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How to Create an Email Ad [10+ Templates]

In our digital world today, emails can be very effective carriers to send messages to someone or to a specific group of people. Email advertising is becoming a trend nowadays for businesses and organizations. Marketing through emails is effective in the sense that most people are on their phone nowadays. It helps build brand recognition and there is an interaction between the reader and the business’ website. This article will teach you how to make an effective email ad template.

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5 Steps to Make an Email Ad

Step 1: Establish the goal of your email ad

Before heading off to the designing part, think hard on what you want to achieve in your email ad. Figuring this out will help you determine what campaigns you would be making, your target audience, and the content of your email ad. Email; ads ought to be successful as they reflect the loyalty of customers and clients toward the brand.

Step 2: Find your email marketing software

There are various desktop programs that you can take advantage of to launch your email ad campaign. Some software can be downloaded for free while some include a few days or months of free trial. The price is another factor to consider because it may depend on variables such as a number of subscribers or how many emails you send per month. Some examples of email marketing software are MailChimp and MailerLite.

Step 3: Download an online template

Making email ads can quite get difficult. Email ads ought to be meticulously done as they are marketing tools. For a professionally-made email ad, you can use email ad templates readily available online. There are dozens to choose from, from premium ones to free ones. These templates are pre-formatted with texts, graphics, and design.

Step 4: Edit your email ad template

After downloading a template, edit it away for a more personalized email ad. Open a design software such as Microsoft Word, Publisher, or Illustrator. Edit the built-in texts with your own personal content. Incorporate also the images or illustrations that you want to include. Use professionally-taken or high-quality photos. Adjust some design elements such as the colors, borders, or shapes.

Step 5: Finalize your template then save it.

When you are done working on your email ad template, do a preview of the final layout and check if it’s systematic and effective. Be mindful not to make your email ad look overcrowded with the design or the content. Keep it simple but packed with content. Make sure that the texts are legible and compelling enough to draw clicks into your product or website. Save it under any design software that you are using.

1. App Launch Email Ad Template


Looking for the perfect email advertisement template to promote your application launching event? Look no more and check out this App Launch Email Ad Template. This template has a very systematic layout system which is effective in laying down content that is easy to understand.

2. Contest Email Ad Template


Want to promote your contest online? Take advantage of this Contest Email Ad Template. This versatile template can be used for any contests with its layout that uses visual hierarchy, drawing attention at the right places. It also uses warm colors, making the email ad look relaxing for the eyes. Download it today!

3. Education Email Ad Template


Using the right email ad template to promote quality education is a top priority. You would need a template that is effective in displaying the benefits of the type of education you offer. Grab this Education Email Ad Template today and get to enjoy the benefits of using this template. This is first rate, high in quality, and efficient.

4. Games Email Ad Template


This Games Email Ad Template is surely eye-catching for gamers all over the internet! Excite them with this email ad template. This template features vibrant colors and an effective layout that is sure to draw attention. This template is printable and can be customized using Photoshop and HTML.

5. Travel Email Ad Template


Get exclusive access to premium articles and offers about traveling with this Travel Email Ad Template. This template is easy to use in its available formats and is ready-made for your convenience. It uses high-quality graphics and scalable vectors that are easy to edit and customize. Grab this template today!

6. Construction Email Ad Template


Promote your construction firm and services with this Construction Email Ad Template. This professionally-made template allows you to resize the vectors, remove, and replace contents and graphics according to your needs. Download this template today and spread the word about your service.

7. Shopping Email Ad Template


People love shopping, who doesn’t? Whether it be promoting a sale or a new clothing line, this Shopping Email Ad Template can do the job for you. Customizing this email ad template is so much easier, thank our professional team who has made this template using high-quality graphics and effective designing.

8. Spa Email Ad Template


Promote relaxation, health, and wellness with this effective email ad template. Download this Spa Email Ad Template today and get excited in advertising your goods and services. Be the talk of the town with this template that will surely give a good impression on your clients and customers. This template is available in HTML and Photoshop.

9. Travel Email Ad Template

Seeking to promote your travel goods and services? Grab this Travel Email Ad Template for free! This template will surely attract customers into visiting your website and compel them to check out the offers you have. This template can be jam-packed with content and graphics in a systematized way. Download your email ad template today!

10. Corporate Email Bundle Template

Looking for a professional corporate email ad template? This is template is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Download this CreaTeam-Corporate Email Bundle Template. This template is easy to use and is fully customizable with all file formats available. Improve your marketing strategy with this effective email ad template.

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23+ FREE & Premium Email Ad - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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