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Every manager has to know the basic responsibilities of the employees that they have to observe and assess. Knowing what those are will help managers understand what it is the employees should be doing, as well as whether or not the employees are handling their responsibilities in the way that they’re meant to. You may also like catering job description templates.

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But how would managers be able to know what these responsibilities are? What can provide them with everything that they need to know? This is where business job descriptions come in and this article is going to teach you all you need to know about them, as well as creating them.

Marketing Administrator Job Description

marketing administrator job description

Events Administrator Job Description

events administrator job description

Network Administrator Job Description

network administrator job description

Sample Administrative Job Description Template

sample administrative job description template

Payroll Administrator Job Description

payroll administrator job description

Database Administrator Job Description

database administrator job description

Emergency Medical Dispatcher Job Description

emergency medical dispatcher job description

Taxi Dispatcher Job Description Template

taxi dispatcher job description template

Dispatch Supervisor Job Description

dispatch supervisor job description

Dispatch Manager Job Description Template

dispatch manager job description template

Police Dispatcher Job Description Template

police dispatcher job description template

What Is a Job Description?

As mentioned earlier, a job description is what can help employers figure out the basic responsibilities of an employee; However, that’s not only its intended purpose. It can also be a document that’s intended to provide job applicants with an outline of all the main responsibilities and duties that a certain position carries. The duties and responsibilities that are placed in the job description are usually handled by a person within an organization who is in charge of overseeing the selection process of the role, and that’s often with the help of the company’s HR department and/or an external recruiter.

The Importance of a Job Description

A job description is very useful during the job application process. The reason for this is because applicants would want to know what they would have to do in the event that they would land a certain position within an organization of their choosing. So if you’re able to create a job description that gives these applicants everything that they need to know regarding all the available open roles within your small business, then it should help them determine whether which roles are in line with their current skills and abilities so they can choose which one they would like to apply for.

From the perspective of the organization, the job description is vital in ensuring that all employee applications they receive contain information that closely matches to the needs of the position that needs to be filled in. It’s a very useful tool for those who are in the hiring department as it will help streamline the selection process and receive a high concentration of candidates who are the best fit for the position, thus allowing them to know who should move on to the next step and potentially the job offer.

All in all, it’s necessary that a company contains job descriptions for all of their roles — new and current—as the information is needed to determine what a position needs in order for it to be valuable to the business.

Financial Planning Manager Job Description

financial planning manager job description

Finance and Operations Manager Job Description

finance and operations manager job description

Financial Services Manager Job Description

financial services manager job description

Finance and Administration Manager Job Description

finance and administration manager job description

Corporate Finance Manager Job Description

corporate finance manager job description

Senior Finance Manager Job Description

senior finance manager job description

What Is In a Job Description

If you’re aiming to make a job description for your business, then you should know that a well-rounded job description should clearly identify the purpose of the role, as well as all of the key tasks that need to be performed and all of the position’s vital responsibilities that need to be fulfilled. The document itself can also give applicants or any reader a brief background or overview of the organization, as well as the name of the position in which the successful candidate will be offered.

Remember that this document is the one thing that contains all of the information that a candidate would need to learn about a job that he/she is applying for, so it’s very important that you put in all of the details regarding what the position entails. In addition, you can also use this as a way for you to tell potential applicants what kind of person you’re looking for to fill in the position. This will include requiring information regarding the applicant’s educational background, the amount of professional work experience he/she has gained, skill sets, and whatever qualifications the applicant has that’s relevant to the job. You can even go as far as to say what kind of personality you’re looking for as ensuring that you and the rest of your employees are able to work well with the possible candidate is important in ensuring that you maintain a healthy and productive work environment.

The description will also include practical information, such as where the job is based, whether it’s a permanent or temporary position, and in most cases, the intended salary. You may also see retail job descriptions.

Here are the key points that majority of job descriptions would contain:

1. Title and summary of the role – When you’re creating this section of the job description, you have to remember that this is summary; therefore making sure that it’s as brief as you can possibly make it. Sometimes there are those who just want to get the gist of what the job needs or what the employer wants out of a potential employee. So providing applicants with the job summary and title should give them a quick way of knowing everything they need to know regarding the job, assuming that they wouldn’t want to bother with the finer details of the position that they’re applying for. You may also see sample job description templates.

2. List of duties – When an applicant wants to find what he/she has to do for a position that he/she is willing to apply for, then this is the section where the applicant would look straight to. This section should contain all of the basic duties and responsibilities that a job would have. While you don’t have to go into full detail regarding all of the possible complex duties that an applicant would have should he/she be accepted, you’ll need to provide a statement which says that the job could or will contain more responsibilities as the employee progresses. Doing so prevents any misunderstandings and prevent any potential problems with an applicant. Also, you have to remember that when you’re writing these duties, they have to be relevant to the job that you want to open. Because let’s say that you’re drafting a job description for a plumber, the applicant reading it won’t expect anything other than plumbing responsibilities within the document. Any other extra duties you put in—especially those not related to the job— has to match the benefits you’re willing to offer the employee such as a higher pay or more vacation time.

