15 Restaurant Pamphlet Templates


Want to promote your business but do not have the budget to pay for a TV or radio ad? If yes, why not try out using print media advertising instead. This is one of the more affordable options available for new entrepreneurs nowadays. And if you wish to advertise your dining establishment this way, you may choose from flyers, catalogs, brochures, banners, and a lot more. But in this article, we focus specifically on pamphlet advertising by providing different examples of pamphlet templates that anyone can use for their simple restaurant business.

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What is a pamphlet?

A pamphlet is a set of loose printed papers document combined to form a mini book. Pamphlets usually contain information about a specific event, thing, person, location, or topic. And when used for print advertising, the information printed on these papers will have a marketing slant.

Also, note that pamphlets may similar to a brochure in terms of size and the information they contain. However, what distinguishes it from a brochure is that a brochure is printed on more expensive or high-quality paper and the brochure pages are bound together. Pamphlets, on the other hand, should have less than 48 pages and they may be bound loosely (without the use of staple wires or hardcover binding).

Uses of pamphlet templates

Before you can produce a restaurant pamphlet, you first need to brainstorm on pamphlet design just like when doing any creative project. But if you want to hasten the entire creation process, it is better to use pre-made pamphlet templates instead. These printable templates are ready-made design templates that will already come with a design concept for your restaurant’s pamphlet. All you have to do is make customizations (like adding menu details and restaurant logos) to make sure that the pamphlet will work well in promoting your business.

Listed below are additional benefits for using pamphlet templates as a way to promote your restaurant.

  • They are easy to customize. As mentioned earlier, pamphlet templates are pre-made templates or patterns made by experienced graphic designers and artists. These designers create a guide that any user can easily follow or recreate on their own after purchasing or after getting a free template online. This way, you do not need to worry about the creative design aspect of creating a pamphlet as this has already been taken cared of by the original designer. As a restaurateur, you just need to add the restaurant and menu details that you wish to include in the pamphlet.
  • They cost less. When you use a pre-made pamphlet template, you do not need to pay for a freelance graphic designer to create a pamphlet design for you. A pre-made template’s cost will already include the template design and layout formatting. A printable template typically costs less than a hiring a designer.
  • You can showcase a more creative way to present your restaurant/brand. Just like creating handmade card designs, making a restaurant pamphlet can also be considered a creative design project. So if you are thinking of doing something creative for your restaurant, using a pamphlet as the medium to express this creative project would truly be unique. The more one-of-a-kind a pamphlet design is, the more potential customers they can attract.
  • You can practice your photo-editing skills. Most graphic design templates are created using photo-editing software programs like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign. So if you are thinking of learning how to use these programs or if you just want to brush up on some previously acquired editing skills, using a restaurant pamphlet template can prove useful. Just remember to make sure that you have the legal version of the Adobe Creative Suite installed on your computer. (You may also check this article on Photoshop tutorials for beginners if you wish to concentrate learning about Photoshop.
  • You save time. Time. That is one of the main advantages of using pre-made pamphlets templates or any pre-made template for that matter. As a restaurateur, your attention should primarily be on your restaurant’s day-to-day operation. The promotional aspect of running a restaurant should ideally only take a small part of your time. Therefore, using these pre-made pamphlet templates is a good idea to save time in designing a pamphlet. The time you save to complete this task can then be used for overseeing your restaurant operations or even in re-evaluating the different marketing plans you have in place for your restaurant.
  • It is a sustainable marketing strategy. Yes, using pre-made printable pamphlet templates as a way to advertise your restaurant business can be a sustainable marketing strategy in the long run. When done well and when targetted to the correct market segment, you may no longer even need to use other more expensive marketing strategies. By just using a restaurant pamphlet, you can effectively promote your restaurant without allocating much-needed funds to the task.

Embedded below are 15 examples of downloadable restaurant pamphlet templates. Be inspired by these printable restaurant templates so that you can create your own pamphlets that will uniquely showcase your dining establishment.

Art Deco Restaurant Pamphlet Template

art deco restaurant pamphlet template

The Art Deco Restaurant Pamphlet Template shown above is an example of an art deco restaurant menu template. But what is great about it is that it can also be used a pamphlet design. This specific template is available as vector illustration so it will be easier to edit and print out on any paper size. To personalize the template, do not forget to add restaurant’s unique branding elements.

Chalkboard Vintage Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Template

Looking for a trendy restaurant pamphlet template that will match your trendy restaurant? If yes, take a look at the Chalkboard Vintage Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Template shown below.

chalkboard vintage restaurant menu pamphlet template

This printable template mainly follows a chalkboard design owing to the black background and white text it uses. This trifold template prints out on A4-sized paper or cardstock. Choose this pamphlet template to attract customers with your menu choices and unique restaurant design. Remember to keep this pamphlet updated throughout the year since customers may refer back to the pamphlet from time to time.

