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How to Create a Makeup Artist Business Card?

In general, business cards are traditionally and professionally used by people to present their business to their target clients. Business cards provide a more concrete way to communicate about who you are and what you do in the business. According to a study, even with the developing digital age, business cards are still convenient marketing tools because of their direct professional operation towards their target clients. One of the examples is a makeup artist business card in which the artists presented themselves for those target clients who are in need of cosmetology services.

Makeup artistry also uses business cards to present themselves. Either you're a hairstylist or a facial artist, it is an effective and professional way to introduce yourself by using a business card. Here are the following basic steps on how to create a unique makeup artist business card.

1. Design Your Business Card

First, you have to decide how to design your corporate business card. There are options when it comes to making your business cards such as choosing an eye-catching makeup artist business card template online or you can also make your own and do some research about business card ideas.

Once you are able to decide, you can start crafting your elegant business card's design in a 3.5” x 2” size. Make your business card's motif unique, modern, and classy. Your designs must be related to your beauty salon's main theme or if you are doing freelance makeup, you can design the business card based on your choice. You can have a simple design, rose gold, glitter, or marble background. Also, ensure the fonts to be fancy but readable enough.

2. Determine the Following Information

Providing information on the sample business cards doesn't have to be that prolonged. Make the information brief by providing necessary details like your full name, the business name, your job title, contact numbers, email address, and business website URL if there's any. You may also consider adding the business logo, business tagline, social media accounts, or QR code so the people can scan your card with their smartphones and have your contact details automatically added to their contact list. If you are a freelance makeup artist, only provide the basic necessary details.

3. Specify Your Business Card's Finish and Stock

When specifying your card's finish, most of the business companies would mainly choose glossy or matte card finish. You can choose either of the two but it is more advisable to use a glossy finish since you are making a modern business card. The next thing to do is to choose a good paper stock for you to use in printing your makeup artist business card.

4. Proofreading is the Key

After crafting the whole makeup artist business card, review and proofread the business card for the last time and check if everything is set. Make sure to amend some errors if there are any.

5. Decide How You'll Print Your Business Cards

Printing business cards are not as easy as printing a document. For printable business cards, you must consider your card finish and the card size. It is best to try to print one makeup artist business card for testing to avoid wasting of time and money. If the printing quality of the business card is good, you can print as much as you want and distribute your makeup artist business cards to your target market.

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