It's the season to be trendy! Showcase your fashion collection in a lookbook as people make room for them in their wardrobe. There's no doubt; people become more and more visually inclined through the years. A lookbook is your Product Catalog. It can do as much as what online shopping can do in selling products. Avail these free and ready-made Lookbook templates by and get high-quality images and artworks in A4 and US letter sizes with Bleed. Fully customize layouts and graphics in all file formats. Access well-organized layers and layer groups in landscape and portrait orientation style. Make your brand a trend now!

How to Create a Lookbook?

A Lookbook is a catalog of a fashion designer's new collection. It showcases printed still images of clothing brands. It serves as the visual guide of a brand and as a marketing strategy of fashion companies. Fashion lookbooks set an overall feel of a collection and show potential buyers how to wear their clothes.

If you want your buyers to take the first peek of your collection through a lookbook, here's how to create it:

1. Select A Theme

Make a Clothing Plan. It's not enough to know want you wanted to do with your business. You need to have a plan. Ask questions to yourself like What season collection will you be making. Will it be spring, summer, fall, or winter? What are the trending menswear and womenswear? Select a theme for your collection, say, regular lifestyle. Planning gives you a good start to all your tasks.

2. Prepare Your Collection

After making your plan, compile your designs. Shoot models who will wear your clothes or take pictures of your collection. Capture angles that will feature the clothes' style. Secure a photograph of every piece of the collection. Set a Timeline in preparing your collection so you can finish it in one piece.

3. Compose Product Descriptions

Guide your buyers in choosing the best clothes for them by imparting a detailed presentation of facts about the apparel. Describe the length, provide the available sizes, specify the linen used, and label the clothes with its brand names. Indicate information that is important for your buyers to know, such as the Price List of the clothes. Also, include call-to-action details so that your buyers can reach you for their Orders.

4. Create Your Lookbook

We want to commend your effort in completing the previous steps. Think this may be the hardest step? You got it wrong because this step is as easy as one, two, three. Our site provides multiple fashion lookbook templates for free! These templates also feature Retro Magazine layouts that you may use for your lookbook. All you have to do is to personalize the suggested headings and contents of the lookbook template. You will just be amazed by how you created a lookbook just like that.

5. Polish Then Publish

A fashion designer is very well-detailed when it comes to the specifics of their designs, and it should also be reflected in every minute detail of their lookbook. Check if every detail is present in the lookbook and if it is all correct. There should be no incorrectly typed sizes, right information about the colors or the linen, the names, and the relevant photos of the clothing brands should be present. If everything's perfect, you can print copies of it without any worries. Get more handy templates to accomplish your fashion companies such as Fashion Business Cards and Fashion Flyers here on our site.

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