente di Pisa”, the tower took nearly 200 years to build and gained its leaning form due to the ground’s soft foundation during its construction phase. The tower underwent restoration in the 1990s and early 2000s as the structure was at risk of full collapse. Incorporating Italy’s culture in your menu by adding Italy’s most famous landmark adds to the Italian feel that you want to share with your customers.

The logo of this take-out brochure template combines the leaning tower with traditional Italian colors, red and green, which can also be found in the country’s national flag. The other contents of the template lists down the dishes as well as their prices. Also, the template contains a smaller version of the logo together with some dish photos to entice customers.

Pizzeria Menu

Pizzeria Menu Template 1

Pizzeria Menu Template 2

If Italy was a dish, it would be either pizza or pasta. Although there is no concrete evidence of when and where the first pizza was originally made, there were already variations of pizza made as early as the neolithic age. The Greeks, Chinese and Persians all had dishes similar to pizza where bread was topped with cheese or herbs. In the 16th century, the word “pizza” was first coined by people from Naples, with pizza being associated then with flatbread. During the late 1800s, the first ever “Pizza Margherita” was created by Raffaele Esposito to honor Queen Margherita of Savoy. Tomato, basil, and mozarella were used by Esposito to represent Italy’s national colors as also seen in their flag.

Pizzeria Menu Template 3

Pizzeria Menu Template 4

This pizzeria menu template doesn’t represent all of Italy’s colors as green is the only one used together with orange and brown. But the image of three women enjoying their pizza slice gracing the template’s cover and closed up images of pizza toppings together with the price list are more than enough for customers to place their orders. Having images of a person taking a bite of food in menu designs can be quite tricky and are not the most popular images to use in menus. Make sure the photos which are used don’t look messy. Also, use some photos which are taken a few meters away from the subject as shown in the template above or use photos which are taken inside the restaurant itself.

This pizzeria or pizza parlor menu highlights a whole pizza complemented with a checkered green background. The pizza and the green background are a perfect match as it resembles an old Italian diner. Most of the time, the best way to convince your customers to order and get some seconds is to show the most appetizing dish on the menu. Pizza is always appetizing no matter what toppings are placed on the dough, so use it your advantage.

Vertical Sketch Restaurant Menu Template


Restaurant Menu Classic Template


Modern Restaurant Menu Classic Template


Artisan Bakery Menu

artisan bakery menu template

The pizza dough isn’t the only thing Italians bake. They also the make the finest bread and pastry dishes which are popular worldwide. This artisan bakery menu template is the perfect template to use if you want to start your own Italian-themed bakeshop. The close-up image of freshly baked bread while the chef bakes another round in the oven provides the central highlight of the template. Images of a pastry and a sandwich are incorporated together with the menu prices. Orange gradient overlays provide the color of the template.


Italian breads are made with elegance and style. The finished products are art which will make you want to take its picture first and post it on Instagram before finally eating it. Some Italian breads that are both delicious and attractive are the cornetto (similar to the french croissants but with sweet filling inside), taralli pugliesi (mini circle breads), la ciambella (large circle breads), and pane di matera (mountain peak breads). Look it up for yourself and marvel in their beauty.

Chalkboard Italian Menu

chalkboard italian menu

Chalkboard designs have gained popularity in recent years. Since the function of a real chalkboard is to show information through writing, designers have used chalkboards in just about every design for any occasion such as weddingsbirthday parties, and bridal showers. Chalkboard designs are very versatile and can be incorporated with other designs as well.

This tri-fold chalkboard Italian menu template uses Italy’s national colors in its colored chalk form. The template also contains pizza, pasta, and sandwich images sketched using chalk. Mini Italian flags add to the template’s visual appeal. Customers will definitely get to experience Italy when you use this mozzaflato menu template.

This chalkboard Italian menu template, meanwhile, shows chalk-sketched Italian ingredients and kitchen utensils. Among the sketches is a mushroom, spoon, fork, basil leaf, cake slice, tomato, macaroni, elbow macaroni, pasta strip, knife, and a cooking pot. The menu is full of chalk sketches but they don’t over complicate the template. The chalk sketches are detailed and well made to keep readers entertained when looking at the menu.

chalkboard restaurant

Simple Olive Menu

simple olive menu template

This simple menu template uses brush-painted olive leaves, flowers, and olive fruits as the main attraction. They are placed on the upper and lower corners of the menu to make the reader focus on the menu dishes. The white background also complements the olive designs and black calligraphy. It is simple yet beautiful, a perfect description for Italian cuisine.

Olives are widely used in making Italian dishes. Olive oil is one of the most popular cooking oils in the world and whole olives are added in pizza and pasta dishes for added flavor. Additionally, olives are also eaten or taken as a medicine supplement as they contain various health benefits.

Scooter (Vespa) Menu


vespa menu template

Scooters have been around since the 1940s and were widely used after the second World War when people looked for an alternative mode of transportation. The Vespa came out to solve not only Italy’s vehicle issues, but the country’s economic crisis after the World War II fallout. Invented by Italian motor vehicular company Piaggio in 1946, the Vespa has now become the world’s most iconic scooter. Although scooters are manufactured by different brands, most are still being compared to the Vespa.

Use this scooter menu template for your Italian-themed restaurant. A light blue color is used for the scooter and its menu borders. Overall, the menu has a simple look but the scooter provides enough beauty to the template. This template can also be used as a takeout menu template.

Vintage Menu

vintage italian menu template

Similar to the chalkboard menu design, vintage themes can also be used in any design for any event. Vintage designs are always a viewing pleasure as they bring nostalgia and can be incorporated with more modern themes. Another benefit of using vintage designs is that they differ for each decade. From the 1940s black-and-white themes, to the 1970s hippies and rock and roll, and even to the 1990s hip-hop influence, there is no shortage on what designs can be accomplished using vintage themes.

This vintage menu template uses a stained paper design with images of utensils and food in the background. This is a great template to use for restaurants serving classic Italian cuisine. The restaurant’s concept can also be altered using classic Italian themes resembling 16th or 17th century Italy where most of its famous dishes were first made.

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