67+ Birthday Card Templates – PSD, AI , EPS


Birthdays are truly wonderful to celebrate. These are the days when one gets to spend another year of his or her existence. Any celebrant would often want gifts, warm thoughts from friends and family, and birthday greetings as well. See these Sample birthday cards and check out something you might give someone who’s nearing his or her birthday! It will truly be an unforgettable birthday celebration even with just simple birthday cards as presents.

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Someone close to your heart might be celebrating his or her birthday soon. Let loose your creativity and give away birthday cards. You will be pleased with cards you have created on your own.

Photo Birthday Card Template

photo birthday card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Publisher
  • Pages


Modern Birthday Invitation Card

modern birthday invitation card
File Format
  • Photoshop


Happy Birthday Invitation Card Template

happy birthday invitation card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages
  • Outlook


Happy Birthday Greeting Card Template

happy birthday greeting card template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Birthday Invitation Postcard Template

birthday invitation postcard template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages
  • Outlook

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Birthday Photo Thank You Card Template

birthday photo thank you card template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Birthday Postcard Template

birthday postcard template
File Format
  • MS Word
  • Photoshop
  • Illustration
  • Publisher
  • Pages

Size: 5×7 Inches + Bleed


First Birthday Invitation Card Template

first birthday invitation card template
File Format
  • Photoshop


Frozen Birthday Card Templates

Frozen Happy Birthday Card

frozen happy birthday card2 Download

Frozen Birthday Invitation Card

frozen birthday invitation card3 Download

Blank Birthday Card Templates

Free Blank Birthday Card

free blank birthday card Download

Printable Blank Birthday Card

printable blank birthday card Download

Blank Birthday Invitation Card

blank birthday invitation card1 Download

Printable Funny Birthday Card

printable funny birthday card Download

Funny Birthday Card Templates

Free Funny Birthday Card

free funny birthday card Download

Vintage Funny Birthday Card

vintage funny birthday card Download

Free Birthday Card Templates

Free Printable Birthday Card

free printable birthday card1 Download

Free Birthday Greeting Card

free birthday greeting card4 Download

Free Happy Birthday Card

free happy birthday card3 Download

Printable Birthday Card Templates

Frozen Printable Birthday Card

frozen printable birthday card Download

Printable Minecraft Birthday Card

minecraft printable birthday card Download

Printable Happy Birthday Card

printable happy birthday card Download

Vintage Happy Birthday Card

vintage happy birthday card Download

Kids Birthday Card Templates

Kids Happy Birthday Card

kids happy birthday card1 Download

Kids 1st Birthday Card

kids 1st birthday card Download

Kids Blank Birthday Gift Card

kids birthday gift card Download

Colorful Balloon Kids Birthday Card

colorful balloon kids birthday card Download

Birthday Greeting Card Templates

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

happy birthday greeting card5 Download

1st Birthday Greeting Card

1st birthday greeting card2 Download

Free Birthday Greeting Card

free birthday greeting card5 Download

Sample Birthday Greeting Card

sample birthday greeting card Download

DIY Birthday Cards

Anyone would want to offer presents that are truly straight from the heart. It makes them feel sincere of their intention to show love and care for the birthday celebrant even if they are not expressive as much as they should be. People will constantly look for ways to make a loved one happy most especially when it’s a special day to celebrate.

You too would want to give out personalized presents on a loved one’s birthday. Opt for your creativity and enhance your design ideas with these Printable Birthday Cards. Read through these ideas closely and surprise someone with a DIY card on a friend’s birthday.

  • Pop-up birthday cards. You will have to make use of an object or anything at all that you think might appropriate as a pop-up design. Suggestions for these could be images of you and your loved one or something that reminds you of this someone often. It could be anything that is of sentimental value to the both of you. By doing so, you are not only giving birthday cards but you are also giving something that could be considered a present through its pop up object or image.
  • Musical birthday cards. You may want to give a birthday card that literally sings to your loved one a Happy Birthday song. You will not have a hard time singing your heart out to please the celebrant you just have to give this card and let it do you a favor. You could even sing along to its tune and create a very light and happy mood for you and everyone else that’s celebrating a birthday. When you are out of words, this musical birthday card got you covered.
  • Photo birthday cards. One whole photograph of you and your loved one celebrating his or her birthday could already make a perfect birthday card present. You just have to add sincere dedications and messages that will surely make any celebrant’s day. You are not limited to giving just one photo card, you could actually give a pile of all your memorable photographs together and make it something worth to remember in the next birthdays.
  • Funny birthday cards. You should create a birthday card that is equally humorous to both you and anyone celebrating a birthday. This could be something special to the both of you as you build unique connection even by just laughing at the jokes only you and the celebrant could comprehend. These are ideal for a close friend’s birthday and by then you would realize how much you have already shared through the years and through a lot more birthdays.

There are a lot of ideas for whenever you want to create a personalized birthday card. You will just have to find one that is appropriate for your dear friends and loved ones. Your birthday cards will certainly be special and worth keeping to anyone who will receive it on his or her birthday. You just have to be creative and at the same time unique with your birthday ideas.

