Boarding Pass Invitations Templates

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What Is a Boarding Pass Invitation?

A boarding pass invitation is basically an invitation card meant to inform readers that they are expected to attend an event such as a birthday or a wedding. The only difference with this invitation card is that it is meant to resemble a boarding pass that is commonly seen when traveling by airplane or cruise ship. Other than that, a boarding pass invitation's content is similar to any invitation card wherein it simply provides the reader with details about the event.

How to Create a Boarding Pass Invitation?

boarding pass invitation template

Just because the theme of the event isn't formal, it doesn't mean you should take the boarding pass invites for granted. Make sure that when you hand it over to the invitee, the design of the creative invitation will make them want to keep it even after the event. To make sure that happens, refer to our guidelines below, it'll teach you how to make beautifully-designed boarding pass invites.

1. Gather ideas about boarding passes and invitations

 Most of us are already familiar with printable invitations, what's on them, and what they're for, but do we have the same knowledge about boarding passes? Although it's not necessary, you might want to make your invites look legit. Gather all the ideas you can from other boarding pass invitations, you might even want to get inspiration from actual boarding passes. Doing this can actually capture the attention of people very easily.

2. Outline the information related to the event

After getting the necessary inspiration from boarding passes and sample invitation cards (and also figuring out how you can incorporate themes into each other), you can start outlining the needed content that will be added to your boarding pass invitation. These details should be relevant to the event which include the host's name or title of the event, the date and time, the address of the venue, the host's contact details, and the RSVP.

3. Start writing the content of the invitation

By using a word processing application of your choice, you can start writing the content of the simple invitation. Aside from the details being outlined, you can also add more content that will actually complement the invitation card. One of the details that you can add is the invitation statement, which is a narrative message expressing the host's desire of wanting the reader to actually be present during the gathering. If you're making an RSVP (which you should), you should also write a short message with it.

4. Enhance the design by adding graphics

Most modern invitations may actually have no photos on them and boarding passes only contain text, you can choose to enhance the design of your boarding pass invites by adding photos or illustrations. Of course, your graphical elements should always be appropriate and relevant to the theme of the invitation or the event. If the invitation is meant to be used for a wedding, then you may add a photo of the couple on the front side or cover page.

5. Print copies of the boarding pass invitation

Lastly, you can start printing copies of the boarding pass invitation (and its RSVP cards). But before you can actually start printing them, double check the details and make sure that they are correct, you don't want to mislead the readers just because of incorrect information written on the invites. While you can always save yourself time by getting your invitations printed by professionals, you can also do it yourself, just make sure to use high-quality card stock.