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5+ Restaurant Place Card Designs & Templates – PSD, AI

Restaurant place cards are needed if you want your customers and your waitstaff to know if a table has been taken by another diner or not. In this article, we provide useful information about the creation and use of restaurant place cards. Downloadable examples of place card templates are also included in this article.

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What are restaurant place cards?

Place cards are tiny pieces of printed paper, cardstock, metal, or plastic that contains the name and sometimes the seat number of the person intended to occupy a table location. They are usually used in restaurants, dining halls, wedding receptions, conferences, and other formal events.

When used by dining establishments, restaurant place cards are usually placed on top of tables as a sign of a table’s occupancy status. There also are different kinds of place card designs that you could choose from and make sure that your place cards match your restaurant’s image or brand.

Check out these restaurant table card templates

What follows are different restaurant table card templates that you can use for any dining establishment or restaurant event that you are hosting. These templates are fully customizable and downloadable. Also, remember to have the corresponding software program (like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop) installed on your computer before purchasing the template files.

Blank Teal and Gold Wedding Restaurant Place Card Template

Benefits of using restaurant place card templates

If you are still on the fence whether or not to create and use place cards for your own restaurant, check out the list of advantages that we have compiled below. Read through them and internalize their applicability to your own restaurant business. Use each item as a guide to help you make an informed choice. Read on.

1. Fully customizable

It is a common knowledge that most pre-made graphic design templates are usually fully editable and you may make changes to the template to your heart’s content. If you are worried about retaining the creative freedom when using place card templates, you should be reassured that that is not the case. When you download and choose a restaurant place card template, you have the option to completely transform the template yourself or just add in the necessary restaurant details on the pre-made template.

Depending on your editing skills, you can easily transform a pre-made card template into something original and unique. It is also totally okay to use the pre-made place card template as is and just add your own restaurant logo and customer name.

2. Fast turnaround time

Most pre-made restaurant place card templates are already pre-formatted. This means that all the graphic design and layouts have already been created. All you have to do as the end-user is to add your restaurant’s information. This whole process takes no time at all. And if you are already familiar with using software editing tools like Adobe Photoshop, the entire process will be a breeze.

Using pre-made place card templates also means that you are not creating the entire graphic design template from scratch yourself. This allows you to save time on restaurant stationery design creation and instead invest it in other more crucial aspects of running a restaurant business.

3. Well-designed

It is a myth that pre-made printable card templates all have lousy designs. In fact, most of these place card templates are created by the same professional graphic artists who make the best design projects on the market today. Also, the internet is now filled with all sorts of card template designs that will possibly suit any dining establishment in existence.

If you are concerned whether you can find a template design that will specifically fit your own restaurant’s image, do not worry about it too much. Pre-made place card templates are fully editable so you can easily make adjustments to the template without having to scrap a good card template design. And if this is possible, it is also completely alright to add graphic design elements in your place card template to make it more original and look like nothing else in the industry that you are in. Remember, you are not limited to the template’s mock-up design. Good template designs are developed over time as you continue to add or remove elements from the template to make it more relevant to your restaurant.

4. Affordable prices

Another advantage of using pre-made place card templates is their price. These templates are usually priced relatively lower than having a graphic artist create a printable restaurant template for you. Also, there is no wait time required since these templates are available for download right after paying for them. For a restaurant owner who is just starting out or those who are struggling with the restaurant’s finances, being able to purchase an affordable restaurant template will make all the difference.

As a restaurateur, you frequently need to draw the line between doing things that will benefit your business right away and doing those things whose effects cannot be readily measured. Creating restaurant stationery like place cards and using the corresponding pre-made blank place card template is one such thing. So if you believe that by first establishing your restaurant’s branding identity first is essential to achieving business success, then investing in an affordable place card template right now is a good decision for your business.

5. Practice editing skills

When you purchase and download pre-made restaurant place card templates, they will most likely come as a PSD, EPS, INDD, or JPEG file download formats. To edit and customize these templates, you will also need to have the corresponding compatible editing software program installed on your computer and have the necessary editing skills. The more time you spend on using and editing pre-made templates, your editing skills will hopefully improve. In no time, you may not even have to purchase pre-order templates as you can already create one on your own.

And if you are unfamiliar with these editing software programs, you can easily learn through Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials online. And when it is time to edit a purchased template, you will have an idea on how to proceed with the editing process.

