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130+ Cover Letter Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

There are many cover letter templates on the internet. Luckily, you can download a single or multiple templates of your choice for free. But, the template you choose will depend on the type of job you wish to apply for. Although the outline of each cover letter may be similar, the content on each page will vary depending on one’s profession (area of interest). Every template is fully editable, and because they feature high resolution, they will create a visual impression for the reader.

339+ FREE & Premium Cover Letter Templates - Download NOWBeautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

> Resume Cover Letter Templates

A resume cover letter template isn’t the cover letter itself. Because your chance of getting a job depends on your cover letter, the template will help you to learn how to write an appealing cover letter on your own. You can download it for free, and use it as a guide to writing a good cover letter.[10+ Resume Cover Letter Templates]

Free Cover Letter Templates

Free cover letter templates were build for job seekers who have little or no time to sit down to write their cover letters from scratch. And even if you have time to write the letter on your own, you may need to download an employment letter template, and use it as a user guide to writing an attractive cover letter.[12+ Free Cover Letter Templates]

Simple Cover Letter Templates

A simple cover letter template isn’t content specific. In other words, it highlights a potential employee’s abilities and skills in general terms. If not being content specific is anything to go by, it only means simple cover letters don’t have strict writing rules to say the least. Download a free sample template, and read the content to see what a simple cover letter should look like.[13+ Simple Cover Letter Templates]

General Cover Letter Templates

Many people think that general cover templates are meant for people searching for casual jobs. Well, not exactly. Some employers often prefer general cover letters, because they want to analyze whether a potential employee has talents, abilities and skills beyond those they’ve defined in their resumes. The template is free to download.[13+ General Cover Letter Templates]

Latex Cover Letter Templates

You don’t have to create a latex cover letter template from scratch. You can imply download this piece and use it for free. In fact, this template is going to save you time, because it makes it possible to get your cover letter done within the shortest time possible. Download the template today.[6+ Latex Cover Letter Templates]

Job Cover Letter Templates

A poorly written cover letter will never land you a new job. So, if you have just graduated from college and you are wondering how to write a captivating cover letter, you might find a job cover letter template very helpful. Although you can edit the template to personalize, you should use it as a guide to help you write a unique cover letter.[9+ Job Cover Letter Templates]

Sales Cover Letter Templates

A sales cover letter template is a document appended to your application letter for a job in the sales department of a given institution. They are usually directed to the directors, HR Officers or sales and marketing managers. These letters are meant to explain a job seeker’s advantage over other job seekers in the sales sector.[12+ Sales Cover Letter Templates]

Medical Cover Letter Templates

A medical cover letter template is a document prepared by job-seeking medical professionals. They are sent to heads of medical facilities or the personnel in charge of recruitment of staff in a health facility. This letter serves as a response to an advertisement of a vacant job position. It assists in explaining the suitability of a medic for a vacant job.[7+ Medical Cover Letter Templates]

Teacher Cover Letter Templates

A teacher cover letter template is an additional letter that is submitted along with your application letter for a vacant teaching position. It is directed to the principal or administrator of the given learning institution. It explains the academic qualifications and experience that the teacher has in the job such that they are most fit for a vacant position.[11+ Teacher Cover Letter Templates]

Professional Cover Letter Templates

Not many people know the benefits of a professional cover letter template. But, did you know this template can help you get your cover letter done in less than 30 minutes? This template can help people who are looking for casual jobs and those who just want to give general descriptions about themselves.[11+ Professional Cover Letter Templates]

Fax Cover Letter Templates

An fax cover letter template is a brief letter that is sent accompanying a resume by job applicants who are targeting a particular position in an organization. It is supposed to sell the applicant’s achievements and qualifications in regards to the specific job. It is also used to request an interview.[9+ Fax Cover Letter Templates]

Email Cover Letter Templates

Cover letters are introductory letters attached to an individual’s resume to give the employer an idea of who they are. Cover letters typically contain the individual’s name and basic qualifications. You can use Email Cover Letter Template to help you explain why you feel you are the right candidate for the job.[9+ Email Cover Letter Templates]

Nursing Cover Letter Templates

A nursing cover letter is a well-drafted letter attached to a job application letter for the nursing position. They are usually sent to the head nurse or staffing department of a health facility. They explain major aspects of the applicant’s work, their skills, experiences and expertise that will make them better than competing job seekers. You can use a nursing cover letter template as a writing guide for this letter.[9+ Nursing Cover Letter Templates]

Entry Level Cover Letter Templates

Entry cover letters are crucial letters that are delivered together with job application letters for initial employment in a given position. They are written to potential employers. Although they are ideal for marketing your skills and expertise for the vacant position, they are also used to explain major elements of your resume. You can use an entry cover letter template to guide you through writing this letter.[11+ Entry Level Cover Letter Templates]

Employment Cover Letter Templates

There are many employment cover letter templates online. Job seekers can download the templates for free, and use them as user guides to writing the best cover letter. You will notice that the content of the template is short and precise. You too make your cover letter convincing and direct to the point.[8+ Employment Cover Letter Templates]

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339+ FREE & Premium Cover Letter - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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