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Upon successful selection of a candidate for a particular job profile, a company is supposed to issue an offer letter to him or her. The letter informs the candidate of the selection, and then goes on to explain the job profile, duties and responsibilities, remuneration, and other specifics that the company is offering. Such a letter is also known as letter of intent. If you don’t have the time or haven’t got one prepared already, download one of the offer letter templates listed here.You can also see letter of intent template.

Editable Job Offer Letter Template Word Doc

editable job offer letter template word doc | Job offer templates mostly begin with a Congratulatory note wishing the individual on clearing the selection process and at the same time, laying stress on the various terms and conditions which needs to be fulfilled for the provisionary offer to be considered full and final. These job offer templates are designed using Word or PDF, and are printed on company letter head.

Employment Offer Letter Template Word Format

employment offer letter template word format | Offer letters mostly abide by a specific format as prescribed by the respective company. The letter starts with a congratulatory note followed by the appointment specifics – mentioning the job profile, compensation and other important details such as notice period, leave and other rules and regulations with which the candidate need to abide by.

Download Counter Offer Letter Template MS Word

download counter offer letter template ms word | Negotiations are an important parameter during acceptance of any job profiles in an organization. Counter offer letter should be drafted in such a way so as to ensure that it should not portray the sense of greed in terms of salary expectations. The letter should clearly highlight the interest level of the candidate for the profile and firm.

Real Estate Offer Letter Template PDF Format

real estate offer letter template pdf format Real estate offer letter is a legal document which needs to be drafted taking into consideration all the legal considerations related to real estates. The letters should clearly mention the address of the real estate, the cost details as well as the date of possession. In addition to that, the letter should contain all related terms and conditions as well.

Internship Offer Letter TemplatePDF Download

internship offer letter templatepdf download Internship offer letter are quite similar to offer letters of employment – the difference between that internship offer letters contain comparatively lesser protocols and terms & conditions as compared to full time employment. The internship offers should contain the period of offer as well as the stipend which would be offered to them.

Printable Home Offer Lletter Template Download

printable home offer lletter template download Home offer letters are used when users plan to purchase a new home which previously belongs to someone else. This is more of a gratitude letter drafted to express thanks to the previous owner for consideration of the purchase request. A subtle mention of the payment norms and schedule can be added to the content of such letters.

Free Download House Offer Letter Template

free download house offer letter template

Download Accepting Offer Letter of Job Word Format

download accepting offer letter of job word format

The content of the letter template often has one objective: to bring in an experienced, professional and qualified employee to boost the performance of the company.

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