A masquerade ball is a perfect theme to have whether it would be for the quinceanera party of your daughter or your niece's sweet sixteen. Of course, you need to match it up with a fancy masquerade ball invitation. Well, if you did not have your ball invitation to distribute to your guests yet, you landed on the right site as we offer you professionally written, high-quality, and 100% customizable Masquerade Invitation Templates that lets you DIY your dream invitation with your masquerade invitation ideas. It is easy to download, editable in any file formats (Illustrator, Photoshop, MS Word, Publisher, Pages), and printable in any size and shape and can be laser cut. We also offer other invitations you can download like graduation invipro/masquerade-invitations, birthday invitations, or even baptism invitations. Download and use it immediately to make your dream party turn into reality. 

What Is a Masquerade Invitation?

A masquerade invitation is a piece of colored and designed paper or card that is used as a request for you to attend a masquerade theme party like a debut, Christmas party, or even wedding receptions. It is usually designed to be magical and majestic that suits the theme. You can pick a theme color like royal blue, gold, or purple and match it in your sample invitation.

How to Make a Masquerade Invitation

Nowadays, technology rules everyone's lives, but handmade invitations are most preferable especially for a masquerade ball. If you think you cannot make one, you can use an online invitation maker or pay for an invitation maker. But if you want to make it special, you can make one by following these tips as to how to make an event invitation.

1. Define Your Context

When it comes to your party invitation, it is also important as to how you would present their presence at your party. Thus, your context must be inviting and lively. For instance, you can write words that would pique the interest of your guest that they would be eager to attend your masquerade ball. Also, include important information like when and where the party will take place and the dress code, like wearing masquerade masks.

2. Design Your Invitation

A masquerade invitation must be enticing and mystical to lure your desired guests. Decide as to what would be a suitable color for your masquerade ball and apply it to your invitation. Also, play with your fonts, lines, and symbols that are significant to your event. Indicate dramatic photos that will enhance your sample invitation. You can consider hued pictures with the touch of black and white for elegance. Most importantly, provide white space in your invitation to deem your content legible. Overall, in most cases, less is more so you can outstretch your invitations into panels rather than cramming them into one single page.

3. Pick Your Invitation's Paper Stock

Sense of touch is one of the main and most powerful senses of a human being and plays a big role as to how you would perceive a certain thing. In humans' subconscious, the more your creative invitations will weigh the more remarkable and valued it is. So choose the type of paper you will use to achieve more guests at your masquerade party.

4. Choose Your Envelope

If you worked hard for your masquerade invitations, you should also exert adequate effort into your envelope. If you use a paper that is high-quality and elegantly designed, you must also find an envelope that would go with it. To add a finishing touch to your envelope, seal your invitations with stickers. Your stickers must also fit your masquerade event plan. For instance, you can add a feather or glitters to it.

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