49+ Printable Birthday Cards


Birthdays belong to that breed of special celebrations that get ever more challenging every successive year. New milestones are reached since that optimistic first birthday—the tenth birthday, the thirteenth, the eighteenth, the twenty-first, the thirtieth, the fiftieth, the sixtieth, and so on. At each of these extra-special occasions, friends and family often feel the pressure to live up to the occasion, to make sure their loved ones get the full extent of the good cheer you can pull off. After all, you celebrate these occasions only once.

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Where else is the pressure and frenzy felt more than in the selection of a birthday card design? For many people, the birthday card is the gift itself, and they want to make it count. What are you looking for?—a beautiful, age-appropriate design, something personal and tailored to the celebrant’s personality, something that will be remembered.

Here are 50+ printable birthday card ideas that aim to do just that. Whatever your budget or preference, there is literally something here for everyone.

Printable Happy Birthday Cards

Happy 50th Birthday Card

happy 50th birthday cardDownload

Happy Belated Birthday Card

happy belated birthday cardDownload

Printable Funny Birthday Cards

Funny 60th Birthday Card

funny 60th birthday cardDownload

Minimal Funny Birthday Card

animated funny birthday cardDownload

Best Friend Funny Birthday Card

best friend funny birthday cardDownload

Photoshop Happy Birthday Card

photoshop happy birthday card Download

Printable Coloring Birthday Cards

Crayola Coloring Birthday Card

crayola coloring birthday cardDownload

Printable Birthday Cards for Husband

Birthday Card Messages for Husband

birthday card messages for husbandDownload

Love Birthday Card for Husband

love birthday card for husbandDownload

Printable Disney Birthday Cards

Disney Frozen Birthday Card

disney frozen birthday card1Download

Disney Princess Birthday Card

disney princess birthday cardDownload

Disney Themed Birthday Card

disney themed birthday cardDownload

Find the Perfect Birthday Card for Friends and Family

You might be celebrating for your child, your husband, your parent, or a good friend at any point in their lives. This catalog of more than 50+ ideas is sure to contain the perfect option to suit your special one’s age and personality. You might have trouble choosing from this list of great options, so we have categorized them for easier selection.

Choose by Theme

Every birthday card or birthday invitation in this list is further organized under their relative themes. There are printable cards, cards with children’s themes, romantic birthday cards, vintage cards, elegant, and funny cards, Christian cards, and DIY cards. There will also be many options for invitation cards.

Choose by Price

Some will be free, some are for sale at bargain prices, and many of them are customizable. You can find out by clicking on the respective download buttons. Depending on product specifications, you might get either a digital file you can print onto card paper, or you can order a ready-made card after submitting a list of details you want included in your card or invitation.

With the sheer amount of options we’ve found for you, you never have to worry about a birthday card design again—for anyone and for any age.

Please note we are not responsible for any product modifications or price changes occurring in the affiliate sites.

DIY Printable Birthday Cards

DIY Pop Up Birthday Card

diy pop up birthday cardDownload

DIY Sweet 16 Birthday Card

diy sweet 16 birthday cardDownload

DIY Superhero Birthday Card

diy superhero birthday cardDownload

Hello Kitty Printable Birthday Cards

Hello Kitty Electronic Birthday Card

hello kitty electronic birthday cardDownload

Hello Kitty Birthday Greeting Card

hello kitty birthday greeting cardDownload

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Card

hello kitty birthday invitation card1Download

Kid Printable Birthday Cards

Printable Kids Birthday Card

kid printable birthday cardDownload

Little Kid Birthday Card

little kid birthday cardDownload

Kid Wishes for Birthday Card

kid wishes for birthday cardDownload

Kid Stationery Birthday Card

kid stationery birthday cardDownload

Mickey Mouse Printable Birthday Card

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Birthday Card

mickey mouse clubhouse birthday cardDownload

Mickey Mouse Personalized Birthday Card

mickey mouse personalised birthday cardDownload

Mickey Mouse Birthday Thankyou Card

mickey mouse birthday thankyou cardDownload

Mickey Mouse Birthday Card for Son

mickey mouse son birthday cardDownload

Romantic Printable Birthday Cards

Romantic Boyfriend Birthday Card

romantic boyfriend birthday cardDownload

Ready-Made Birthday Cards to Deliver

If you don’t have a printer, these ready-made birthday cards will allow you some control over the customization without having to print it out yourself. Just a few of your many great options are as follows:

  • The Funny 60th Birthday Card would be your instant choice if you have a fun-loving parent still youthful at heart. The blast of color and graphics might be a bit garish to some, but to the young ones and the once-young, this sets the perfect mood for celebration for less than $3 USD.
  • For best friends, who else but a close buddy will appreciate the sense of humor in the Best Friend Funny Birthday Card with the sarcastic Kermit? Goes for less than $5 USD for a 4.25″ × 5.5″ card (folded) and matching envelope.
  • The Photo Birthday Card for Husband will allow you to order a personalized birthday card for your husband. For just under $5 USD, you can upload up to 4 images you would like to use on the card. Input your husband’s name, and click to purchase. Within 3 business days, you should have your card delivered.
  • The DIY Pop Up Birthday Card is a unique one that you can order for around $5 USD a card. This is a great choice for celebrants of any age who has a touch of magic and music in them. The card is cut by hand and will be delivered ready-made.
  • For around $11 USD, you can also get the DIY Sweet 16 Birthday Card in the design of your choice. You can send all your customization information to the seller for a special card tailored specifically for this special occasion. Click the download button for all the product details and your options.