6. Easier printing options

Another advantage of using pre-made restaurant place card templates is that they come as ready-to-print templates. This means that after adding your restaurant information on the template file, you can save the template, and then have it printed right away. You do not have to adjust the print margins, bleed areas, and page sizes since all these properties are already incorporated into the template design. You may also see restaurant tent card designs.

Some templates may also be available in different print size formats or page orientations. This way, you can choose the best print size for your own place card template. The most common print size for a place card template follows the standard business card print size which is about 3 inches by 1.5 inches. However, if you want to create bigger place cards, the templates may be re-sized according to your preferred print size. This can easily be done through Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. And if you are printing at a print shop, the shop personnel may adjust the print size based on your preference.

Cafe Restaurant Menu and Place Card Set Template

Creating restaurant place cards that stand out

Directly printing out restaurant place cards from pre-made place card templates can be very boring. If you want your own restaurant place cards to be different, you need to make sure that they have creative designs. Aside from that, if you want truly stand out place card designs, try out any of these additional card designing techniques that we have compiled below.

1. Add brads and beads

A simple way to make your restaurant place cards appear three-dimensional is to incorporate small shiny objects into the card template design. For example, you can effortlessly glam up your restaurant place cards by gluing brads and beads into the printed card. These embellishments can be used to act as 3D border designs or they may be used to highlight specific points in the place card design.

The main goal of using these brads and other glittery embellishments is to attract a person’s attention towards the piece of paper that marks a person’s place in a table. Your place card needs to be conspicuous enough and a good way to achieve this is by using embellishments. You may also see restaurant gift card designs.

2. Use cut-outs

If you have the time and the resources, you may design gorgeous restaurant place cards that incorporate cut-outs and other forms of paper cutting projects. When done right, your place cards may also be used as event souvenirs. Adding cut-out designs to your place cards is now made easier due to the proliferation of portable die cutting machines by Sizzix, Cricut, and Silhouette vector. But if you do not have the resources to buy a die cutting machine, you may always create cut-outs yourself.

Adding cut-out designs to a printed place card will help increase the card’s perceived quality and value. For more information creating handmade card designs, check out this article on how to create handmade cards.

3. Use pop-ups

Another way to help glam up your restaurant place cards is to use pop-ups. Just like how pop-up cards work, place cards that incorporate them will have surprise element for anyone who opens and read them. Choose this design technique if you are operating a cool and modern dining establishment that caters to the younger generations. To learn the all the basics of card-making, check out this ultimate card-making guide.

4. Emboss or engrave the names

If you are looking for a simple yet elegant way to spice up your restaurant place cards, you should try embossing or engraving the names and other details on your printed place cards. You may use the services of a professional embosser at your local printing shop. Or you may also purchase a portable embossing machine and do the embossing yourself. You may also see restaurant discount cards.

Embossing and engraving text details on a printed card are often used for formal event invitations. However, you may easily use this technique for your restaurant place cards without any difficulty. Embossed and engraved details on any printed material also make the card appear more formal and stylish. Choose this designing technique if you are operating a formal wedding reception dining hall or a fine dining restaurant.

5. Combine with a flower arrangement

Most fine dining restaurants will have an elaborately decorated location where restaurant tables will have a matching flower arrangement among other lavish interior design. So if you want to add place cards in this kind of restaurant setup, it is best to incorporate your place cards with the flower arrangement found on each table. This way, customers can easily see the name tags for each seat just by looking at the flower arrangement.

For those who are not operating fine dining or similarly upscale restaurants, you may still pair up your restaurant place cards with a simple flower arrangement and place this in the center of your restaurant tables. Whether you are running a buffet or casual dining restaurant, the effect will still be the same. Diners will readily see the place card (with the help of the flower arrangement) and know whether they can sit at certain tables or chairs.

6. Use with other decorative table centerpieces

Aside from using flower arrangements, restaurateurs may also use other decorative table centerpieces to make their place cards more attractive. For instance, you may use candles, faux succulents, vases, figurines, and a lot more and pair them with your printed place cards. Not only do these items help establish the restaurant’s image and the dining event’s theme, they will also make sure that your customers and diners are properly acknowledged through their designated sitting position. You may also see restaurant DL cards.

Reminder: When using decorative table centerpieces, make sure that your restaurant place cards have a contrasting color scheme to ensure that it will not be drowned out by the centerpieces’ own color scheme.

