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It does not really take a lot to impress young kids. With just a little charm, patience, and a flair for answering curious questions, you will have your way with most of the kids that you will come across with. In this sense, choosing a birthday gift or memorabilia for the young ones should not pose a problem. So if you are on the lookout for adorable and well-designed printable birthday cards for kids, then you have come to the right corner of the internet.

In this article, we will share multiple birthday card selection tips, provide instructions on how to create them, and showcase different birthday card examples. Make sure to read until the very last word of this article so that you will not miss out on any helpful tip or birthday card-making lifehack.

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Look at these Printable Birthday Cards for Kids Templates

As we have promised above, this article is filled with multiple examples of birthday card templates geared for kids and kids-at-heart. To use these pre-made printable templates, make sure that you install the correct graphic design software tools first.

Animals Printable Birthday Card for Kids

animals printable birthday card for kids1

Kid’s Birthday Party Invitation Card

kids birthday party invitation card

Colorful Birthday Invitation Card for Kids

colorful birthday invitation card for kids

How to Create Birthday Cards for Kids

Creating birthday cards for kids is just like making any other kind of birthday greeting card. And there are two main ways to make them. Continue reading below so that you will know that each of these methods is and so that you will have a better idea of what the birthday card-making process will be like.

1. Using Handmade Card Designs

The birthday card-making method that we will share with you is the most traditional one. And it is the use of handmade card designs. As its name implies, it means that with this card creation method, you will be creating your kiddie birthday cards by hand with the help of your own imagination and crafting skills.

With this card-making method, you may follow other pre-existing card design inspirations or create something on your own. It can be a good method to follow if you want to showcase your creativity and crafting skills and if you have enough time to plan out and create the birthday card.

The major downside of creating handmade birthday cards for kids is that each card may take time to design and manually create. You need to think of the materials, tools, design layouts, and other factors that will help you create the sample birthday card possible. So if you do not have enough free time to do all these things, it may be best to look into the second card-making method that we will discuss next.

2. Using Printable Birthday Card Templates

An alternative card-making method is the use of pre-made printable birthday card templates. In this card-making method, you will be using pre-formatted birthday card templates. These templates are digital files that contain all the graphic design elements needed to create a printable birthday card. Think of it as a DIY kit for creating birthday cards but you do not have to physically assemble the contents of the kit since it is available in digital format.

With a printable birthday card template, you do not have to create a birthday card template design from scratch. All these aspects from card formatting to the layout will already be taken cared of by the template’s original creator. As the template’s end-user, all you have to do is download the template, maks some minor edits (like the card recipient’s name), and then print out the template. Yes, it’s all that easy!

So, if your kid’s birthday is coming up in a few days or weeks, then perhaps it is best to just select a pre-made printable birthday card template. This way, you do not have to cram and manually create the birthday card yourself. Also, by using printable birthday card templates for kids, you are allowing yourself to save money and effort which you can spend for buying your child, godchild, niece/nephew a new gift or for paying for an experience that will bring you closer with each other.

These two birthday card-making methods may also be combined with each other if you want to create a more creative and original birthday card for kids. Carefully weigh in the advantages and disadvantages of each card-making method so that you can choose a card-making method that will best suit your personal preferences and situation. Check out this article for more information on how to create a birthday card.

Printable Birthday Card Sample for Kids

printable birthday card sample for kids

Simple Happy Birthday Card for Kids

simple happy birthday card for kids

DIY Printable Birthday Card for Kid

diy printable birthday card for kid

Birthday Card Template for Kids Market

birthday card template for kids market

Kid’s Birthday Invitation Card Design

kids birthday invitation card design

Kids Birthday Postcard Template

kids birthday postcard template1

How to Choose a Printable Birthday Card for Kids Template

When it’s time to select a printable birthday card template for kids, there are a number of things to do first before you purchase the actual template. By remembering these set of factors and incorporating them in your decision-making process, you will not only have a quick and easy time deciding on a card design but you will also not regret the decision you have made. You may also see funny happy birthday cards.

1. Birthday card recipient’s personal likes and dislikes

One of the most important factors to consider prior to purchasing any kind of birthday card template is the card recipient’s personality and preferences. And since you are creating a birthday card for a kid or a child, you need to make sure that the birthday card template you choose sports design elements that will appeal to a young child or kid.

For example, if you are preparing a birthday card for a ten-year-old boy who likes space and science, it is best to choose a printable boy birthday card template that prominently features rocket ships, stars, planets, or other space superheroes. By doing this, you make sure that the little birthday card you are giving him will be appreciated and kept for a longer time.

2. Your own editing skills

Another important factor to consider when choosing a printable birthday card for kids template is your own graphic design skills. Remember that pre-made birthday templates will still need to be edited or customized. For instance, if you want to add a photo of the kid who is celebrating his or her birthday on the birthday card, you will need to know how to edit these templates first.

If you do not know how to navigate around Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign, then it may be a good idea to delegate the entire editing task to another person. By knowing your editing skill level beforehand, you can better plan how you will approach the card-making project. You can either delegate the template editing task as we have suggested earlier or you can take the time to learn how to use these software tools by studying different Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials online.

3. The template’s customizability options

Your marvelous graphic design skills and knowledge of Adobe Photoshop will be useless if you the birthday card template that you have chosen is not available fully customizable or editable. That is why, before you purchase a birthday card template, you should pick out a printable card template that offers full customizability.

Most of the template Photoshop and Illustrator templates offer this freedom in customizing pre-made graphic design templates. A template’s customizability options are also important for those who want to make many personalizations on the birthday card. This will give you total freedom on how you want the final birthday card to look like.

4. Amount of time before the birthday

The amount of time you have before you need to send out the kiddie birthday card is also another criteria that you need to factor in your decision-making process. To illustrate, if your daughter is celebrating her birthday tomorrow, you will need to choose a printable girly birthday card template that can easily be edited and printed within the next twenty-four hours.

On the other hand, if you have a few weeks or months before the kid’s birthday, then you will also have the freedom to delay choosing a printable birthday card template design. You can also take this time to learn how to use different graphic design software tools so that you can edit and personalize your purchased birthday card template later on.

All these factors should be considered if you do not want to regret the birthday card design template you choose for your kid or godchild. Read each factor carefully and make sure that you internalize how you can apply them on your decision-making process. Also, remember to be flexible in terms of applying these card selection factors or criteria. Feel free to add or disregard these factors depending on your own situation and circumstance.

Minimalist Birthday Invitation Card for Kids

minimalist birthday invitation card for kids

Birthday Card Invitation Design for Kids

birthday card invitation design for kids

Pool Party Birthday Invitation Card

pool party birthday invitation card

Simple Printable Birthday Card for Kids

simple printable birthday card for kids

Happy Birthday Card Template for Kids

happy birthday card template for kids

Boy Birthday Card for Kids

boy birthday card for kids

Have You Chosen a Printable Birthday Card For Kids Template

We hope that the multiple examples of downloadable printable birthday card templates for kids featured in this article have helped you. Also, remember that the different printable birthday card templates here may also be used as birthday greeting cards for older people. As long as you think that the birthday card cover design will fit their personalities, then you can use printable cards.

Also, do not forget to share this article with your friends and colleagues on social media so that they can also create the best birthday cards for their kids.

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