Digital Printable Birthday Cards (Free and for Sale)

Just a few of your many options for cards you can download as digital files for printing (this is faster than waiting for a made-to-order cards). These will allow for customization as well, if needed.

  • The Happy 50th Birthday Card says it succinctly, the grand number framed in festive flowers. This will work well for women celebrants. For only $6 USD, this design is a steal for three different colors in 300-dpi JPEG images. Prints out to A4 (8.5″ × 11″) paper, folded in to 8.5″ × 5.5″.
  • The Happy Belated Birthday Card is a sweet one to help you out the day after the birthday. You should be able to download this image for free and print it out on a card to attach to a gift basket, for example.
  • The Minimal Funny Birthday Card is a simple but touching one. Reserve this for your closest of close friends. Get the embed code from the download page and send them this e-greeting on your favorite social network.
  • The Birthday Card Messages for Husband is a customizable card mock-up that will make a beautiful digital greeting. Click the Download button and enter your husband’s name in the text box. Your custom card will be generated and ready to download to your computer. For another design option, see Love Birthday Card for Husband.

These are just a handful of your options. Keep scrolling to get even more great deals.

DIY Birthday Cards

Many of the cards labeled “DIY” in this list are DIY (handmade) for the seller, not the buyer. But here are a few options for cards you can actually make yourself, for free:

  • Why not take a creative approach for the young one’s birthday? Check out the Coloring Pages for Birthday Card. You can print out several of these and set a coloring activity for the young guests in your child’s birthday party. Also see Children’s Coloring Birthday Card.
  • For the creative types, the Crayola Coloring Birthday Card is a fun DIY project. Show your loved ones that you will go the extra mile and use your talents to create something astounding for their birthday. Click the download link for instructions on how to make this “surprise!” pop-up card using construction paper and Crayola art supplies.

Printable Invitation Cards for Children’s Parties

If you are going to throw a special birthday party for your child, your guests are mostly going to be children and their families. Here are just some of your best options for printable invitation cards you can personalize.

  • With the Disney Frozen Birthday Card, you can get a popular themed digital invitation ready to print out in two size options. Click the download button to see pricing details. You will have to send some related information (listed under product details) for a custom-printed invitation.
  • For a similar product, see also the Disney Themed Birthday Card and Disney Princess Birthday Card. Click the download buttons for the pricing and options on customizing these invitations.
  • For more cute invitations for your little girl’s birthday, see Hello Kitty Electronic Birthday Card, Hello Kitty Birthday Greeting Card, and Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation Card. Click their respective download buttons for their prices and list of customization details.
  • If your child is a superhero buff, you will like the DIY Superhero Birthday Card for an Avengers-themed invitation card. This goes for less than $11 USD. All product specs and information on how to send customization details can be found on the download page.
  • If you’re handy with Photoshop, you’ll probably like the Printable Kids Birthday Card instead. For $7 USD, you will get fully customizable PSD templates. All you have to do is include your child’s photo and other details for an instant, adorable invitation card.
  • You will also love the Little Kid Birthday Card for your little boy. This option is a ready-to-print vector package (EPS and AI) for $5 USD. All you have to do is change the text. Each printable sheet contains four invitations. Free font is included.
  • For more themes, see Kid Wishes for Birthday Card and Kid Stationery Birthday Card, which you can buy from Etsy with notes to the seller regarding what you want customized.

Keep scrolling for even more themed and personalized alternatives catering to different age groups. (And don’t miss the Vintage Circus Baby Shower Card. This is neither a birthday card nor birthday invitation, but it has editable text and is too good a design to pass up as an option).

Unique Printable Birthday Cards

Unique Kids Birthday Card

unique kids birthday cardDownload

Unique Paper Birthday Card

unique paper birthday cardDownload

Free Unique Birthday Card

free unique birthday cardDownload

Vintage Printable Birthday Cards

Vintage Style Birthday Card

vintage style birthday cardDownload

Vintage Circus Baby Shower Card

vintage circus birthday cardDownload

Vintage Flowers Birthday Card

vintage flowers birthday cardDownload

Vintage Birthday Postcard

vintage lace birthday cardDownload

Barbie Printable Birthday Cards

Barbie Doll Birthday Card

barbie doll birthday cardDownload

Decorative Barbie Birthday Card

decorative barbie birthday cardDownload

Barbie Pink Birthday Card

barbie pink birthday cardDownload

Printable Christian Birthday Cards

Christian Boxed Birthday Card

christian boxed birthday card3Download

Virtual Christian Birthday Card

virtual christian birthday cardDownload

Christian Birthday Email Card

christian birthday email cardDownload

Want More Options? Keep Browsing Template.net

This grand catalog of options should be enough to serve every birthday for several years. But it doesn’t end here. The Web is full of amazing card ideas offered for free or for sale, and we’ve collected the best ones we can find into several lists by theme.

If you’re still looking for ideas, you should be able to find even more options for just about any theme or price range presented here. Search our archives for “birthday cards” or “invitation cards,” and you might even want to search by theme (“first birthday” or “digital birthday cards,” etc.). We’ve curated cards for anniversaries, baby showers, graduation parties, and so much more.

Visit our “Card Templates” archive under the Design tab. Skip the party-planning hassle, and save time and money without sacrificing on quality designs and products. With these templates, you can get that memorable event you’ve been dreaming of, minus the stress and at half the cost.

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