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As a graphic business card designer one will certainly be eager to create a perfect end product. One should note that your product is going to be the face of a company. It is common these days for business owners to carry these cards around. You may also see flash invitation cards.

However, similar to any other field one should note that competition has entered this sphere and in order to create a brand, a graphic designer will certainly have to focus on the design aspect and come up with something stunning.You may also see free birthday cards.

Simple Business Card Template


Blank Business Card Template in Word


Corporate Business Card Template in Publisher Format


Business Card Template in PSD


Elegant Business Card in Photoshop


Green & White Business Card Template


Manager Business Card Template


Abstract Photographer Business Card Template


Salon Business Card Word Template


Black Architect Business Card Template


Creative Director Business Card Template


Medical Business Card Word Template


Student Business Card Photoshop Template


Letterpress Business Card Template


Real Estate Business Card Word Template


DJ Business Card Template


Graphic Idea Business Cards Download

  • graphic idea business cards download

Simple Corporate Business Card Download

  • simple corporate business card download

Fields Business Cards Download

  • fields business cards download

Vector Illustration Business Cards Download

  • vector illustration business cards download

Acustica Business Cards Download

  • acustica business cards download

PICO Business Cards Download

  • pico business cards download

Flare – Corporate Business Card Download

  • flare corporate business card download

This corporate business card template is loaded with vibrant looks and innovative features. It exists in 300 DPI resolution and has great graphics. The interface in print-ready and the template is stacked together with layered PSD files which are fully-editable and well-supported.

Black Business Cards Free Download

  • black business cards free download

Letterpress Business Cards Download

  • letterpress business cards download

Set of 5 detailed business cards Free Download

  • set of 5 detailed business cards free download

Personal Business Cards Download

  • personal business cards download

Justin Business Cards Download

  • justin business cards download

Iris Business Cards Download

  • iris business cards download

Code Pro Business Cards Download

  • code pro business cards download

Makeup Artist – Business Cards Download

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Custom Rodan Business Cards Download

  • custom rodan business cards download

Business Card monochrome Style Free Download

  • business card monochrome style free download

Aberjung Business Cards Download

  • aberjung business cards download

Grouper Business Cards Download

  • grouper business cards download

Slate – Modern Business Cards Download

  • slate modern business cards download

Company Business Cards Download

  • company business cards download

30 Modern Business Cards Download

  • 30 modern business cards download

PikakePress Business Cards Free Download

  • pikakepress business cards free download

Carbon and Wooden Business Cards Download

  • carbon and wooden business cards download

Standing Business Cards Download

  • standing business cards download

Letterpress Business Cards Free Download

  • letterpress business cards free download

Jeans Business Cards Download

  • jeans business cards download

Magazine Business Cards Download

  • magazine business cards download

Gold And White Business Card Download

  • gold and white business card download

Polka Dot Business Cards Download

  • polka dot business cards download

Creative Leaf Business Cards Download

  • creative leaf business cards download

Paper Business Cards Download

  • paper business cards download

Seal on Business Cards Download

  • seal on business cards download

Realized Business Cards Download

  • realized business cards download

The Designs on a Free Business Card are Certainly Important

It is the job of a graphic designer to make the card look special and what a better way to achieve the objective than to stress on free cool business cards design. It certainly looks great, if as designers one can work on the card and look to create a stunning business invite opportunity.

The situation certainly is a boost up for the clients as well as one’s own business. Modern day computer and software devices open up extensive opportunities for graphic designers who intend to avail business card designs options and hence it should never be a problem.

How Does Client Benefit from Such a Situation?

It is natural that if a client can benefit he/she will opt for repeat order and as a graphic designer, one will have the order book completely full.

Some great design work on the cool business card helps the card to be in focus and this certainly attracts more attention on the core business.

These cards are small and portable and offer a fantastic opportunity to showcase the business in a perfect manner.
It is never a throw away option like the flyers or leaflets. Personal experience has shown that on plenty of instances well designed business cards are found to be stored carefully for years. You may also see thank you cards.

A Few Tips to Enhance the Design Work on Free Business Cards

As a graphic business card designer keen to add value to the free cheap business card designs, one will certainly love to get down to the job. However, here are some brief design ideas, which we have carefully sourced. We have interviewed some of the best names in the free business cared graphic designs fraternity and looked to stress upon a few points.

1. A key area of check must be the size and shape issues. A standard sized free business card is 2”x3.5”. These cards are either available in horizontal or vertical format. The horizontal option has all this while been popular, but one should come across modern day business houses opting for vertical free business cards. Standard sizing helps to reduce costs and more importantly the designs on the card immediately attract attention.

2. The materials used at the preparation of cards also play a key role in the process. Business cards are generally printed on paper card stocks, which come in varied weight, texture and colour. Hence, here again it becomes necessary to pick and choose carefully. These cards are generally printed on cream and white paper. However, there is no hard and fast rule and one can certainly enquire for more options before getting down to the design work. You can also see red business cards.

3. One will have to take into consideration the readability factor. It is quite natural that you would like to add some of the best colour combinations. However, if it is not readable then the entire effort goes down in vain. You may also see event comment cards.

Keep it Clutter Free

This is a golden rule for any form of designs and it should be no different here. Modern day life is busy and few have the time to go through details. Hence, one must look to keep clutter free as much as possible. People simply hate to read unnecessary texts and as a graphic designer, one should look to stay clear of unnecessary stuff. You may also see sample birthday cards.

Look to Catch Reader Attention via use of Various Font Styles

It is only when your work has attracted attention that as a graphic free business card designer, one can proudly claim to have reached the pinnacle of success. A perfect way to achieve the objective is to work on the fonts and explore ways to make it look attractive. You can also see school business cards.

1. A graphic free business card designer eager to create a power impact should try to keep the fonts bold and as darker.

2. The Garamond fonts should cater to the requirements of designer, who intend to make the card look simple, but yet classic.

3. The Rockwell font should cater to designers, who are eager to strike a balance between simple and over the top impact.

Coloring Certainly is a Key Factor for Graphic Free Business Card Designers

Love it or not, but as a design professional, one just cannot ignore colour. The concept has repeatedly proved to be true and as graphic designers, one certainly cannot ignore the color combination. There are abundant choices for graphic designers eager to get the color factor right. White has always been the standard color amongst the free business cards graphic design fraternity. You may also see blank place cards.

Over the years, it has proved to be a safe bet and one can rarely recall instances of the white color failing to deliver in terms of designs opportunities. However, there are other options for graphic designers, who are eager to experiment.
Does one intend to give out a more refined and rich taste? If so then as graphic business designer’s one needs to shed the white colour free business cards and look to offer a perfectly designed gold colour business invite card. You may also see wedding gift cards.

Black is a sophisticated option and experience has shown that it automatically attracts reader attention. If one intends to portray delicacy and grace then pink is the option, which needs to be looked into. Hence, there is variety on the plate and it is important to choose correctly.You may also see professional name cards.

> Be Creative and Look into the Details

As a design professional, it is ultimately left to you to come up with something stunning. One can also look into the areas, which is generally ignored. For example, it is common to leave the back of a card blank. However, try to be different and look to add a company logo in the back. One should also print the important information right at the centre point of the card. These are small things, which can make your work stand out amongst the ordinary. You may also see graduation name cards.

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