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A sales catalog helps a company or a business to provide information about their products and to allow the customers see the photographs of the products that a business offers. It is very important to understand the importance of a sales catalog so that its functions may be implemented at the proper time and location.

There are different sales catalog that can be found in the market. If you are a company or a business who uses this marketing tool, you need to assure that the sales catalog that you are using is ahead of your competitors in terms of the design and its content. We can provide you with sales catalog templates and other Professional Catalog Templates.

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Black Sales Catalog Template

black sales catalog template Download

Free Summer Sales Catalog Template

free sales catalog template Download

Jewelry Sales Catalog Template

jewelry sales catalog template Download

Car Sales Catalog Template

car sales catalog template Download

Business Sales Catalog Template

business sales catalog template1 Download

End-of-Season Sales Catalog

More than presenting the products that a company offers, an end-of-season sales catalog provides information about the promotions and deals that the company have for its customers. In creating an end-of-season sales catalog, here are a few items that should be considered:

  • Assure that you put the season that is to end and the selection of the clothes that are subjected to promos and discounts. This will help the customers decide whether to further continue their search for items inside the store especially if the offered products suits their taste and their needs.
  • The font and color to be used in creating an end of season sales catalog must be flashy and easy to understand. Since you are already trying to remove as many items as possible to make room for the new collection, it is needed for your marketing tool to get the attention of people so more feet traffic will be gathered.
  • End-of-season sales catalog should be in proper sizes. Most businesses use big printouts, but it all depends on the location of your store and the location where the sales catalog will be placed.

Aside from our sales catalog templates and samples, we can also provide you with downloadable PSD Catalog Templates.

Fashion Sales Catalog Template

fashion sales catalog template Download

Product Sales Catalog Template

product sales catalog template Download

 Summer Sales Catalog Template

summer sales catalog template Download

Vintage Sales Catalog Template

vintage sales catalog template Download

Sales Catalog for Product Listing and Display

If you are to create a sales catalog to list all the products that are available for purchase, here are a few guidelines that you may follow:

  • Assure that all the products are available and there is enough stock for multiple orders. If there are items that are already unavailable, you can put a Sold Out sign so that people will know that they cannot buy the product anymore.
  • The photographs to be used in this kind of sales catalog should be the real capture of the product being sold. Customers already set expectations with regards to the product quality depending on the photo being presented to them in the sales catalog.
  • Make sure that all the information in the sales catalog are accurate, especially the description of the product and the price of the product so that no transaction misunderstandings may occur.
  • Use a sales catalog layout that will highlight both the product photograph and the details regarding the product so the clients may balance out their decision based on how a product looks, its functions, and its descriptions.

Other our downloadable sales catalog templates and samples, you may also be interested to browse through our Business Catalog Templates.

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