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After the wedding ceremonies, guests will already go to the reception to celebrate the newlyweds’ life together. It would be hard if all of them will just sit on places not intended for them. There are also guests who bring extra guests with them, which makes the reception crowded more than expected.

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Wedding Name Cards Template

wedding name cards template

Wedding Place Name Card

wedding place name card

Wedding Lists Name Tags Card

wedding list name card

Free Name Card Template

free name card template

Wedding Name Card Template

free multi place wedding name card template

Though it is usual for receptions to provide buffers or additional and extra items in case of an event emergency like the abovementioned scenario, it is still a great suggestion to incorporate a way of organizing the little details in all the aspects of the wedding. This is when wedding name cards can be handy. Aside from wedding name cards, you may also take a look at our Wedding Thank-You Cards as they may be placed side by side during reception, if you wish to not hand it personally due to the number of guests that you have invited.

Personalised Wedding Name Card

personalised wedding name cardDownload

Blank Wedding Name Card

blank wedding name cardDownload

Wedding Table Name  Card

wedding table name cardDownload

Wedding Name Place Card

wedding name place cardDownload

Chalkboard Wedding Name Card

chalkboard wedding name cardDownload

What Is a Wedding Name Card?

Wedding name cards are the cards placed in the reserved seats assigned to every visitor during the reception of the wedding. It may be incorporated on the table design or it may be placed on the area near the plates of the guests for whom the seat is reserved.

The Importance of Having a Wedding Name Card

A few benefits of using wedding name cards in your wedding are as follows:

  • It will be easier for the wedding organizers to locate the table on which your guests will be seated. They must have all the table numbers and the list of guests that will occupy the seats on specific tables.
  • It allows guests to know that they have reserved seats. It makes the wedding more personal and also allows those people who should have a priority seat get theirs during the reception.
  • It makes grouping guests easier. A specific table may be used for guests of the same group or people who actually know each other. It will create a more harmonious environment for communication during your wedding day.

Aside from wedding name cards, you may browse through our Wedding Card Templates available for download.

Wedding Dinner Name Card

wedding dinner name cardDownload

Wedding Anniversary Name Card

wedding anniversary name cardDownload

Laser Cut Wedding Name Card

laser cut wedding name cardDownload

Free  Wedding Name Card

free wedding name cardDownload

Designing a Wedding Name Card

It goes without saying that the design of the name card must match the aesthetic of your wedding theme. It may have similar prints that you have used in different items in your wedding or it may have the design of the main flowers that you have used in the ceremony. It all depends on how you want it to look a part of the overall design.

Tips on Creating a Wedding Name Card

Here are a few tips in creating a wedding name card:

  • Make sure that the the font style and the font size of the text in the wedding name card is visible enough.
  • Double check the spelling of the names of your guests before printing your wedding name cards or allowing a person to write on a blank wedding name card.
  • You can already organize the name cards depending on how you wanted groups of people to be seated during the wedding reception.

Organizing the reception of the wedding will truly be easier with the help of a wedding name card. Other than our wedding name card templates, you may also browse through our Anniversary Card Templates.

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