Resignation Letter Templates – 16+ Free Word, PDF Format Download!

A resignation is a serious issue and hence you have to be really careful about the format of a resignation letter. If you need ideas with a standard framework, you can go for resignation letter sample Word online where you will get ideas on how to explain the reason behind leaving the job in the most graceful manner.

resignation letter sample

Formal Letter of Resignation Template

Your resignation letter is the last impression that you leave with your existing company and it should be as good as the new one. A poor resignation letter might cause issues while earning good recommendations from your old boss for your new office. Thus, you better follow a formal letter of resignation template sample here.

Career Change Resignation Letter

career change resignation letter template

Part-Time Job Resignation Letter

part time job resignation letter

Resignation Letter Templates

Are you resigning from your job and looking for ways to write a Resignation Letter? Then, you can check out Resignation Letter Templates available online. Take note of the following points to help you out in writing one:

  • Address the letter directly to your Hr manager
  • Write about your decision(s) for leaving your position in the company
  • Provide the date(s) of your resignation
  • Make sure you provide enough time for the employer to appoint a substitute for your position
  • Offer help in your transition and show you are willing to hand over your responsibilities if needed
  • Give a thank you note and write about the skills or, experiences you have learned in the company

Board Resignation Letter Template

board resignation letter template

Heartfelt Resignation Letter

heartfelt resignation letter template

How to Write a Resignation Letter : Click Here Professional Resignation Letter Template : Download Here Formal Letter of Resignation Template Free : Download Here

Resignation Letter Example

This is another resignation template example which you could use in case you’re announcing your resignation plans to boss in advance. The format of the latter is quite standard. The tone used is courteous from start to end. At the start you write about your decision to quit, followed by giving details about your new employment – this is optional – and lastly ending it with nice words about your current company and colleagues.

Writing A Resignation Letter

When it comes to writing a resignation letter example, one has to be polite, formal and courteous throughout. Generally the resignation letters are offered in advance but if you have to take up an immediate resignation, you must offer your apologies as well. The letter would conclude with your note of gratitude for the company. How to Write a Resignation Letter Format : Click Here

Job Resignation Letter

You must be extremely cautious when writing your resignation letter. A well-worded resignation is well-remembered and your tenure as an employee is ranked as memorable. Also a well-written letter may help you win recommendations from your boss. The tone of the letter should be polite and professional throughout. Make sure that you land your resignation letter in advance so that the replacement process takes place in time.

Free Download Job Resignation Letter Word Format Sample

free download job resignation letter word format sample

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Notice Period Sample Resignation Letter Template Free Download

notice period sample resignation letter template free download

Letter Of Resignation Template 2 Weeks Notice

A letter of resignation template 2 weeks notice example will start with the basic information of your resignation and the last date of your job at the office. Follow it up with how much you enjoyed working in this company with your colleagues and the boss and the fact that you would be missing them.

Printable Two Weeks Notice Resignation Letter Sample

printable two weeks notice resignation letter sample

Free Download Resignation Letter 2 Weeks Notice Example

free download resignation letter 2 weeks notice example

Teacher Resignation Letter Template

Are you teacher planning to resign soon? Well, then, you must submit your resignation letter minimum one month ahead of your last date at the school. You might mention the reason for your resignation in the Teacher resignation letter template example and if possible, assure the school that you would help with an able replacement.

The Best Teaching Resignation Letter Sample Download

the best teaching resignation letter sample download

Teacher Resignation Letter to Principal Sample Free Download

teacher resignation letter to principal sample free download

Retirement Resignation Letter Template

Are you planning to retire from your present company and looking for ideas on the retirement resignation letter? Well, a retirement resignation letter template sample starts with the information of your decision to retire followed by how much you have relished working in the company. You should also assure your interest to help the firm, if needed, post retirement.

Free Download Retirement Resignation Letter Sample

free download retirement resignation letter sample

Nursing Resignation Letter Template

This resignation letter template would be very useful to a nurse. If you’re a nurse and you’re calling it quits, this resignation template will help you make the announcement in the best way possible. The introduction of the letter contains details about your decision to quit, followed by thanking your boss and staff in your current workplace.

Staff Nurse Resignation Letter Template Example Download

staff nurse resignation letter template example download

Resignation Withdrawal Letter

A Resignation Withdrawal Letter sample initiates with a serious apology from the employee’s part for the sudden change of mind. You should also state the important reason that forced you to ask for a withdrawal of your resignation. Finally you will convey that it has always been fantastic to work in this company and you are hopeful for such a relishing experience once again. Submitting a resignation cancellation letter is the most difficult thing to do soon after you’ve given in your resignation letter. If you’ve found yourself in such a situation, this resignation cancellation letter template should help you do the deed rather smoothly. The tone of the letter is profusely apologetic – has to be if your current employer already commenced the replacement process. Mentioning the reason of cancellation is mandatory.

How to Withdraw Your Resignation Letter Word Example

how to withdraw your resignation letter word example

Resignation Cancellation Letter

Download Cancellation of Resignation Letter Sample Word Doc

download cancellation of resignation letter sample word doc

Cancellation Resignation Withdrawal Letter Example Word Download

cancellation resignation withdrawal letter example word download

Work Resignation Letter Template

work resignation letter template