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Paper Textures – 33+ Free PSD, Vector EPS, AI Formats Download

Textures are the patterns or the surfaces of anything that are created with a consistency in order to behave as simple backgrounds or wallpapers at different places and different walls. Though as time has passed, these paper textures (Pretty Paper Textures) are not only confined to walls but have also developed over the internet. These refer to those being developed in the graphics and designing sectors by designers through certain mechanisms. The mechanisms may include 3D evolutions as well according to the latest trends.

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Since paper is the most widely used form hence paper patterns have developed in numerous numbers which are referred to as the paper textures. These paper textures include those cripples, crumbled, old-school, mainstream, vintage, old styled, old framed, ancient marked, shadowed, striked-out, lined patterns and aged paper textures. These come in many different colors and are not only confined to brown colors anymore. Paper textures also include many different styles, such as an old paper texture may contain some checked patterns fused in it as well.

> Type of Templates

There are many different types of templates to choose from, many of which have already been named above. These templates are accessible easily in all formats and can be downloaded and made of use of very fairly. The most common ones include:

8 Beautiful Black Paper Texture Set Download


Burlap Digital Paper Texture Download


Tileable Paper Texture Download


Graceful Grunge Paper Texture Download


Simple Subtle Paper Texture Download


Subtle Paper Texture Bundle Download


Green Color Folded Paper Texture


Simple Paper Texture Design Download


Gold Colour Digital Paper Texture Download


Amazing Abstract Paper Texture Download


Pink Grungy Paper Set Download


Neutral Digital Paper Texture Download


Colourful Paper Texture Download


Amazing Kraft Paper Texture Download


Free Paper Vector Texture Download


Simple Subtle Paper Texture Download


Old Paper Texture Design Download


Gray Color Paper Texture Download


10 Lined Paper Textures

Pastel Color Paper Texture Download


Vinatage Paper Texture Pack Download


15 Pink Paper & Vector Texture Download


Crumpled Paper Texture Free Download


Modern Antique Paper Textures Pack Download


Good Looking Paper Texture Download


Vintage paper Texture Pack Download


Ancient Old Paper Texture Download


5 Simple Paper Texture Bundle Download


Ultimate Old Paper Texture Pack Download


5 Dirty Paper Texture Design Download


Elegant Paper Texture Download


Aged Paper Texture Templates

These give you the look of the paper which has become ragged over time.

Ancient Paper Texture Templates

All ancient paper texture templates have many styles of patterns in them but all of them have the same looks of a paper (3d Paper)that has lost its script over time. The patterns may vary but the paper look is the same.

Old School Paper Texture Templates

With those typically old crispy paper textures, these templates will take you back in time.

Rusty Paper Texture Templates

With the looks of the rusty paper, these templates give the best rusted look.

Grungy Paper Texture Templates

Remember those grungy times by using these different colored grungy paper templates

Antique Paper Texture Templates

With royalty and antiqueness, find these paper templates as interest as the antiques which were wrapped in them.You can see aslo photo Textures.

Natural Paper Texture Templates

With all those looks when paper is freshly made in the process, have the intermediate look of paper as as a template.

Blotted Paper Texture Templates

As things get blotted out when paper is translucent, use these blotted paper texture templates for your own creativity.

Inky Paper Texture Templates

Those ink marks remain splashed as these paper texture templates make you distinguished.

JournalPaper Texture Templates

Tearing off papers from journals shall be revived as soon as you use these paper texture templates.

Stained Paper Texture Templates

All those accidental stains are still down there for paper texture templates to stay truly accidental.

Uses of Paper Templates

These templates can be used generally as well as for one’s own specific use. The advantage is that you can save much of your time and your efforts. These can be used when an instant need arises. You can also use them without flaw since they are already error proof and tested. The most common ones are ready for you already and you don’t need to think about which ones to create. You can easily use them for all types of covers or to imitate places of stylish papers and even photos. You can recreate memories to get those old looks of paper texture (handmade Paper Texture) back without the hassle to find them in your stores. You can feel the crisp and show your choice in style with these instantly available templates.

How to Create Your Own Customized Paper Texture Templates

You can use many different products in order to produce your own paper texture template which includes Photoshop, Corel, and Illustrator etc. We can also teach you to prepare one in just thirty minutes using Photoshop in the following way:

  • Firstly, you need to create a 1200×1500 pixel document. Secondly, you fill the background with the ‘cda040’ color from the paint bucket. Now, you make a new layer by clicking on to layer and new layer, over this base. The base color should be zero while fffff should be your background(awesome Backgrounds) color.
  • The next step includes selecting Clouds through Filer, Render and later blending its overlay by bringing it to become 35 percent opaque.
  • Following this step, you create a new layer by the same way previously used and go to clouds through filer and render options. After this, go to Artistics through Filter tab to select a dry brush and do a setting.
  • This includes changing the opacity level to blend only by 10 percent and then use the grunge brushes available as ‘c78709’, ‘b58323’ and ‘d3bc7a’ colors each over a new layer.
  • Next, use the other type of brush, the crack brush with the ‘cdc3b2’ color to give an added effect.
  • You now create a new layer by filling it with the fffff color and add a noise. Do this by clicking Filter, Noise and add noise.
  • The blending mode is ‘multiplied’ to have opacity lesser to 10 percent than before.
  • After collecting all the layers, now you copy or duplicate this group through hiding the original layers but merging them later on in the copied group.

Name this merged layer as paper texture or whatever you like and double click it to give it an ‘inner glow’ setting by selecting it. This will give you a burned effect and you can use the eraser to erase patterns from wherever you wish. These also get duplicated on your layer simultaneously.


  • In order to give the texture more appealing look, try incorporating layers with different styles to it.
  • Do not forget to add a layer as soon as you’re done with one thing and have changed its opacity.
  • Hide the layers after collected so as to edit them when later needed.
  • You can merge all layers through the shortcut ‘shift+control+e’.
  • On order to have lighter color, duplicate the layer, click control+u and put hue at +6, saturation at +10 and lightness at +15.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Be perfectly sure that you are creating the layers correctly and saving them, else all will fail.
  • Make sure that the burn layer has been changed all the way or the desired effect won’t show.

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556+ FREE & Premium Background Images - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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