49+ Sample Birthday Cards


Take your birthday greetings to a whole new level and create extraordinary birthday cards for your friends and loved ones! Birthday cards aren’t so common these days anymore as most people take sample birthday greetings online, through text messages, even emails, or just calls. But there is something totally intimate with handing birthday cards to people who are dear to you who needs special recognition on his or her natal day.

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Make one for a dear friend or for anyone in your family. Start creating with these Printable Birthday Cards we have to offer and more from our website. Giving out birthday cards could be your way of expressing that you well remembered someone’s special day.

Free Sample Birthday Cards

Free Printable Birthday Card

free printable birthday card2Download

Free Happy Birthday Card

free happy birthday card4Download

Free Birthday Invitation Card

free birthday invitation card4Download

Free Birthday Greeting Card

free birthday greeting card6Download

Free Birthday Gift Card

free birthday gift card3Download

Sample Birthday Greeting Cards

Happy Birthday Greeting Card

happy birthday greeting card7Download

Photo Birthday Greeting Card

photo birthday greeting card2Download

Printable Birthday Greeting Card

printable birthday greeting cardDownload

Sample Birthday Thank You Cards

Birthday Party Thank You Card

birthday party thank you card1Download

Birthday Wishes Thank You Card

birthday wishes thank you card2Download

Birthday Gift Thank You Card

birthday gift thank you card4Download

Sample Birthday Invitation Cards

1st Birthday Invitation Card

1st birthday invitation card4Download

Birthday Party Invitation Card

birthday party invitation card11Download

Vintage Birthday Invitation Card

vintage birthday invitation card3Download

Birthday Dinner Invitation Card

birthday dinner invitation card3Download

Sample Birthday Gift Card

Happy Birthday Gift Card

happy birthday gift card10Download

Printable Birthday Gift Card

printable birthday gift cardDownload

Free Birthday Gift Card

free birthday gift card4Download

1st Birthday Gift Card

1st birthday gift cardDownload

Sample 1st Birthday Cards

1st Birthday Greeting Card

1st birthday greeting card3Download

1st Birthday Gift Card

1st birthday gift card1Download

Landmark Birthdays

You are given every year to celebrate a birthday. From your first birthday to your just recently celebrated or upcoming birthday, you get to recall which ones you have significantly celebrated and which birthdays felt like close to normal for you. There are actually landmark birthdays you have to know. Check out these PSD birthday card templates and prepare a birthday card for anyone who’s nearing a landmark birthday.

Here are significant birthdays in a lifetime that you may celebrate with a loved one:

  • First birthday. This is a first milestone in anyone’s life. There is indeed significance in a person’s first year of existence. This landmark is celebrated with infants, but you can always hand in a birthday for him or her to remember when he or she is older.
  • Sweet sixteen. Common practice in the United States of celebrating this landmark birthday for girls has been widely adapted. This is basically where it all start for a girl in her mid teen years heading towards a young adult life. You could actually give feminine printable invitation cards to these girl turned teen celebrants.
  • Eighteenth birthday. A celebration of this landmark birthday signifies the end of one’s childhood. This is also widely celebrated since this serves as a passage to adulthood. You could give memorable birthday presents to celebrant and you could also make them well deserved birthday cards.
  • Twenty-first birthday. You celebrate a landmark when you reach the age of the majority. This is where you are officially considered an adult. Any celebrant would certainly deserve a significant reward for being able to make it to adulthood. You could give sophisticated birthday presents and you could also write them birthday cards and gain wisdom into full adulthood.
  • Thirtieth birthday. While a lot of people delay, this landmark celebrates full responsibilities to those who decide to finally settle down. It would also serve as a celebration of the years well spent building a career and staying at a pace.
  • Fortieth birthday. It finally sinks in that you are surely aging. You hit a landmark during these years and tend to look back on the year when you were younger. You might miss doing a lot of things you no longer do in your forties but look forward to making more memories.
  • Sixtieth birthday. These could be your significant years of retirement. This means you get to try a new hobby after spending so much of years in the workforce. This is a landmark that makes you look for another perspective in your lifetime. You could do anything you want, reconnect with friends and family, or do volunteer work perhaps.

The list goes on as you hit the biggest landmark for making it to a hundred years. The years lived in between will still matter and how you lived through every landmark matters most. These landmarks are definitely worth celebrating. You should always look at every milestone as an achievement, and while not everyone gets to where they want to be, celebrate at your own pace.

