Aside from the long list of wedding preparations, there is also a long list of parties held before the big day. One of which is an engagement party wherein the couple makes an announcement of their decision to turn their relationship into a lifetime commitment. To make your engagement party made known to guests, send them invitations by using our engagement invitation templates. Displayed on this page are 100% customizable, high-quality, and beautifully designed Engagement Invitation Templates guaranteed to help you come up with an elegant invitation card in a heartbeat. These files are easily editable in all versions of Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Publisher, or Microsoft Word. Download a template today, and it’s yours to keep forever!

How to Make an Engagement Invitation?

Unlike birthdays wherein the celebration lasts for a day only, weddings have pre and post-wedding parties. Couples that are soon-to-be-wed organize a series of parties before the big day. These celebrations include a bachelor party, bridal shower, and rehearsal dinner. But what party kicks off this series of parties? An engagement party. Traditionally, the parents of the bride or groom are the ones who will host the party to celebrate the couple’s recent engagement. Nowadays, however, some couples throw their own engagement party. This celebration without guests is barely a party at all, which is why, if you are organizing an engagement party, you must inform the guests about it. Follow the steps provided below for you to design a fascinating engagement invitation.

1. Choose Elegance

Wedding ceremonies and all other parties that go along with it have one thing in common: elegance. Although some couples opt for simple weddings instead of having classy and extravagant ones, the ambiance of the event remains elegant. Therefore, to maintain the feels of the celebration, your invitations should be unique and sophisticatedly crafted. Regardless of the theme of the engagement party, be it floral, rustic, or whimsical, you can always incorporate elegance in your design. For a creative look, you may add a subtle background pattern or texture in your blank document.

2. Use a Script Typeface

Script fonts can make your invitation card look more beautiful and classy. If there is no decorative typeface in the application you use for your design, you may download calligraphy, script, or brush fonts online. However, see to it that you make use of a script typeface for the header or the names of the couple. Other essential information such as the venue and date of the celebration must be written in serif or sans serif typeface to ensure legibility.

3. Provide Key Information

After selecting a typeface you will use for the text, start typing in the essential information in your invitation card design. Be sure to provide essential details such as the names of the couple, location of the party, date and time of the pre-wedding ceremony, and dress code (if applicable). Moreover, be sure to include a well-written wording; for example, “We request your honored presence at the engagement party of…”.

4. Include the RSVP

If you are the organizer of the party, having an RSVP in your invitation will help you plan out a successful event. It gives you a definite idea about how much you should prepare for the celebration. You may also have a separate RSVP card that will come along with your invitation card. See our printable RSVP card templates for design ideas.

5. Print on High-Quality Card Stock

If you prefer to mail your invitation, be sure to print it on high-quality card stock for a more desirable printing outcome. On the other hand, you may also email the announcement to guests who are far from your geographical location. Moreover, an invitation can be more than a single plain card alone. You may add some adornments or tie it with a ribbon for a personalized look. Also, you may place it inside an envelope that will match the theme of your invitation.

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