12+ Best Email Newsletter Templates

Digital marketing schemes do determine the fate of an organization and prudent newsletters and emails contribute largely to the cause. Sending user specific mails comes as a blessing as voicing ideas on a larger scale is possible.Using email newsletter templates comes in handy as they allow code inspections and have built-in editors based on preferences. Most of these templates are customizable with configurable color and designs. One can choose among the free or premium options, thus selecting the feature sets based on the requirements. You can also see Email Icons.


Though this email newsletter template to download may not be much attractive but still it is a very good option to solve your purpose of sending a newsletter or promotional document via email.


This template gives you the opportunity to highlight your unique points of selling. This template is helpful and contemporary yet trendy way to portray the basic things that your company is offering to the customers.

Template #50474

This is an example of one fine email newsletter templates to download where you could get the break to showcase your positive aspects and unique work pieces. Here a photographer promotes his work through his portfolio in the newsletter.


Promoting a brand of viewing experiences through ranges of monitors, desktops and mobile phones have become even easier with this Email Newsletter Template. The template also provides scope to ask back questions if any.

Template #49297

This template is a very useful Email Newsletter template which helps you in promoting about your newly launched service provider. You may say few words each about your company, latest projects, other supporting services, latest updates about the industry all in one newsletter.

Saptarang Email Newsletter

Saptarang Email Newsletter can be your best companion while advertising or showcasing your brand. It has an introduction space for you to introduce your company or product. You may also have a catch line for your product which could more easily attract customers.

Template #50679

This template is specially designed for a car portal to promote their new and high in demand cars for their customers. The main feature of this portal is that it has a car guide for the help of its customers.


This template is one of most colorful ones of your choice. Here you may add your company model pictures promoting different brands and products from your company. You may also highlight your promotional offers currently available with you.

Family email Newsletter

Family is the dearest of everything to one’s life. When any email newsletter featuring the family is sent it attracts the most viewers. You may use this template and promote your brand which could be of advantage to the entire family.

Art email Newsletter

A very plain and simple template that is suitable for your sober and temperate showcasing is also available in our plethora of collection. This Art gallery email newsletter is very easy to download and you may also edit in places you may wish to.

Note Email NewsLetter

This is a template with a very trendy and ultramodern look with animated features and flat design idea. Very lightweight HTML format, this template is already tested and proven on email clients.

A nice looking email is just the perfect tool which could stir the needed emotions and these top class templates do make it easily manageable. With user friendly layouts available for use, most of these templates also allow image additions besides supporting other formats of content. An exhaustive sidebar region to address the links is also a feature besides the responsive side of each. You may also visit Teacher Newsletter Template.

Certain templates are the best exponents of responsiveness as they are perfectly in sync regardless of the device they are being viewed on. Check out the brilliant email templates with varied layouts which do take care of aesthetics and provide exceptional digital marketing tools for both personal and professional use. You may also see HTML Newsletter Templates.

> Conclusion

Use of email newsletters have grown in trend enormously with the growth of internet and Information Technology. This is a very good option to enhance your promotional aspect without much trouble to your pocket. The templates in our collection are all the more customizable as per your choice and preferences.

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