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9+ Free Placard Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Planning on utilizing an advertisement tool to promote something to the public? You have various tools to choose from, with each one having a different way of using than the other. Some advertisement tools are distributed by hand, some are sent through the mail, and some are fixed on walls or flat surfaces. If you plan on making use of advertisement tools, it is best to determine first which method is more convenient as well as who your target audience is. You may also see printable place cards.

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If you wish to go large with your advertisements, you have the choice between posters, banners, and placards. Though the first two are usually just left in public places, placards are commonly carried by a person during the duration of the campaign. Other than that, placards are also used during demonstrations which make them ideal for purposes outside the world of businesses. If you think placards work best for you, you want to check out our collection of card designs and templates below.

Woman’s Hand Holding Placard Template

Check out the first template in this article which shows an extended arm holding on to a blank, white placard. The white space on this placard template makes it versatile and fully editable. So regardless of your purpose for using placard designs, this one may be a good choice mainly because of its versatility. In addition, placards are almost the same as signs, which is why it would be best for you to check our other collection of signage templates.

Blue Pencil Holding Placard Template

Where else could you find a writing material holding an advertisement tool? Only here, of course. If you enjoy thinking out of the box, then this placard template may be a good pick to place on your illustrations or designs.

Stock Retro Placard Template

Retro designs are priceless, they never get old and people never get tired of looking at them. In fact, retro designs are like wine, the older they get, the better their value. Check out the design on the template above, while it is only a replication of a retro artwork, yet it still looks just as valuable as the actual thing.

What Is a Placard?

Basically, a placard is a sign or notice that is usually placed in a public location for people to see. Others would also use placards by hanging it outside establishments or sticking it on vehicles for conveying information to a large group of people. And as mentioned earlier, since placards are also used for demonstrations or protests, these are carried around by demonstrators or protesters and would usually attach it on a wooden handle so it can be lifted up in the air for people to see. You may also see restaurant place cards.

Businessman Holding Placard Template

Placards are used for various purposes, just like any other advertisement tools such as posters and flyers. With placards, though, they commonly carried by a person instead of being distributed, though some placards are also attached on walls just like posters. For the template above, the placard is held by a businessman which may signify that he is discussing matters about the business or his products. You may also see table place card templates.

Happy Woman Holding Placard Template

Aside from being used for advertisement purposes, placards are also the tool commonly used during protests or demonstrations. For placards that have no handle attached to it, they are usually held on its two bottom corners and lifted high for a passersby to see. The businesswoman on the template above may be making a demonstration, but considering her positive expression, she may simply be promoting something from her business, or better yet, she may also be using this as a name placard.

Blank White Placard Template

For a placard template that you can fully edit without too much hassle, you might want to consider using the one above. Among all the templates and samples in this collection, the one above may probably be the simplest yet easiest to edit. However, if you prefer to go high tech, then you may also be interested in checking out our collection of digital signs.

Green Background Upright Placard Template

Previously, you have seen a template which showed a woman’s arm holding a placard. This time, the template shows a man holding a placard over a solid, green background. You may find this template appealing even with its simplicity, and not to mention it is also very easy on the eyes because of its flat theme and the choice of colors.

Sunflower Vintage Placard Template

Here is a vintage-themed placard template that contains illustrations of sunflowers which you may want to use this during weddings. Speaking of weddings, check out our collection of wedding placard templates. Lastly, do you want to know some facts about sunflowers?

Interesting Facts about Sunflowers

  • The scientific name for sunflowers is “helianthus“—”helia” for sun and “anthus” for flower.
  • Aside from its appearance, they got the name because they are reportedly able to follow the movement of the sun across the sky. This ability is referred to as heliotopism. You may also see unique place cards.
  • The sunflower is commonly used to symbolize faith, adoration, and fidelity.
  • The largest ever sunflower had a head diameter of 32.25 inches, and this was back in Canada in 1983.
  • Sunflower oil is very rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium, iron, and vitamins A and D.

Plaid Shirt Guy Holding Placard Template

Oftentimes, when we see a a person wearing a red plaid shirt, it usually reminds us of a lumberjack for no reason. The template above shows the arms of someone wearing a red plaid shirt based on the exposed sleeves, and this person is holding a blank piece of placard up in the air. Just like the rest of the placard templates in this collection, you may be able to use this for any purpose you like, you simply need to apply illustrations or text onto the placard element, and incorporate this entire template onto your design. You may also see wedding name cards.

Vintage Carnival Themed Placard Template

The design on the template above might look familiar, and it is because it has a similar style to a previous one which contained sunflower elements, the difference with this one is that it contains circus-related elements instead of sunflowers. Same as the previous template, we will be sharing a few facts about circuses and carnivals. You may want to use the template above, or you may also want to check out our other collection of event signage templates for more designs to choose from.

Interesting Facts About the Circus

  • The word “circus” actually originated from the Latin word which means circle or ring.
  • The third Saturday of April is considered as the World Circus Day, and is celebrated to honor the circus arts and culture.
  • The standard circus ring is measured at 42-feet in diameter, which was established by Philip Astley, who is considered as one of the inventors of the modern circus. You may also see rustic card templates.
  • According to circus performers, it is bad luck to wear green while in the ring, but this is just their superstition.
  • The word “clown” is said to have originated from the Icelandic word “klunni“, which translates to “clumsy person” in English. You may also see free wedding place cards.

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