3. Desired professional experience – There are jobs which contain more complex duties and responsibilities than others. If such a position where to be opened up by an organization, then it’s very important that the applicant will have previous experience with that particular position, or has experience that’s relevant to the profession that he/she is applying for. While there’s usually no limit as to just how much experience those in the hiring department can designate as what’s needed for the job, it still has to be a reasonable amount. So that would be something along the line of at least 2 or 3 years worth of experience, but if you’re not entirely sure as to how much a job would need, you can always look up the information online and through the job descriptions of other companies that have the same position you need. You may also see business analyst job descriptions.

4. Educational level and desired qualifications – Education is very important when it comes to jobs as managers will need to know whether the applicant has all of the desired knowledge needed to be able to handle the job well. So let’s say that you’re creating a job description for a painter. You’ll want that person to have all of the skills and education needed for one to actually be able to create the works of art that you’ll need. So in the job description, you can place that the applicant will need a college degree as a painting major and you can place that you would want someone that’s able to create the type of art that your business is going to need.

5. Core skills required for the position – When you’re talking about the skills that a job requires, then you want it to be relevant to the position. For example, if you’re looking for someone to handle a computer-related job for your business, then you want that person to be knowledgeable about the ins and outs of handling computer hardware and software, and the basic tool handling skills that he/she would need in order to do the job well. You have to think about what kind of skills would benefit the job most, thereby ensuring that the person who will acquire the position will become a valuable asset to the company. You may also see word job descriptions.

6. Necessary certificates, licenses, and registrations – There are some job positions wherein these documents will absolutely be necessary. The reason as to why they’re so important for particular jobs is because there are certain professions which will require a vast amount of skill and experience. Having these documents will show that the applicant has been able to acquire everything that’s needed in order to do the job well, thereby making that person qualified for the position. Also, you have to make sure that the required documents within the job description are relevant to the profession that you’re going to open. So let’s say that you’re in charge of a hospital’s hiring department and you’re opening up a position of a nurse. That would mean you’re looking for someone who’s a registered nurse and you’ll need that person to show you proof of that. Be sure to state these important requirements within the job description so that applicants will see what they need and bring them upon applying for your business. You may also see IT job description templates.

7. Who the prospective employee will be reporting to – When a candidate is offered the job, he/she would like to know who he/she will be reporting to once the offer has been finalized. The reason for this is because knowing who the applicant will be reporting to will give that person all that one needs to know regarding who to go to if any reports need to be submitted or if there are questions regarding particular duties of the job. Be sure to add the complete job title of the higher-up that the applicant will be reporting to should he/she get the job. You may also see administrator job description templates.

8. Whether the applicants will have any subordinates that will be reporting to them – Sometimes, you’ll need to open up a position wherein the person who gains the job title will need to deal with managing the duties and responsibilities of others as well as his/her own. While there are some positions in which these are very obvious, they’ll still need to be stated in the job description so that people won’t end up being surprised or caught off guard when handling other employees. A good example of where you’ll need to state that the prospective employee will need to handle others is in a managerial position. So when you’re creating this section within the manager job description, you’ll have to point out the positions that the potential employee will need to handle, as well as the possible number of people that he/she will need to take care of.

9. Physical requirements – This is only for those positions wherein the applicants are required to be physically fit in order to handle certain tasks and responsibilities. You’re going to have to state these clearly within the job description as you only want those people who are able to properly handle those positions in which physical exertion will have to be done. A good example of this particular job would be a professional trainer. You wouldn’t want a trainer that’s overweight and has too high of a heart rate now, would you? You want someone who’s physically fit, as well as one who has experience in conducting physical activities and exercises meant for improving one’s fitness. So you’ll want this person to provide you with documents such as test results of physical exams that he/she has to take, as well as medical certificates to ensure that the applicant is able to handle all physical-related tasks. You may also like secretary job description examples.

10. Work environment – You’ll want to tell applicants just what kind of work environment they should expect should any of them be considered for the position. The reason for this is because applicants will want to know what kind of office they’re going to be working in, and employers want to ensure that applicants know how things in the office are going to be. So you can state in the description that it’s going to be a fun and enjoyable working environment or one that’s strictly formal. You may also see financial manager job descriptions.

Network Marketing Manager Job Description

network marketing manager job description

Product Marketing Manager Job Description Template

product marketing manager job description template

Project Marketing Manager Job Description

project marketing manager job description

Assistant Marketing Job Description Template

assistant marketing job description template

Sports Marketing Assistant Job Description

sports marketing assistant job description

Fashion Marketing Lecturer Job Description

fashion marketing lecturer job description

The Main Uses of a Job Description

Now that you know what a job description should contain, you should also learn why they’re so important. Aside from the reasons that have already been mentioned, here are a couple of examples of its key uses:

