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9+ Education Certificate Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

An educational attainment is one of the keys that open doors for countless opportunities. No matter which country you are from, it is everybody’s right (and not a privilege) to have a proper education. For most people, this is their ticket to elevating their living conditions and make a better life for themselves and their families. That’s why obtaining an education or diploma certificate is important to many.

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Creating an education certificate is focused more on the information in it rather than the design. But, it doesn’t mean that you have to be laid-back about the design of the certificate. You can go all out and be extravagant with it, or you can choose the simple way of things. If you still don’t know what you want for the design of the education certificate, then you should look at the list that we have prepared below. You may also see school certificate templates.

Education Certificates Template

Modern Education Teaching Diploma Award Certificate

Vintage Education Certificate Template

Education Center & Training Courses WordPress Theme

Simple Education Certificate Template

What is an Education Certificate?

An education certificate is more or less like the best diploma certificate. Unlike a certificate of completion, this type of certificate is given to individuals who have accomplished a certain educational attainment, be it kindergarten, elementary, high school, college, or graduate studies. It recognizes a person’s hard work and dedication towards finishing a certain degree of education. For most people, this serves as a prize that they and their parents will be proud of for a lifetime.

Details to be Included in an Education Certificate

As we said, certificates are more about the information rather than the design. We will tackle the design later but for now, let’s talk about the various details that should be on the education certificate.

1. Name of School, College, or University

This serves as the heading for the certificate. The name of the school should be larger than the rest of the text in the certificate. Usually, this is in a classic typeface for it to be distinct and easily noticeable. You may also see free certificate templates.

2. Presentation Line

The title or heading of the certificate indicates the name of the department that the recipient is under and the presentation line. In the title, you can put “Certificate of” or “Award” to specify the prefix or suffix of the title. This is usually formatted in a timeless font style, like the ones used in ancient text – stylish but still readable – so that it stands out from the rest. Also, since it is a title, it has a font size larger than the rest of the text in the certificate.

Obviously, this line does exactly what it sounds like: to present the certificate to the recipient.  This is a line just below the name of the department and it comes in variations. You can word it any way you want just as long as it leads to the presentation of the recipient’s name. You may also see PSD certificate templates.

The following are some of the commonly used phrases for the presentation line:

  • is presented to
  • is awarded to
  • is hereby awarded to
  • is given to

3. Recipient Section

This is where the name of the recipient proudly lies. Well, who wouldn’t be proud seeing their name in this section of the certificate? Usually, the name of the recipient has a different text element than the rest, like having it formatted in bold, italic, or a unique font style. Also, this section of the certificate can be done in various ways. Some certificates have the name of the recipient written over a line like the ones on a blank field where you need to put in details, and sometimes it’s just the name of the recipient. And, as is the case with the rest of the details in the certificate, this section must be positioned in the center.

Multipurpose Education Certificate Template

Modern Education Certificate Template

Minimalist Education Certificate Template

4. Description

This part lays out the elaboration of the certificate. This usually contains the information of what kind of certificate this is and what is the reason for giving this certificate. Although it is an elaboration, it does not need to be as long as an essay. You need to keep it concise as to avoid taking up too much space on the certificate. This is an important part of the certificate as it explains what the recipient has accomplished. You may also see certificate templates.

5. Date

This is self-explanatory but just for the sake of it, this section specifies the date when the certificate is awarded or presented to the recipient. This section can come before or after the description, so it depends on your personal preference on how you want to be formatted. You may also see attendance certificate templates.

6. Signatories

A definitive proof of the legitimacy of one’s certificate lies in the hands of the signatories. Their signatures must be affixed above their names at the end of the certificate. The number of signatories depends on how many officials or authorities are needed. But usually in an education certificate, the people who are commonly designated as signatories are the dean (in tertiary education) or principal (in primary, elementary, and secondary education),  adviser (in levels lower than tertiary) or official for the academics (in tertiary level), and the president of the school, college, or university. In this section, their names have a position in a way that you indicate their position in the university’s, college’s, or school’s hierarchy and you should also include their positions below their names. You may also see completion certificate templates.

Bordered Education Certificate Template

Colorful Education Certificate Template

Blank Education Certificate Template

Tips for Designing an Education Certificate

There are no specific rules with regards to designing a certificate, but, there are still some guidelines that we need to follow to produce a proper education certificate. A certificate consists of details and a bit of designing. And although there’s not much need to be done in the certificate, you can still make it stunning and professional with these tips:

1. Choose the Right Paper Stock

The paper stock is the type of material that you are going to print on. Usually, the paper stock of an education certificate is thick. This is because it is easier to hold when something’s stiff, and thick paper stocks are exactly like this. Also, on a side note, a thick paper stock feels more special. The paper that we usually print on is thin, so when a thick paper is used, it doesn’t feel like average or common – it feels special. You can also use a paper stock that has grains or designs in it as long as the patterns don’t obstruct the text of the certificate. Some paper stocks even have a scent in them, making the certificate more desirable and special. You may also see word certificate templates.

2. Keep it Neat and Clean

A certificate doesn’t need to be flashy or extravagant. It just needs what it is meant to do: present the achievement of the recipient through the words written on it. With that said, it is ideal to have its design as clean and neat as possible. This allows for a clearer and more understandable text and a more professional look. Aside from the look, the details need to be organized. Make sure that each line of the text is aptly spaced from each other to avoid cramping them up. Use the white space wisely and create a balance between it and the elements of the certificate. You may also see scholarship certificate templates.

3. Select a Proper Color Scheme

Color schemes don’t matter that much in designing a certificate since most of them are designed to be simple or minimalistic. But, if you are going to brush it with some colors, make sure that colors are complementary to each other. This will create a balance between the elements and provides a professional feel of the certificate. Choose the colors wisely. As much as possible, avoid those that are too distracting that it takes away the attention from the text of the certificate.

4. Don’t Use Too Many Fonts

As much as you want the text to be distinct, use only the fonts styles that are appropriate for the text. This means that just because you have used an Old English font style or any unique typeface for the title, it doesn’t mean that you need to use something unique in every text on the certificate. There is a limit to everything. You can use simple and classic typeface such as Time New Roman for the rest of the text that doesn’t need to be highlighted. At least use 2-3 font styles to avoid using too many fonts because using a lot will definitely make your certificate look poorly made and amateur.

5. Always Proofread

This tip goes without saying. As a professional, you need to make every single detail in the certificate to be perfect – and that includes your grammar and sentence structure. These days, it is common for people to post criticisms of just about anything, even if it’s just a typo. So, in order to avoid making your certificate a viral sensation for having mistakes, make sure that you proofread its content. Also, make sure that the spelling of the names of correct, like that name of the school, the department, the recipient, and the signatories. You should also take a closer look at the date because since it is a small detail that most people overlook it. You may also see free certificates.

You can have the content proofread by yourself or let another pair of eyes check it for you. It’s always best to have it checked by more than one person. You may also see internship certificate templates.

Contemporary Education Certificate Template

Are You Ready to Present the Certificate?

Creating a certificate takes a lot of things to consider before actually making them. You need to make sure that the design isn’t too distracting and that the content is complete and proofread. This is not just an ordinary certificate that’s presented just for the sake of it. This is the kind of certificate that the recipient will treasure for a lifetime and will show it to everyone and the generations after. This is a prized possession that was achieved through hard work and dedication, so create it as perfect as it can be. You may also see work certificate templates.

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