52+ Sample Business Cards – PSD, AI, InDesign, Vector EPS

In the world of business, where everybody seems pretty busy—meetings here, meetings there—communication is crucial, especially when getting in touch with potential clients and other major organizations that play a very important role for business or company recognition. One necessary tool that all businessmen always have is a business card. It is a card bearing business information about a company or individual. They are shared during formal introductions as a convenience and a memory aid.

Business cards come in different styles, color, forms, and designs as well. They also contain the necessary information for people to know. If you are looking for awesome business cards, then we got them all here. No need to bother looking for other sources. If you want to see the designs, check below for what we have to offer.

Sample Professional Business Cards

Professional Photography Business Card

-Professional Photography Business Card


Professional DJ Business Card

-Professional Dj Business Card


Professional Artist Business Card

-Professional Artist Business Card


Sample Photography Business Cards

Wedding Photography Business Card

-Wedding Photography Business Card


DIY Photography Business Card

-Diy Photography Business Card


Baby Photography Business Card

-Baby Photography Business Card


Sample Real Estate Business Cards

Real Estate Agent Business Card

-Real Estate Agent Business Card


Real Estate Investment Business Card

-Real Estate Investing Business Card


Metal Real Estate Consultant Business Card

-Metal Real Estate Business Card


Sample Student Business Cards

Graduate Student Business Card

-Graduate Student Business Card


College Student Business Card

-College Student Business Card


Sample Daycare Business Cards

Company Daycare Business Card

-Company Daycare Business Card


Daycare Center Business Card

-Daycare Center Business Card


Printable Daycare Business Card

-Printable Daycare Business Card


Sample Landscaping Business Cards

Garden Landscaping Business Card

-Garden Landscaping Business Card


Landscaping Company Business Card

-Landscaping Company Business Card


Printable Landscaping Business Card

-Printable Landscaping Business Card


Why Business Cards Matter

Long before Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter were invented, business cards were already created to assist businessmen to gain personal acknowledgment as well as for people to reach them whenever they want to know more about their products or services. A business card generally includes the giver’s name, company or business affiliation (usually with a business logo), and contact information such as street addresses, telephone numbers, fax number, email addresses, and website.

Apart from these details, there are a lot of reasons why business cards are valuable, not just in the business setting but also in other areas. Here we discuss the key reasons why business cards matter.

Aids Client in Remembering You

While it also expresses a message for customers to be in touch with you, a business card also acts as a manner for clients and friends not to forget you after a first meeting. Because of this, a lot of business owners put their image on their card to bring out customers’ memories regarding the events of their meeting. Other businessmen leave the back of the card blank so that they can use it for jotting down personal message to its receiver, another way to help customers recall them by just looking at their card.

Provides Contact Information

One fundamental role of a business card is to share contact information to people. Whenever you meet a potential client or colleague, for example, you can easily leave a business card for that certain person to contact you easily and conveniently. Having a card handy works much faster than writing your name and number down. It is also easier for the recipient to read your contact details on a professional business card. There are software programs that allow people to scan your card into a digital contact database too.

A Reflection of Your Company’s Values

A business card can act as a piece of your company’s marketing strategic plan. Although you may look at it as a small card, it portrays your company’s values and its approach to business. With this, the card needs to have an appropriate design to convey the spirit of your company’s culture.

Creates a Professional Presence

A business card is a simple but compelling way to demonstrate your professionalism. It is usual when you meet someone for the first time in a business setting to exchange business cards. If the other person has a card and you don’t, it might lead them to question your professionalism— worse, it can lead to a negative impression. Pulling out a well-designed and informative business card and presenting it after the initial handshake and greeting affirm your professionalism to the prospect, contact, or associate.

Company Promotion

One common marketing communication goal for a company is to create awareness, and a business card is one of the most cost-effective tools to achieve this goal. Your card serves as a concrete reminder to those you meet about your company and its products or services. For a realtor, for example, getting cards in the hands of as many locals as possible sets the stage for future contact opportunities. When a customer decides to list or buy a home, he might call the friendly agent who left him or her a card. A quality design and your logo strengthen the brand recognition of a card.