Chinese Restaurant Pamphlet Template

chinese restaurant pamphlet template

Use the Chinese Restaurant Pamphlet Template shown above if you want a regal and distinct look for your specialty cuisine restaurant. Restaurateurs who operate dining places that cater to a specific region’s food preferences should take a cue from this template’s design. In order for a restaurant pamphlet to attract customers, they need to contain beautiful pictures of the food and the restaurant premises. Menu items that are described well is also a good way to capture a reader. Check this article for more information on restaurant menu design hacks.

Club House Menu & Pamphlet Design Template

club house menu pamphlet design template

Colorful Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Design

colorful restaurant menu pamphlet design

The Colorful Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Design Template (shown above) suits restaurateurs who want a comprehensive menu list on the restaurant pamphlets. This type of pamphlet template design also suits as a restaurant takeout brochure template since it will already contain all the possible meal and food choices that a restaurant offers.

To make the pamphlet template more effective in getting customers to order, do not forget to add pictures of some of the meals or dishes. Printing the pamphlet on different colors of paper or cardstock also helps increase attention span. And to personalize the template, always remember to add your restaurant or company logo design.

Elegant Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Template

If you are operating a fine dining or family restaurant, the Elegant Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Template embedded below is a good pamphlet template design to use.

elegant restaurant menu pamphlet template

This pamphlet template follows a royal blue and pale peach color motif. Aside from being a restaurant pamphlet, you may use it as a wedding menu card, or even as a restaurant brochure template. And as an editable template, you may easily change the template colors to match your restaurant’s official color.

Tip: Do not forget to add your restaurant logo or a captivating illustration on the pamphlet’s cover page as this can help enhance your brand identity.

Food Restaurant Pamphlet Template

food restaurant pamphlet template

Italian Restaurant Pamphlet Template

italian restaurant pamphlet template

Luxury Restaurant Wine List Pamphlet Template

luxury restaurant wine list pamphlet template

Restaurant Menu Cover Pamphlet Template

modern restaurant menu cover pamphlet template

Choose the Restaurant Menu Cover Pamphlet Template featured above if you want a minimalist menu pamphlet template design without sacrificing on creativity. In this pamphlet template, you may replace the food icons on the cover page with unique icons of different things that can be found in your restaurant. As a gimmick, you may even create a Where’s Waldo type of graphic design puzzle. This advertising strategy can work well if you have a family or casual dining restaurant.

Tip: When printing out this template, you may use either regular paper or cardstock. But if you want your restaurant pamphlets to last longer in the hands of your customers, it may be best to print them on thicker paper or cardstock.

Modern Restaurant Menu Design Pamphlet

Want a modern twist to your restaurant’s pamphlet design? Then use the Modern Restaurant Menu Design Pamphlet featured below.

modern restaurant menu design pamphlet

Modern-themed restaurants are the trend these days as they tend to attract the millennial crowd. This market segment is also known for being online most of the time. If you are a restaurateur, you can leverage this phenomenon by creating an equally Instagram-worthy restaurant pamphlet design. Use the pamphlet template design shown above and you will reap more social media follows in no time.

This template prints out on standard A4 paper and distribute them to potential customers. In addition, you can also print out some pamphlets on A4 cardstock and keep them as menu card at your restaurant tables. Diners may then take photos with these uniquely designed pamphlets. And viola! Your restaurant’s online presence and the number of new diners will increase too.

Red Black Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Template

The Red Black Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Template shown below is the go-to template for restaurateurs who want an edgy look for their printed marketing tools.

red black restaurant menu pamphlet template

This pamphlet template works especially well if your restaurant already follows a black and red background color scheme. Despite this, you may further use this template as part of a vintage wedding template set. If used as a wedding template, it is best to remove the menu headers and replace them with wedding-appropriate headers. Use this template for pubs, local food bistros, family restaurants, and even for trendy karaoke bars.

This template prints out as a double-sided tri-fold pamphlet on A4-size paper or cardstock. And as a vintage vector illustration, you may easily change the food illustrations on this template to match the type of food that your restaurant offers.

Small Restaurant Menu Pamphlet Template

small restaurant menu pamphlet template

Vintage Restaurant Menu Design Pamphlet

The Vintage Restaurant Menu Design Pamphlet shown below is another pamphlet template that follows a vintage design. Despite this, this template may be customized to complement any type of restaurant that uses it.

vintage restaurant menu design pamphlet

In this template, a restaurant’s menu offerings are divided into different meal courses that are typically used for fine dining restaurants. However, if your restaurant does not have an elaborate menu list classification like this, you may choose to create your own menu headings. Or, you may also just do away with the different headings and list all the food items and dishes that you offer directly.

As tri-fold menu template, this pamphlet can be easily distributed to customers and potential customers for future reference. If you are using a restaurant template of this design, you may also consider creating a takeaway food service for your restaurant and use the same template.

What restaurant template to use?

Just like restaurant brochure templates, pamphlet templates can be glammed up so that they can appear more formal or exotic depending on the type of restaurant you own. What matters, in the end, is the way you customize a pamphlet template and transform it to match your restaurant’s brand image. Choose the template that you think will require the least edits but will still complement your current business brand. Choose well and enjoy the process!

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