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  • Who will issue no objection certificate?

      Only authorized persons like your employer, doctor, teacher, landowner, etc., can issue a no objection letter for you.

  • What does NOC stand for?

      It stands for "No Objection Certificate."

  • Why do you need no objection certificate for a visa?

      Some countries require no objection certificates or letters from visa applicants, and some don't. No objection certificate will attest that the company or organization the applicant is working for or the university or institute the applicant is studying at confirms that the he or she has the right to fly to another place. Meaning, the authorized people agreed to give him or her authority. Another thing, the certificate has to include that the person has obligations to go back to his or her company, organization, or university.

  • How do I ask my employer for NOC?

      You can write a No Objection Certificate to your employer. In your letter, you should state the reason why you need it. Don't forget to explain to your employer how his or her no objection letter or certificate is going to be very helpful to you. Make sure to sound formal and polite with your request. 

  • What is prior intimation letter (PI)?

      A passport applicant writes a prior intimation letter to his or her authority (e.g., employer). The applicant sends the letter to the recipient and tells about his or her passport application before he or she submits a passport application.