So don’t create a downplay impression towards this helpful piece of paper. It may seem small to look at but it has all the convincing and informative powers that people need in this competitive world that. Especially when dealing with business proposals and the likes. No wonder why these cards will always be a part of recognizing businesses.

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Sample Fitness Business Cards

Physical Fitness Business Card

-Physical Fitness Business Card


Fitness Coach Business Card

-Fitness Coach Business Card


Fitness Professional Business Card

-Fitness Professional Business Card


Sample Wedding Business Cards

Wedding Planner Business Card

-Wedding Planner Business Card


Wedding Coordinator Business Card

-Wedding Coordinator Business Card


Wedding Music Business Card

-Wedding Music Business Card


Blank Business Cards

Blank Metal Business Card

-Blank Metal Business Card


Blank Colored Business Card

-Blank Colored Business Card


Blank Plastic Business Card

-Blank Plastic Business Card


Sample Restaurant Business Cards

Restaurant Server Business Card

-Restaurant Server Business Card


Restaurant Consulting Business Card

-Restaurant Consulting Business Card


Restaurant Equipment Business Card

-Restaurant Equipment Business Card


Sample Travel Business Cards

Unique Travel Business Card

-Unique Travel Business Card


Travel Agent Business Card

-Travel Agent Business Card


Travel Themed Business Card

-Travel Themed Business Card


Sample Legal Business Cards

Professional Legal Business Card

-Professional Legal Business Card


Common Business Card Types

Having a great design should always be part of the process when getting a business card. Always keep in mind that it is an introduction of yourself and a representation of what your company is all about. No one will be interested in an unprofessional business card, and this might lead people to think something negative—perhaps, they might think you’re employed in or own a dodgy company—no one wants that, of course. Invest in a good quality with an amazing card design. Below are some common types of business cards that are widely utilized:

  • The classic or generic one. If you can’t think of any good layout. You can opt for this type. It has a standard format, and all information are already added. You can even design it per your liking.
  • The creative business card. There are designers who really like to play with various patterns for business cards. There are some with huge folded format that turns the card into a small brochure, while others choose tiny sizes. Either way, it can be a good way to get your card noticed when you give it, but you should also think about how people will store your card. Use cutting wisely, and you could create an awesome and unique one.
  • The typographic type. People could argue that all business cards are typographic, which is true, but creating a typographic business card can be very fun for any graphic designer.
  • The “gadget” business card. This one is typically not easy to make, but creating a card that can dramatically transform into something really makes an impression when you give it out.

These are the usual ones that we commonly see. Aside from these, we offer other types that definitely will leave you in awe.

The Business Cards We Offer

Here we discuss the many types of business cards we offer.

  • Professional Business Card. This type is mostly what businessmen opt for. This has a presentable look, perfect for individuals who are supervising their own business or companies in all different settings (arts, information technology, etc.). This contains stunning colors that will leave your recipients amazed.
  • Student Business Card. We also have one for students, graduate or undergraduate. This goes to show that business cards are not just for businessmen alone. Even students can also have it.
  • Wedding Business Card. If you’re into wedding photography or wedding planner/organizer business, then this card is made especially for you. This contains beautiful and sweet designs that really matches the area you are in.
  • Blank Business Card. This is ideal for those who want to design their own card—from style, pattern, design, color, down to needed information that you will include.
  • Restaurant Business Cards. This one is ideal for restaurant or cafe owners. If you want to impress your customers, then this will make a great fit.
  • Travel Business Card. If you are into travel and tour business, then you know what to choose. This contains catchy details.
  • Construction Business Card. If constructing or any related aspect is your field of expertise, then this type of card suits you best.
  • Music Business Card. For musically inclined individuals looking for business cards that’ll match their setting, then this one is perfectly for you.

Keep in mind that it is really important to match your business card with what you are into. For these business cards, there are still more options to choose from. Continue scrolling down if you want to see more. These business cards might be the best you see that are available for download. All of them are for free too!

