Having a plan on how to communicate with your employees and customers will surely help your business thrive. But where do you start? You start by creating a roadmap that outlines all the communication processes for every aspect of your operations. With our editable Communication Roadmap templates will help you develop a strategic communication framework. You can customize its content and designs in Microsoft Word (.doc), Apple Pages and Keynote, Adobe PDF, and Google Docs and Google Slides. Achieve harmony and clear understanding with our printable templates now!

How to Create a Communication Roadmap

By definition, a roadmap is a strategic plan created specifically to achieve particular goals. A communication roadmap is a detailed visual that maps out the communication strategies that ensure you complete projects and training, reach engagement targets, and other activities that your business wants to achieve. To help you out, we have some useful tips on how to create an effective communication roadmap.

1. Set Goals

Before you even start creating your communication roadmap, you should first set your goals. These will guide you on what elements or categories to include. Remember to set SMART goals: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bound.

2. Create Groups

Since you have already determined your goals, you need to separate them into relevant groups or phases. Doing so ensures that you can complete activities that relate or are pre-requisites of the other. The groups will guide you on what tasks to do first, second, and so on.

3. Use Markers

Your roadmap should have a marker that ensures it is clear and easily understandable. For example, once the team completes a group of tasks or a phase, they should mark it as green. Using colors as determinants for the status of the activities makes it straightforward and visually appealing.

4. Don't Forget the Indicators

If you use colors or icons as indicators for the tasks' status, you have to include a section for the legends. The legends should clarify what each color or icon represents so that the roadmap is easy to decipher. Legends should be in an area easily seen by the readers.

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