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For those of you who are in the Human Resources or hiring department of the company, then you should know the process of hiring candidates for employment. There are a lot of things that you have to consider before you can employ someone to work for your company. You want to make sure that your company only gets the best type of employees. This is why this article is going to focus on the different things you need on your checklist when it comes to hiring right employees for your company.

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List of things to consider when hiring an employee

Take note of the following:

  • Determine if there is a need to open up a new position within the company or if you need to have one replaced.
  • Think creatively if there is any way to handle certain duties without the need of hiring additional staff.
  • Hold a company meeting that will discuss the recruitment with the HR leaders, the hiring manager, and the recruiters themselves.
  • When opening up a position, develop and prioritize the key requirements that are needed such as the characteristics, qualities, special traits, and experiences that you are looking for in a candidate. This is what is going to help you create the job description which you will then post online on your website or in ads where people can see that they can apply for it.
  • State the base salary for the position.
  • Decide whether the company or department can afford to hire an employee for the position.
  • Post the job on the company bulletin board in the hopes that someone from within the company takes up the job. If there is nobody willing or if there is nobody who can meet the qualifications, then you can state in the post that you are advertising for the position externally at the same time. You may also like checklist templates.
  • Send an email to all your staff that will notify them that a job has been opened and that you are hiring employees.
  • All of the staff should try to encourage those who are qualified and who have the character suited for the position.
  • Those already working for the company who would like to become a candidate for the position should fill out the internal application form.
  • Schedule an interview with the internal candidates, hiring manager, and the supervisor of the employee who wishes to apply for the position.
  • Be sure that each interviewer understands the rules during the interview with the internal candidate.
  • If none of the internal applicants have what it takes to take on the position, then you have to state clearly that none of the applicants have been selected. Whenever possible, provide these people with feedback that will help them develop their current skills and abilities. This feedback is essential as it is what is going to help these employees in furthering their career. You may also see new employee checklist templates.
  • If an internal candidate has been selected for the position, then write down a job offer that includes a new job description and the position’s salary.
  • Discuss the transition timeline with employee’s supervisor to determine when the employee will be taking up his or her new position.
  • If there are no internal candidates who are interested or if none of them are qualified, then you may extend your search for external candidates. Develop your candidate pool for diverse applicants. You may also see editable employee checklist.

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  • Spread the word about the job opening. Make use of your company’s website to post that the position is available. You can place it on job ads online or physically on formal newspapers. You can also go with the cheapest option and have employees do it for you by having them post it on their social media accounts where their family and friends can see it.

Hiring Employee Checklists

  • Talk to university career centers and make arrangements to take part in their job fairs.
  • Brainstorm with your recruitment team on how you can go about finding the best possible candidates for the job opening.
  • When you have applicants for the job opening, send an email to each one sample acknowledging that you have received their resumes. Do not make any other personal statements other than the fact that you have received their resumes and that you are going through them.
  • Once you have gotten enough applicants for the position, you may now proceed with the screening process by going through each of their resumes and comparing them with the qualifications that you have set up for the position. Take note that the resume cover letters matter as you are screening applicants.
  • Create a short list of applicants after the hiring manager and Human Resources staff have gone over all of the applications that they have received for a particular position.
  • Phone screen all of the candidates that you believe to be a good fit for the open position. Determine their salary requirements if this has not been stated in the free applications. You need to know all about the candidate, so contacting their previous employers is always going to be important to help you determine whether or not these people are giving you accurate information on their resumes.
  • Schedule the qualified applicants whose salary needs you can afford for their first interview with the hiring manager or the HR representative.
  • Ask the candidates to fill out the job application form when they arrive.
  • Give the candidates a copy of the job description so they can learn about the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • Hold interviews where you can learn more about the candidates and the candidates can learn more about your company.
  • For all of the candidates that you have interviewed, make sure that you fill out a job candidate evaluation form.
  • Determine those who will be taking part in the second round of interviews. Only choose those people who will have an impact on the hiring decision.
  • Schedule all of the remaining interviews.
  • Hold the second round of interviews and make sure that each interviewer understands his or her role during the interview process.
  • Candidates must participate in any testing that you have for the position.
  • Throughout the entire interview process, make sure that hiring managers and the recruiters stay in touch with the most qualified candidates either through phone or through email. You may also like free checklist templates.
  • Hold a meeting with all of those involved in the hiring process. Then, all of you must discuss things and come to a consensus as to which of the candidates deserve to take up the position. If there are any arguments or if the group cannot come to a consensus, then the final decision will go to the supervising manager.
  • If there is no superior candidate, then start over with the candidate pool and you might even have to redevelop the pool to help you find that worthy candidate. You may also see word checklist templates.
  • HR and the hiring supervisor must agree on the offer to make to the candidate, with the concurrence of the supervisor’s manager and the budget of the department. Always remember to take these into account before hiring someone. You may also see blank checklist templates.
  • Talk with the candidate and ask if he or she is interested in the job at the offered salary as well as the conditions. You also have to make sure the candidate agrees to have a background check and drug test, as well as signs a non-compete agreement or a confidentiality agreement before he or she can accept your offer. If the candidate agrees to everything, then you can give him or her the job offer format. You can also make the job offer contingent on certain checks.
  • If the candidate does not agree to the offer, then negotiate until the of you can come to favorable terms. A reasonable negotiation should be expected; a candidate that returns repeatedly to the company requesting more perks each time is not a candidate the company wants to hire. You may also like excel checklist templates.
  • Once everything is said and done, the best candidate may now sign the offer letter documentation in which he or she can accept the job or refuse the position.
  • If all goes well and the candidate says yes, then you can schedule his or her first day of sample employment. Make sure you welcome the new employee the moment that he or she accepts the job offer.

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