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With the growing amount of emails that you need to send every day for various purposes ranging from business to personal, it seems to be a great idea to keep ready any outlook email templates that can be of great use to you while sending out email newsletters regarding any offers, sales, etc. from your company/brands. We have an excellent collection of email templates and designs that can be of great help for you to choose the right one.

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Email Birthday Invitation Template

email birthday invitation template
File Format
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • MS Word
  • Apple Pages
  • Publisher
  • MS Outlook
  • InDesign

Size: 5×7 inches + Bleed

Free Download

Are you in search of an eye-catching invitation for an upcoming birthday event? Then you are in the right place. The above template is one such template that will be of great help. It is fully editable and can be customized in a way that suits the theme of your party best and fills all your needs perfectly. This uses high-quality and printable layouts and graphics files.

School Email Newsletter Template

school email newsletter template
File Format
  • Photoshop
  • HTML 5

Size: 600 Width Layout

Free Download

Newsletters play an important role in any in entitiy as they show how can you launch your upcoming events, etc. in an email. The above template is an email newsletter template you can use for school institutions. This template is easy to edit and customizable. All you have to do is download, edit and customize it in an way that suits your needs best.

Outlook Email Templates

Email templates are ways to create, redefine, and re-establish your email contents to avoid redundant communication(s). They are handy in internal communication(s). The main benefit of using email templates is that you don’t have to use the same kind of email content to your clients. These emails help maintain simple, consistent, and mobile-friendly communication(s) when you have more that one person is handling the responsibility of sending emails.

Outlook email templates are a great way to be more productive when you don’t have time and energy to create/compose new emails. They are great ways to transform your email(s) into a professional email. You can create an email and convert it into an email template for any kind of event.

Free Patriot’s Day Email Newsletter Template

free patriots day email newsletter template
File Format
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML 5

Size: 600 Width Layout

Free Download

Patriot’s day can be defined as a day that is also an annual event, which is a state holiday for many states in the USA. formalized. It commemorates the first battles of the American Revolutionary. With the help of this professionally designed email newsletter shown above, you can design the best email newsletter to send it out in case you are conducting any events on that day. It is highly editable and can be customized in a way that suits your needs best.

Free Corporate Email Newsletter Template

free corporate email newsletter template
File Format
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML 5

Size: 600 Width Layout

Free Download

Email newsletters can be defined as email communications that are sent to custoemetrs who have subscribed to a particular email newsletter to get the latest tips, news and events that are happening ion and around their surroundings. The abovetemplate is a first-rate newsletter template that you can use for your company. It is very easy to edit and can be customized int he way you like best.

Free Wedding Email Newsletter Template

free wedding email newsletter template
File Format
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • HTML 5

Size: 600 Width Layout

Free Download

Searching for the right email newsletter for your big wedding day? Then we got just the thing for you – a wonderful newsletter template for your wedding planning and coordinating business. It is very easy to edit and can be customized in a way that suits your theme wedding best. Mention all the necessary details of the wedding in this and email it to all your guests instantly. Try it out now!

HTML Outlook Email Template

html outlook email template 18Download

How to Create an Email Newsletter?

If you want to know how an email newsletter works, then you can check out the following steps or click on the link for further details:

1. Choose a Template

The first thing you need to do is to choose the best template that will suit your needs perfectly. The best email newsletters templates available online will be of great help for you, as they will show you how you can customize and edit thee templates in a way that covers all the topics you want to be covered.

2. Purpose of the Newsletter

The next step is to know why you are writing the newsletter. It is always better to know the main goal and objective of why you are making an email newsletter. The purpose solely depends on the kind of business you deal with. Mentioning helpful tips and information can be os great use as this will help the clients and readers understand what you do better.

3. Details

Once you know what you have to write in your newsletter, the next step would be to mention all the details. This means that you have to give a clear deal of what you are offering if there are any discounts, sale items, the services and products you are offering, the benefits the customers have. etc.

4. Images, Texts, and Fonts

Adding graphics is an important part of a newsletter. It acts as an attractive portion of the email newsletter. Basic newsletter templates will help you understand better as to how to make the most attractive, yet the most eye-catch and attractive email newsletter for your organization. Do not fill the newsletter only with images or texts. Make it a good mix of both of them.

5. Review and Send

Once you are done adding all the necessary details, the last and final step would be to review your newsletter for any mistakes that might be evident. Sample email newsletters would be of great help to you as you can pick the best one that suits all your needs perfectly and exactly. After you review it, make all the changes wherever necessary, you can send it to your clients, guests and any other potential buyers/customers.

Outlook Email Template with Drag and Drop Option

outlook email template for impressive drag and drop optionDownload

Make email creation a breeze with this Outlook email template that comes with an impressive drag and drops option so you can customize your template with ease. This template also features 13 modules and Google analytics.

Outlook Email Template for a Fashion Line

outlook email template for fashion lineDownload

Clockwork’s professional Outlook free email newsletter template is a premium email template that comes with its own builder and editor and even supports Google analytics so that you can continuously improve your layout. Since fashion is one of the most important and most observed industry in the world, it is always good to have new fashion accessories, clothes, etc. come out on a regular basis. This is what the clients look for.

20 Pack Online Template Builder

20 pack online template builderDownload

Outlook Email Template for Red Cross

outlook email template for red crossDownload

Windows Mail Outlook Email Template

windows outlook email template for windows mailDownload

Responsive E-mail Template

responsive e mail templateDownload

Outlook Email Template to Change Appearance

outlook email template to change appearanceDownload

Beautiful Outlook Email Template

beautiful outlook email templateDownload

Clockwork Outlook Email Template

clockwork outlook email template 16Download

Simple Outlook Email Template

simple outlook email templateDownload

These templates are varied in their nature and can be used for a wide range of needs ranging from the personal o the professional. Creating and constructing mails become a lot easier with the general layout. Additionally the templates can be used across different browsers with the same degree of ease.


Email newsletters can be used for promoting your products or services through emails, digitally. There are may email newsletter templates available online that will be of great help to you if you are planning on creating a newsletter for your business. Remember that the newsletter must be short and concise because no one would like to read long emails that give them very little benefit.

Sample company newsletter templates can help you create newsletters that showcase the products and services your company provides. This has to be eye-catching and attractive as it should hold the eye of the reader until they finish going through the newsletter. This way they can also know the kinds of deals and offers your company provides and how it will benefit them.

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