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15+ Printable Birthday Cards

A birthday is one of the celebrations that one person always look forward to every year. This celebration signifies a new year in one’s life and also means that he or she has grown another age older. There are a lot of ways on how people celebrate their birthdays. Some go to the beach, some just stay at home with their families, and some party out with their friends.

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If you want to give your friend, a family member, or a loved one a special gift for this day, a printable birthday card has never failed to make someone special during this occasion. Check out our website’s list of other birthday card templates and download them for future use.

Retro Birthday Party Invitation Card Template

Exciting Mickey Mouse Birthday Invitation Card Template

Sparkling Minnie Mouse Birthday Invitation Card Template

Animals Birthday Invitation Card Template

Robot Star Wars Birthday Invitation Card Template

Isolated Printable Birthday Card

Free Printable Birthday Card

Typography Birthday Greeting Card

Festive Happy Birthday Greeting Card

A birthday card would never lose its charm as a present because they are the most personal, tangible gift that you can ever give a person. Though the cards may come from the store or they are our printable birthday cards, what is written inside it is what matters the most.

Here are a few things that you may write inside a birthday card aside from your birthday greetings:

  • Cite specific memories that will let the person remember how you have spent time with him or her. The longer you knew each other, the more memories you can write. This will let the celebrator be more thankful because aside from physical gifts and life blessings, he or she is surrounded with people who loves him or her so much.
  • You can also write your wishes and hopes for the person to whom you are to give the letter. Assure him or her that you will always be there along the process of whatever that person is to take. Wish them good lucks on their future endeavors and may they be guided as always to the right path.
  • Think of the things that you can do together in the future. This signifies that even after his or her birthday, you are still there to celebrate life with the person no matter how big or small the reason is.

Birthday Card Vector

Printable Happy Birthday Greeting Card

Printable First Happy Birthday

In terms of the design of the actual card, it depends on your creativity. There are a lot of ways for one to customize a card. For an easier job, our downloadable cards are already ready for use after printing as their designs vary depending on specific reasons like the age of the person celebrating, the gender of the celebrator, and themes of different birthday parties.

You card may exude a serious mood or a funny content. It all depends on how you want the celebrator read what is on your mind and what you wanted to say to him or her. We have downloadable funny birthday cards to give the person celebrating his or her birthday a good laugh.

Always make sure to consider the personality of the person to whom you are to give the card. Letters must be personal so the design of your birthday card must also be related to the person to whom you are to give it especially if it is a  present. Many people keep letters from special individuals so make a lasting memory by giving one of the best birthday cards one has ever received.

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