Sample Blank Birthday Cards

Free Blank Birthday Card

free blank birthday card1Download

Printable Blank Birthday Card

printable birthday cardDownload

Blank Birthday Invitation Card

blank birthday invitation card2Download

Blank Happy Birthday Card

blank happy birthday card1Download

Sample Kids Birthday Cards

Kids 1st Birthday Card

kids 1st kids birthday cardDownload

Kids Birthday Invitation Card

kids birthday invitation card2Download

Kids Birthday Greeting Card

kids birthday greeting cardDownload

Sample Baby Birthday Card

Baby 1st Birthday Card

baby 1st birthday card1Download

Baby Birthday Invitation Card

baby birthday invitation card6Download


Baby Birthday Wishes Card


baby birthday wishes card3Download

Sample Vintage Birthday Cards

Free Vintage Birthday Card

free vintage birthday card3Download

Vintage 21st Birthday Card

vintage 21st birthday card2Download

Vintage Disney Birthday Card

vintage disney birthday card2Download

Vintage Birthday Invitation Card

vintage birthday invitation card5Download

Birthday Card Themes for All Ages

Don’t you think it’s nice to give birthday cards as personal presents? It would certainly be much nicer if your birthday card matches the themes. Before creating these cards with your own designs, discover a variety of themes that you could try and match with first. Consider looking into these birthday card templates and create presents for your dear loved ones!

Here are more themes for more birthday cards you should think of when creating your cards:

  • Vintage. These card themes are actually ideal for all ages. Mix and match vintage colors to create attractive vintage birthday cards.
  • DIY. Do-it-yourself designs for birthday cards could also be nice on presents. They could also created along with written messages that you intend to give to anyone dear to you!
  • Pop-up. These designs require extra effort to come up with a more attractive birthday card. You will be able to come up with entertaining pop-up birthday cards that will surely please any celebrant.

These are just a few suggestions of the many more designs that you can create. Play in different vibrant colors and funny shapes to make unique birthday cards available for any celebrant. See these gift card templates and try any of your choice. You would really not know what exact designs and ideas you would need for an ideal birthday card, but when you see an array of designs, you would probably know which ones you will need to pick out.

What Should I Write on Birthday Cards?

A particular birthday card design shouldn’t be the only factor that matters on these presents you want to give. The content of your cards also matter. Heartfelt messages and wishes for the celebrant also warm their heart, and they would really appreciate anything you write down for them.

Consider something that could be remembered most more than just the design and the style of your birthday cards. Thoughts of appreciation for the celebrant will surely please them as they read through. This means they could have something to keep and reread beyond just enjoying the design on your birthday cards.

You could actually write reminder perhaps or even words of wisdom for that particular person to whom you would give your birthday cards. Your message and dedication will remind them of you and will surely mean most to them. Make birthday cards that are worth keeping to anyone you present it to.

Sample Diy Birthday Cards

DIY Pop Up Birthday Card

diy pop up birthday card2Download

DIY Birthday Invitation Card

diy birthday invitation card3Download

DIY Happy Birthday Card

diy happy birthday cardDownload

Sample Printable Birthday Cards

Free Printable Birthday Card

free printable birthday card3Download

Printable Frozen Birthday Card

frozen printable birthday card1Download

Printable Minecraft Birthday Card

minecraft printable birthday card1Download

Printable Happy Birthday Card

printable happy birthday card1Download

Sample Pop Up Birthday Cards

Pop Up Happy Birthday Card

pop up happy birthday card1Download

Printable Pop Up Birthday Card

printable pop up birthday cardDownload

Sample Frozen Birthday Card

Disney Frozen Birthday Card

disney frozen birthday card3Download

Printable Frozen Birthday Card

printable frozen birthday card1Download

Frozen Happy Birthday Card

frozen happy birthday card3Download

Frozen Birthday Invitation Card

frozen birthday invitation card4Download

Types of Birthday Greeting Cards

There are various types of greeting cards you might want to use for a variety of occasions soon. You might also need suggestions of designs on your personalized creations from these types. Feel free to read through and pick out anything that gives you a hint on what to do.

Here are types of birthday greeting cards for your future reference:

  • Counter cards. These are birthday cards that are already made available for you over the counter. These are sold individually and usually contains messages and dedications. It has a space for a personal message you might want to add for the celebrant you are giving it to. You might also like to add names for more personalized gift cards.
  • Standard greeting cards. These cards are usually made of high quality papers for you to write on. You can actually make birthday cards inspired from these standard ones and add your own touch of style to it. This greeting card also goes with an envelope so this would be preferred for more formal occasions. Preprinted messages are also done on these cards, and it would be up to you to add some more.
  • Photo greeting cards. While these cards may not be necessarily your personal photos, you can choose photos as birthday greeting cards along with your personalized dedication. You could choose photos that are significant to you for the celebrant of something that is special to the celebrant. Either way, these types of birthday greeting cards are definitely worth keeping.
  • Reusable greeting cards. You would not find it hard to look for birthday greeting cards even if you are on a tight budget. You might give these types of cards to anyone and could you imagine how these types of greeting cards are passed on from one celebrant to another? That is also creativity passed from one celebrant to another!

You might want to create birthday greeting cards out of the theme of its invitation. Check out on these Superhero Birthday Invitations ideas and create superhero-inspired designs for your birthday greeting cards as well. See Surprise Birthday Invitations for more invitation card designs that you think are also appropriate for birthday card greetings. Make your loved one feel special on his or her birthday and put some heartfelt effort on those birthday greeting cards.

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