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What Is a Grand Opening Invitation?

A grand opening is one of the most important milestones of a business since it is the time a business will showcase all its services after all the months of preparation. A grand opening invitation is given out to the public so that they will know where the event will be. Other grand openings include school grand openings, organization grand openings, and church grand openings. Regardless of the kind, a formal invitation is something that should attract people.

How to Make an Effective Grand Opening Invitation

A grand opening invitation should attract and should kindle the interest of the customers or people to go to your opening. With these steps, you can make a restaurant opening invitation, a church opening invitation, opening ceremony invitation, inauguration invitation, gym opening invitation, and an office opening party invitation easily:

1. Decide on Your Design

How your sample invitation would look like matters. You need to decide on what kind of design will suit your business. If you have a classy restaurant, make sure your invitations are elegantly done. Give your invitations ambiance so that people will have a clue on what they would see in your establishment once they accept your invitation.

2. Include Promotions

It is important to include the discounts and promotions that you have decided in your business plan. Discounts will surely attract your customers and will increase sales. Discounts can also help build relationships with your customers because if they liked your offers, there is a huge possibility that they would come back to your business. According to statistics, about 93% of people use discounts throughout the year. If your grand opening is not for business purposes, you can include a statement about what your organization or church is all about.

3. Put Your Business Information

People should know some basic information about your business. Include your business address, email address, website, and contact number. Put the following in your creative invitation. If they have questions, they can easily reach you.

4. Add the Details

Don't forget to include the time and date of your grand opening in your modern invitation. Include here some persuasive words why they have to go to your grand opening, remember to keep it short but inviting.

5. Put the Services and Products Offered

Since it is still your opening, people still don't know what your business is all about. You can include in this section the main services and products of your business. Do not write everything, just focus on the main points about your services that will surely entice the people who will read your printable invitation. You can make use of bullet points when you write your products and services to make it easier to read.

6. Distribution

Remember that you should distribute your invitations where there is foot traffic. Foot traffic is a place where a lot of people are walking around in a certain place. This way, you can easily spread the invitation cards easily.

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