The dissertation project, also known as thesis, is quite complex. There are certain areas of this project that you need to organize, especially the schedule and activities. Without a birds-eye-view of these essential aspects, you may jeopardize the goals of your dissertation project. Therefore, using a Gantt chart for such a project is necessary. Fortunately, our site offers Dissertation Gantt Chart Templates, a beautifully designed and 100% customizable template. With this template, you can easily manage and focus on your dissertation project rather than wasting your time drafting a Gantt chart. Subscribe and download it now! 

What Is a Dissertation Gantt Chart?

A dissertation Gantt chart is one of the most important documents in project management. It is commonly used by postgraduate and masters students. According to Teamgantt, an IT company, this single document emphasizes the essential activities and schedules of a dissertation project, allowing its users to keep track of their progress.

How to Make a Dissertation Gantt Chart

Making a dissertation Gantt chart is sometimes confusing and it takes so much time. To help you out, try these few tips that we prepared for you.

1. Know Your Project Deliverables or Activities

Before you start drafting your dissertation Gantt chart, you need to determine your project management’s deliverables or activities first. In this way, you will have a close estimate of the number of columns, rows, and spaces of your Gantt chart, lessening your time in drafting and editing.

2. Indicate Your Timeline

It is important that you have an accurate timeline in your dissertation Gantt chart. Make sure to clearly indicate them beside your dissertation project’s deliverables or activities. Clearly state the month, date, and year in your timeline.

3. Include Extra Spaces

In dissertation projects or reports, it is inevitable that you need to insert important notes or remarks for the awareness of your audience. Hence, make sure to include extra space/s in the last right column of your Gantt chart.

4. Design Your Dissertation Gantt Chart

Many studies have shown that our eyes can be easily attracted to colors. Therefore, it would be best to add colors in your dissertation Gantt chart template, especially the titles, activities, and schedules. Use eye-friendly colors and avoid too much design.

5. Review Your Dissertation Gantt Chart

Now that you have completed your dissertation Gantt chart, you can now present it to your team and include it in your company templates. Before you do so, make sure to review your finished Gantt chart. Check if there are typographical, misspellings, and other forms or errors.

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