  • To provide employees with the expectations that they will have to meet if they were to acquire the role. This is one of the main reasons as to why a job description is even needed. By telling the applicants what you expect out of them, you’re basically giving them what they need to know as to whether or not they will be able to handle the job, or if they’re better of trying to find another similar position somewhere else. Make sure that the expectations that you set are realistic and are relevant to the job you’re opening. You may also see consultant job description examples.
  • To provide enough detail to help the candidate assess if they are suitable for the position. You want applicants to know if they’re well qualified for the job, as well as helping them decide as to whether or not this is the kind of job that they would want to apply for. So you’ll be giving them information such as the skills, educational background, work experience and any other qualification that’s required out of the position. All of this will tell the applicant if this is the job for him/her. You may also see housekeeper job description examples.
  • To help support the recruitment team during the entire hiring and selection process. If you’re part of the team that’s in charge of overseeing the entire hiring process, then you’re definitely going to need the job description. The reason for this is because the job description contains all of the information you need to tell you if the applicant will become a worthy candidate for the position or not. So while you’re going through the whole process, you can take a good look at the applicant’s resume and match what he/she has listed down on it with the content in the job description. If you see that the applicant has everything that the position needs, then you can move that person on towards the next step in the hiring process. It’s a very helpful tool in finding the person that’s the best fit for the job and weeding out those who are better off trying to find other positions that meet their level of skills, knowledge, and work experience.
  • To tell the prospective employee the standing of his/her position in the company. If an applicant were to land a job within a particular organization, then that person would want to know as to just how far he/she is in terms of the company ladder. This is because that person would want to know the names of those who he/she would be reporting to whenever needed and the people who might need to report to him/her. So be sure to make it very clear as to where the prospective employee would stand within the structure of the organization so that you can answer all of the questions regarding the matter and to avoid any confusion. You may also see HR manager job descriptions.
  • To assist in forming a binding contract with the applicant. Before any kind of contract agreement can be made or signed, you have to make sure that all of the duties and responsibilities the job entails has to be written down clearly in the document. This way, employers can guarantee that the applicant who is offered the position has agreed to what needs to be done in order for the position to be of any value to the organization. So be sure that you check the job description and the contract before you have the applicant sign it.
  • To help set goals that the employee will need to aim for upon being hired into the company. When an applicant has officially been hired, you want him/her to aim for smart goals that are relevant to the position. These goals aim to improve the employee to ensure that he/she performs in a way that’s expected and will provide only good results for the organization. So while you’re creating these goals, it’s best that you go back to the job description to help you figure out what kind of goals the employee will have to meet.
  • To help with the evaluation of the employee’s performance. There will come a time where supervisors and managers are required to conduct a performance appraisal of an employee that they’re in charge of handling. When that happens, they have to see if the employee they’re observing and assessing are able to handle all of the job’s duties and responsibilities, as well as if the employee is able to meet with the expectations for the company in terms of performance. And what better way to do that than by going through the job description and figuring out what these duties and responsibilities are? Since the document has information such as what’s expected out of the employee as well as the tasks that he/she needs to perform,  you can basically use it to help you during the appraisal process.
  • To help formulate training and development plans. Before you conduct any kind of employee training, you’ll need to know just what kind of training will be useful in order for employees to gain whatever they need in order to be able to do their jobs well.  This would mean that you’ll need the job description to help you come up with the kind of training and development plan that an employee will need in order to be better at the job. So take a good look at what the employee’s tasks and responsibilities are and work from there to determine what the training should have.

Retail Recruiter Job Description Template

recruiter retail job description

Retail Marketing Assosciate Manager Job Description

marketing retail job description

Sales Retail Job Description Sample

sales retail job description

Retail Cashier Job Description Template

cashier retail job description

Retail Manager Job Description Template

manager retail job description

Retail Supervisor Job Description Sample

supervisor retail job description

The Structure of a Job Description

A job description should follow a simply laid out, accurate format that is able to clearly define what a role needs. While the actual structure would depend on the kind of position that’s being opened as well as the organization that’s opening it, a well-rounded job description will normally be loosely structured as follows:

1. The job title – this will help the applicant know just what kind of job he or she will acquire and the title he/she will obtain if that applicant is able to acquire the position. You may also see word job description templates.

2. Location of the company – Basically where the company is; this should be information regarding the company’s complete address.

3. Who the employee will be reporting to – This is the person in which the employee will be submitting documents such as expense reports or any important pieces of information too.

4. The purpose of the job – This should be brief as you don’t want to overwhelm the employee. Within one line or two, you’re telling the employee the main purpose of the position and how it can help your organization.

5. Responsibilities and duties of the position – This is the part of the job description where you can be more detailed as you want to point out all of the duties and responsibilities that an applicant will have if he/she were to acquire the job. Remember to make sure that these are all relevant to the job being opened. You may also see job description word templates.

6. Company and team overview – This is a short rundown on what kind of company the employee will be working for as well as the team that he/she will be working with. You’ll need to perfectly describe what kind of work culture and environment the company has and what the employee should expect when working with his/her teammates. You may also see sales job description templates.

If you would like to learn more about how you can create job descriptions or learn more about the different types (marketing manager job description, bartender job description, dentist job description, etc.), then all you have to do is go through our site, find the articles that contain all of the information that you need, and utilize everything that you’re able to find to help you and your business out.

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