7. Use a cloche

An uncommon but utterly elegant way to design your restaurant place cards is by a cloche. A cloche is a tableware item that is usually made of glass or metal and is shaped like a bell. It encloses food and drinks and acts as dish cover. However, if you want a restaurant event to appear more luxurious and well-planned, you may use small glass cloches to house your place cards. This will surely catch the attention of all your diners and event attendees since it is not a common restaurant table decoration.

8. Use specialty papers and cardstock

No matter how great the restaurant place card template you chose, it will lack appeal if it is not printed on good quality paper. Moreover, if you want to make sure that your printed place cards will make a mark in the minds of your customers and diners, it is best to use specialty papers and cardstocks. You may choose from different paper thickness to different paper types. There are matte, glossy, semi-glossy paper types. And you can even use cardstock that has pre-printed paper patterns and textures. And whether you are using the services of a professional print shop or if you printing the place cards yourself, you can easily purchase the kind of specialty paper that will match your restaurant’s branding identity.

The different place card design techniques enumerated above is not an exhaustive list. You can certainly follow other design techniques as long as you think it will make your restaurant place cards look better. Also, enjoy the entire creation process. It may become boring and repetitive especially if you are creating hundreds of place cards. But if you enjoy the entire process, the whole thing will pass by quickly. And do not forget to delegate the task if you think you cannot do everything on your own. You may also see restaurant membership card designs.

Fork & Spoon Restaurant Place Card Template

Light Restaurant Table Card Mockup Template

Salad Restaurant Place Card Template

Watercolor Restaurant Wedding Reception Table Card Template

Have you chosen a restaurant place card template?

Selecting any kind of restaurant template can easily become an overwhelming experience especially if you are presented with a lot of template design choices. The collection of place card templates shown above may have even thrown you off track. So to make the entire selection process easier, we have listed a few key factors that a restaurateur should consider when choosing a place card template.

1. Your restaurant’s branding image.

As frequently reiterated through this site, your choice of restaurant place card template should mainly depend on what kind of dining establishment you are operating and what kind of image you want your customers to have. To illustrate, if you have a steak and BBQ restaurant that exudes a family-oriented image, your restaurant place card template should showcase these same ideas. You can show this on your place cards by using a complementary color scheme and a logo design that incorporates a family-friendly image or icon. Check out this article for more useful tips on logo designing.

2. Your restaurant’s marketing budget.

The next most important factor when choosing a place card template should be your company’s allocated budget for marketing your restaurant business. This is an important factor to consider since it can cost a lot of money just to advertise a business. Most of the time, pre-made restaurant place card templates are used by small business owners or those who are just starting out their own restaurant businesses. Using pre-made templates is a much-preferred approach since it only costs a few bucks to buy a template and it will not necessarily cut a huge hole in the entire restaurant’s operating costs.

By taking your budget allocation into consideration, you will have a clear expectation as to what kind of template design you are looking for. In most online template design marketplaces, you can even choose the specific price range when searching for a template. By doing this, you will know which template designs are available for you.

3. Your editing skills.

Another important factor to consider when creating restaurant card templates is your own editing skills. Whether you are editing the purchased template yourself or will delegate someone to do the task, you should consider this factor since you will still need to personalize any kind of place card template that you will choose. As a restaurateur, learning how to use different image graphic design software programs can also be a good skill to learn and add to your own resume.

As a restaurateur, you can choose to delegate the editing task to another employee or do the whole thing yourself. What is important is that you know what step to take in order to achieve the same results. When you know this, it will then be easier to choose a place card template design. You may also like sample restaurant menus.

4. Your time.

Despite using a pre-formatted printable template, you will still get to spend a chunk of your personal time for editing the template. Therefore, when picking a place card template design, it is important to choose a template that will require minimal editing. But if you feel that you really need to invest time in editing the template yourself, just make sure that you can free up the necessary time on your schedule. Restaurateurs usually have to take care of multiple restaurant-related errands and if you also have to edit your place card templates, you may not be able to do those errands.

Therefore, you should choose a restaurant place card template design that you think will be fastest to edit with your own skills. By making this a deciding factor, you set yourself a measurable and achievable goal and you will not have a hard time accomplishing it. You may also see restaurant greeting cards.

The different factors listed above may change depending on your situation and your personal preferences. Use them as a guide so that you can choose the restaurant place card template that will best complement your restaurant’s image. If you found this article informative and entertaining, make sure to bookmark it and share it with your colleagues and friends. You may also see restaurant comment cards.

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