Birthday Invitation Card Templates

1st Birthday Invitation Card

1st birthday invitation card3 Download

Birthday Party Invitation Card

birthday party invitation card10 Download

Princess Birthday Invitation Card

princess birthday invitation card2 Download

Baby Birthday Invitation Card

baby birthday invitation card4 Download

Vintage Birthday Invitation Card

vintage birthday invitation card2 Download

Birthday Gift Card Templates

Happy Birthday Gift Card

happy birthday gift card9 Download

Pop Up Birthday Gift Card

pop up birthday gift card Download

Birthday Photo Card Templates

Happy Birthday Photo Card

happy birthday photo card Download

Birthday Photo Post Card

birthday photo post card Download

Birthday Invitation Photo Card

birthday invitation photo card1 Download

Vintage Birthday Card Templates

Free Vintage Birthday Card

free vintage birthday card2 Download

Vintage Birthday Invitation Card

vintage birthday invitation card4 Download

Star wars Birthday Card Template

Lego Star Wars Birthday Card

lego star wars birthday card Download

DIY Birthday Card Templates

DIY Happy Birthday Card

diy happy birthday card1 Download

Printable DIY Birthday Card

printable diy birthday card Download

Disney Birthday Card Templates

Free Disney Birthday Card

free disney birthday card Download

Disney Birthday Invitation Card

disney birthday invitation card2 Download

Your Ideal Birthday Card

These birthday gift card templates will surely make you want to attend to more birthdays and give a birthday card as a simple yet sincere present. While anyone can make a birthday card, you can always follow certain suggestions that will help you make the ideal birthday card.

If you want birthday cards that are one of a kind, maybe you could make use of the following:

  • Scrapbook/ Sketchbook. You might want to give away a compilation of birthday greeting cards. This will surely be a delight to anyone who will receive it. This time, you are not only giving away a simple birthday card, you are also giving something literally and figuratively bigger than that. You do not have to necessarily fill all the pages, you could at least fill one page with the birthday card and the rest could be pages full of pictures and posters.
  • Gold/Silver pens. Using these 2 colors in your birthday cards could actually be something unique. You will have to use black pads or cardboard for these types of pens to be visible. This will surely highlight something different in your gift cards. Your birthday greetings and messages will surely be complimented by the strokes and ink of a gold or silver pen.
  • Embroidery designs. You do not have to literally do embroidery on your cards and pieces of paper, you just have to attach it to your cards and enhance unique beauty to it. Not a lot of people make use of these design and this will surely amaze anyone who gets a birthday card decorated with it. It could also be something to actually use on fabric. You see, you’re not only giving a simple birthday greeting card; you sure gave more as a present in itself.

These are just some of the many other things you could make use of in your ideal birthday greeting card. Some may sound too bulky to attach and some may really be a hassle on your part. Well, you could follow on something that is more convenient on your part. Preferences could vary at times and you sure are more familiar with what the birthday celebrant wants for his or her birthday.

It would be quite interesting if you pick designs that are more of just being used as designs. It will surely be thoughtful of you to add a twist to your birthday cards and add reusable card designs. Anything you have in mind yet?

Office Birthday Card Templates

Open Office Birthday Card

open office birthday card Download

Free Superhero Birthday Card

free superhero birthday card Download

Retro Birthday Card Templates

Retro 50th Birthday Card

retro 50th birthday card Download

Retro Happy Birthday Card

retro happy birthday card Download

Retro Birthday Greeting Card

retro birthday greeting card Download

First Birthday Card Templates

First Happy Birthday Card

first happy birthday card Download

Hello Kitty Birthday Card Templates

Printable Hello Kitty Birthday Card

printable hello kitty birthday card Download

Free Hello Kitty Birthday Card

free hello kitty birthday card Download

Hello Kitty Birthday Greeting Card

hello kitty birthday greeting card1 Download

Blank Happy Birthday Card

blank happy birthday card Download

Celebration of Life

A birthday as a celebration of life is also a celebration of gratefulness and gratitude. It is not meant to be celebrated alone, and birthdays are meant to make you, your friends, and your family be grateful for another milestone in your life. You continue to be grateful as much as the rest are thankful of being able to celebrate another blessing of life.

Celebration of birthdays have always been a tradition, but to those who celebrate it gratefulness and gratitude, it is definitely more than just a tradition. It is also a thanksgiving for life with certain friends and family members in it.

What Matters on Your Birthday Card

Most people would think the amount spent on a birthday card is what matters most. This shouldn’t be the case at all as there are people who are inclined to even just the thought of giving a birthday card and not on how much it costs.

What’s in a birthday card that really matters for you? Check out the following and feel free to make a comparison:

  • The thought of getting one. It is truly more than enough to think of a loved one on his or her special day. Not everyone will remember and not everyone will make an effort, but this could be something that will really matter. Forget about getting the most colorful designs, not everyone will commit to making someone happy on his or her birthday more than you have.
  • Birthday message. Whether you write down a lengthy article or just a short one, your message to the birthday celebrant will really matter most. Your heartfelt words and dedication with make and impact to the person and that alone is more than enough. You are already appreciated for giving a birthday card and your words will have deeper to whoever is going to receive your greeting card.
  • Surprise. There is much effort on making it to a point of surprising a person. You will have to listen closely to her schedule just so you do not get caught preparing your surprise. Your personalized birthday cards are already a surprise in itself. They wouldn’t have any idea how you did it or how you designed it in its format and creative layouts. Surprise them with the effort and surprise them with how creative you can get just by thinking of someone dear to you on their birthday!

In its entire sense, all that matters to anyone who gets a birthday card is all that matters to you too. You don’t really have to have the nicest designs and the nicest words to say and all you have is your willingness to give.

Surprise a loved one on his or her birthday. Check out these PSD birthday card templates for anyone close to celebrating another year. Grab some of these templates for all occasions as well and be creative with these photo cards as birthday greeting cards.

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