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A vital promotional strategy for any business, newsletters are a great help to keep your target base updated about the latest news regarding your company. It could be that you would be launching some discount offers soon or planning exclusive launches especially for Christmas, the newsletters would enable you to spread the word around real fast. The newsletter templates available today make the work even easier with its readymade newsletter structure which can be modified easily with your particular data.

> Free Newsletter Template


The free newsletter templates are available for schools, companies and even families looking to share family news with newsletters. You can download them free of cost and these templates relieve you from creating a whole newsletter from scratch through its pre-structured and easily customizable design- which you can modify with your company, school or family details. (9+ Free newsLetter Template)

> Email Newsletter Template


The email newsletter templates are convenient when you have to create email newsletters to be sent to a wide range of email ids. Whether you are a teacher need to inform parents about the upcoming function in your school or looking to popularize the discount offers from your store, there are email newsletter templates for all. (10+ Email Newsletter Template)

> Classroom Newsletter Template


The classroom newsletter templates are generally used by teachers to notify parents about the activities of their respective children in the class. Sometimes, these templates are even passed on to students to fill up with their observation and performance in the class in their words- which are to be further signed by their parents. (9+ Classroom Newsletter Template)

> School Newsletter Template


The schools keep on sending newsletters to the parents whenever there is any special announcement to be made. It could be about a certain achievement by the school or some special program to be hosted by the institution. Now, drafting newsletter for every parent is definitely a stressful affair but the school newsletter templates are pretty helpful here with their readymade structures. (9+ School Newsletter Template)

> Preschool Newsletter Template


The preschool newsletters are sent to parents to keep them informed about the performance of their wards in the school. These are also used to notify about important activities in the school such as parent-teachers meeting or any special function or a picnic trip to be organized by the school that need permission of parents. (9+ Preschool Newsletter Template)

> Christmas Newsletter Template


Christmas is a merry time for extensive shopping and the store owners everywhere keeps on sending newsletters to customers with the onset of December- informing them about the great Christmas deals and special offers. The Christmas newsletter templates are an amazing help to create as many newsletters as you want real fast with their pre-structured format. (17+ Christmas Newsletter Template)

> Teacher Newsletter Template


Teachers have this duty to keep the parents informed about how their children are performing in the class. This is where the newsletters come in and teacher newsletter templates help every teacher to draft the newsletters in no time. These templates come with designated sections for the classroom report and teacher’s name. (8+ Teacher Newsletter Template)

> HTML Newsletter Template


If you are looking for a user-friendly newsletter template, the HTML newsletter templates have the answer for you. Popular for their intuitive interface, they are really simple to use and will even allow you to include illustrations with high end graphics. You will find HTML newsletter templates for any company & any industry. (10+ HTML Newsletter Template)

> Company Newsletter Template


The company newsletter templates help the companies to send readymade newsletters to customers which just need little bit of modification from the user’s part- given the templates’ pre-designed format. These newsletter templates will also enable you to share the internal news of the company among your various departments or employees. (8+ Company Newsletter Template)

> Real Estate Newsletter Template


The real estate companies take to newsletters when it comes to informing potential buyers about the hot sales offers of properties. You can also use the templates to upload news about the latest home listings on your site. These templates are easy to use and their readymade format relieves you from the stress of creating the whole newsletter structure from start. (10+ Real Estate Newsletter Template)

> Monthly Newsletter Template


Most of the companies have this practice of sending monthly newsletters to customers to keep them informed about the latest events or programs by the companies every month. Now, drafting newsletters for all your clients every month is definitely tedious but you can do away with the stress here by taking to readymade & easily modifiable monthly newsletter templates. (10+ Monthly Newsletter Template)

> Family Newsletter Template


A lot of families today take to newsletters to share their stories and latest happenings in their lives to near and dear ones around. The family newsletter templates would help you to upload information about your last vacation or Christmas celebration or some special news in the family- like birth of a new baby. (10+ Family Newsletter Template)

> Business Newsletter Template


Business newsletters are a great way to stay on the customer’s mind effectively. You can take the help of business newsletter templates here which will help you to create business newsletters in a flash with their pre-structured format- whether you are looking to introduce your special deals or want to revel about achieving a certain milestone to impress your customers. (9+ Business Newsletter Template)

> Holiday Newsletter Template


Holidays assure amazing moments and unforgettable memories which are best cherished by sharing them family and friends. You can take to holiday newsletter templates here that would enable you to discuss about the trip and the awesome experiences there- without the hassle of having to create the newsletter all by yourself. The templates would even allow you to upload holiday captures. (9+ Holiday Newsletter Template)

> Microsoft Newsletter Template


Newsletters are a grand way to keep your customers informed about your latest deals or the parents notified about the upcoming events in your school or to share happy news among family & friends. The Microsoft newsletter templates would help you with pres-designed newsletters which can be customized easily as per your company or school or family details. (8+ Microsoft Newsletter Template)

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