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Sample Construction Business Cards

Construction Company Business Card

-Construction Company Business Card


Construction Safety Business Card

-Construction Safety Business Card


Construction Services Business Card

-Construction Services Business Card


Sample Music Business Cards

Music Artist Business Card

-Music Artist Business Card


Music Agent Business Card

-Music Agent Business Card


Music Themed Business Card

-Music Themed Business Card


Music Teacher Business Card

-Music Teacher Business Card


Thank You Business Cards

Funny Thank You Business Card

-Funny Thank You Business Card


Holiday Thank You Business Card

-Holiday Thank You Business Card


Printable Thank You Business Card

-Holiday Thank You Business Card


Business Anniversary Thank You Card

-Business Anniversary Thank You Card


Business Party Cards

Business Party Invitation Card

-Business Party Invitation Card


Party Planner Business Card

-Party Planner Business Card


Party Business Card Template

-Party Business Card Template


Graduation Party Business Card

-Graduation Party Business Card


Photo Business Cards

Personal Photo Business Card

-Personal Photo Business Card


Real Estate Photo Business Card

-Real Estate Photo Business Card


Professional Photo Business Card

-Professional Photo Business Card


Mini Photo Business Card

-Mini Photo Business Card

Free Photo Business Card

-Free Photo Business Card


How to Make Your Own Business Card

One of the best ways to communicate with other people or to keep in touch with work contacts is through business cards. It is a good thing to have one when you are out there socializing with your clients about work and any other related topics. It is not necessary to spend lots of money when you have a choice to make your own.

Keep these tips in mind when you’re working on designing your own business card:

  • Use a particular software on your desktop (Microsoft Office Publisher). If you don’t have the program, you can download a trial version for free.
  • Choose a design. Click “Design sets” and find the format of business card you like. All business cards are in the far left column.
  • Fill out the proper information on the business card. Make sure you have a company logo on your computer and paste it in the appropriate area (the area will vary depending on the format of the card).
  • Print a test sheet of business cards. When you finalize your design, print a test sheet on a plain white sheet of copy paper. Review the test sheet to make sure the cards look the way you want them to. Also, review the test sheet for spelling errors or other inaccurate information. You may want someone else to review the test print for errors as well.
  • Tear or cut the cards. If you are using perforated business card sheets, tear along the perforated lines. If you printed the cards on cardstock, use a paper cutter or the ruler and scissors to cut them out.

Benefits of a Business Card

In today’s technological advancement where social media and smartphones are easier to use to connect with other people, still there is one important thing that digital equipment can’t replace: the small but amazing business cards. Whether you’re a job seeker trying to network efficiently or a small organization trying to expand, business cards are a must. Business cards can be purchased easily, and their benefits are broad.

  • Advertising. Business cards can be used as a little form of advertising. As such, they should represent the business in both words and design. A well-designed card is one that the recipient wants to hang onto and one that stands out above other business cards, something that catches clients’ attention.
  • Availability. We love convenience, and business cards offer a quick and easy way to exchange contact information with colleagues on the spot, giving you the option to save the hard copy or store the information digitally. Business cards are small enough to fit in your wallet, pocket, or purse for easy access; and with new technology, it’s even possible to scan business card information and store it in a contact database too.
  • Reliability. A business card can represent trustworthiness, honesty, and reliability that a company or businessperson would affix his or her name and number to a physical card. Not only is a company’s reputation or credibility is at stake if no business cards are used, but the company stands the chance of being forgotten when a potential customer leaves from the company’s or agent’s presence.
  • Exchanging of contact information digitally is a bit informal. Networking is about making real connections. Sending contact information via text or email on the spot is convenient, but it is also extremely impersonal. Engaging in eye contact and actual conversation is how real relationships from a customer to a representative began.
  • Business cards show you are prepared. If you met two individuals and one was rushing to find a pen and something to write on and the other person simply pulled out a business card, who would you want to do business with? Showing that you are prepared at all times is a great indicator that you are being professional.

Aside from including your key contact information, it is also necessary for your card to also be attractive and memorable. Your business card should be an extension of your overall company brand and yourself as well.

Though some prefer to make their own cards, some still want the convenient way, and that is by downloading precreated card templates. When we say precreated, all key information are already included. A certain design is already printed too. So if you are that individual who prefers to download a ready-made card, then these business card samples that we have are perfect for you. Not just that, you can edit them depending on what you want. For an easier way of obtaining amazing and artistic business cards, download any of these. You can also store a copy to your file for future use.

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