15 Best Restaurant Breakfast Coupon Templates

As they say, breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Eating your favorites from a hearty and healthy breakfast menu gives you energy throughout the day. So you’re at work, in school, or in an event or activity where you are planning to do some strenuous activity the whole day, eat a good breakfast to stay healthy!

Most restaurants, either formal or casual, offer breakfast meals. Sunny-side or scrambled eggs paired with bacon, ham, or toasted bread complemented with coffee or tea are the usual favorites for a breakfast menu template. Some restaurants even serve breakfast the whole day, ever since the concept became popular a few years ago.

Gift Coupon Template


This gift coupon template has a simple design but is still very attractive. Edit the text for your own restaurant.

Food Coupon Template


Here is a food coupon template that uses food photography as the template’s main design. Use this template and attach an image of your best-selling breakfast dish.

Restaurant coupons have also become popular the past few years. Restaurants give out coupons to both loyal and new customers as part of their marketing strategies to make customers come back and avail of the newest and most popular promotions they are offering. Some of these offerings could be a new dish, discounted food prices, or even a free souvenir.

If your restaurant is serving some delicious breakfast and planning to give out some coupons to customers, check out these attractive and affordable restaurant coupon design templates.

Wedding Drink Ticket


If your restaurant is hosting an early morning wedding celebration, then purchase this wedding drink ticket template. Edit the text to fit your restaurant.

Coffee Loyalty Punch Card


Coffee and breakfast go together like Batman and Robin. Use this coffee punch card template for your restaurant and reward your customers with free coffee after a few visits to your restaurant.

Vintage Luncheon Food Stamp


Here is another vintage template for your breakfast coupons. A vintage font style is used that goes well with the paper texture.

Hamburger Punch Card


If you want to have something that is sure to give you energy at least until early afternoon, then a hamburger is your best option for breakfast. It may not be very healthy, but it is packed with carbs. Use this hamburger punch card to reward your burger-eating customers.

Holiday Gift Voucher


Use this holiday gift voucher for your restaurant promotions during the holidays. Christmas is just around the corner so purchase this template now.

Pizza Coupon Business Card


Another food that is not often found in a breakfast menu is pizza. But similar to hamburgers, if you get an opportunity to eat pizza in the morning, then go ahead. No one is stopping you to munch on some oven-baked cheesy delights.

Christmas Gift Voucher


Here is another Christmas gift voucher that you can use for your holiday promotions. Customers will certainly enjoy multiple trips to your restaurant during the holidays.

Breakfast Burritos Punch Card


If you are not living in Mexico, then eating burritos might be something new for you. Use this breakfast burritos punch card if you are serving some spicy and appetizing Mexican-inspired dishes for your breakfast.

Coffee Cup Loyalty Punch Card


Here is another coffee loyalty punch card if you are serving up some freshly brewed coffee. Similar to the other coffee loyalty punch card sample, this coupon is also highly recommended for purchase.

Frozen Yogurt Loyalty Card (Retrograde)


Are you serving some cold yogurt and other desserts in your restaurant for breakfast? Then use this frozen yogurt loyalty card which features some neon retro designs.

Taco Business Card


Use this taco business card if you are serving Mexican food the whole day. Use another paper texture when you will be printing the coupon as a thicker texture is used for business cards.

Fruit Smoothie Business Card


Fruit smoothies are good alternatives for fruit juices during breakfast. Use this fruit smoothie free business card for your restaurant. Although this template is originally made for a business card, you can edit it for your breakfast coupons.

Vintage Ration Food Coupon


This vintage ration food coupon has a unique design which can be used for your restaurant breakfast business coupons. Vintage designs are always popular and can be used for any event in your restaurant.

Tips for choosing restaurant coupon templates

The tips mentioned here do not only cover restaurants serving breakfast but all types of restaurants. Follow these tips so that you can get your money’s worth when you start purchasing templates.

Choose templates that let you change or add colors

Most templates purchased online allow easy editing, which includes editing the color schemes either for the text, background, and borders. Having color in any design is important as it adds to the visual impact. It also catches the attention of the reader or person looking at the design or template.

Purchase order templates that give you the freedom to mix and match colors. It doesn’t have to be you who does the editing as the designer or seller of the template can do the work for you. Even when it comes to templates having black and white colors, the style in which the black or white is used is also important so that the template will not have a dull or bland look.

Choose templates that let you easily add text

With regard to coupons, the text is the most important aspect. Coupons are made for the purpose of informing the customer that he or she is eligible to claim a prize or discount on his or her next visit to the restaurant. In that sense, text found in restaurant blank coupon templates should be easily added or customized.

Your restaurant will not be offering the same promotions the whole year round as you will be making coupons depending on the event or season like Christmas or Thanksgiving (which is fast approaching, by the way). Make sure the templates you purchase make it easier to add or correct text especially if you made some unfortunate typography design errors. Another piece of advice relating to text is not to make it too small or too large.

Look for quality yet affordable templates

Not all templates are cheap, restaurant coupons included. Purchasing templates is similar to shopping for clothes and shoes. If you are on a tight budget or you’re just looking for a good bargain for your cash, take some time to look around online graphic design shops like Best Templates, Zazzle, Creative Market, Etsy, Stock Layouts, Theme Forest, and Graphic River. These sites offer the best templates that fit your budget as well as your design palette.

The great thing about online graphic design shops is that you can filter templates based on their design and prices, which gives you the opportunity to sort out the affordable yet high-quality templates. There is no need to spend too much on templates for your restaurant. Although marketing is a very important aspect of the restaurant’s sustainability, funds coming from sales should be prioritized to replenish the inventory of your business and other expenses such as employee’s salaries, utilities, and taxes.

Purchase digital templates

If you are not in a hurry to use your restaurant coupons and hand them out to your customers, then purchasing physical templates would be advisable. Physical templates are the templates that need to be handmade by the designer and shipped to your mailing address. Usually, making the templates only take a few hours or a few days. The problem lies in the shipping time, especially when the template you chose is made by a designer in another country. If the item is shipped from another country, expect numerous couriers to handle your product.

Delivery time is the only downside when it comes to physical templates, but sometimes it just takes too long for a product to be delivered so it is highly recommended that you should switch to digital templates. Once you already contacted the designer and made the purchase, all you need to is wait for the template to be sent to your email address or website. If you also notice, the cost of a digital template is much cheaper as you are no longer spending for shipping. Additionally, you will be saved the hassle of waiting for your delivery to arrive.

Purchase from highly rated designers

Similar to purchasing from a retail store where you buy from the sellers who are known for offering quality items, this also applies when you purchase restaurant templates in online graphics shops. Before you decide to make an online purchase, there are some things you have to remember. One thing is to check the designer’s previous works or collection and see if his previous designs are consistent in terms of quality. The other thing is to check the designer’s profile for customer reviews regarding his designs. Checking his previous works as well customer reviews can ensure that you will get your money’s worth while also receiving a quality design.

So, now that you’ve read about breakfast coupon templates, are you ready to choose one for your own restaurant?

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