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2+ Merit and Bonus Letters Templates in PDF | MS Word

The merit and bonus are for awarding the most deserving performer in the organization. It is the formal kind of the letter that is about any type of merit and bonus that each and every dedicated person must get after recognizing its effort and would like to reward them for that. This is the form of encouragement to perform even better and there is always room for improvement. There is the award of the commitment and the dedication that the person showed towards the organization.

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2+ Merit and Bonus Letters Templates in PDF | MS Word

1. Sample Merit and Bonus Adjustment Letters

File Format
  • PDF

Size: 187 KB


2. Employee Recognition And Merit Bonus Awards

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  • PDF

Size: 21 KB


3. Merit and Bonus Letters

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  • PDF

Size: 145 KB


How to write the merit and bonus letter?

Step 1: Adding the sender’s address

When you write any type of formal letter there are structure and format to follow before writing it. You should begin with the sender’s address and basic information in the bonus letter. It should clearly indicate to the recipient.

Step 2: Add the Date

Then, you must add the date along with the address of the sender in the letter. It is for the handwritten format and you can skip the part if you are writing the letter through email.

Step 3: Add Subject

When you are sending the letter through the email you contemplate over the subject. You must not be extravagant here and keep it as simple as you can.

Step 4: Adding on-arrival notice

When you notify the recipient about the letter.  You can add the notation to it simply by mentioning that the letter is personal. And the lines must be in uppercase.

Step 5: Salutation

When you write a formal letter, you must add the salutation to it by addressing the reader. It is important to mention even if you’re friendly with your boss.

What are the uses of merit and bonus letters?

There is the point of time where every employee wants to ask their managers and seniors for a well-deserved bonus. This is when you have shown your dedication and passion for the job by working hours and brought glory to the organization. Then again, you’ve brought in thousand this year, went above and beyond the job description and targets and spent endless hours working overtime to make sure that you complete the tasks assigned to you. And for this, you need to asks about the bonus.

It is never that easy to asks for the raise in the money to your employer. It is even not appropriate to ask for it at times. And, you must ensure that you get what you deserve. For these reasons, you have to muster up the courage and talk about your earnings. But for that, you must what to include in the bonus letter. There are tips and tricks to write it. And more importantly, how to format the letter to make sure that you get the financial appreciation that you deserve.

Like any other formal letter, it has the structure that you must abide by. As it must be readable and professional. Your letter must comprise the structure like the sender’s address, date, subject, etc in it. There are some ethical standards that you follow when you ask about the merit or the increment in your salary.

What encourages you to write the merit and bonus letter?

When you think of talking to your manager about the sensitive matter like a bonus or reward. Then, you must be more cautious and careful about it. So, you must be double sure that you’re taking the correct measures when approaching the tricky subject. You approach your boss before going directly to your manager or team leader. And it is more comforting when you have a cordial relationship with them. It is always better to talk regarding the topic directly or face to face.

When you approach the senior, make sure that your tone is subtle, leaving the negativity aside, and focus on the hard work and achievements. When you made your mind to write the letter, it is simply great to play it cool and start your conversation with light-weighted words. It gives a good impression on the person and they are willing to listen to your request more attentively. The well-deserving candidate that showed immensely their talent and passion and brought fame to the organization must deserve a reward in these ways or others.

As mention above, you must keep it cool when you go for such requests like pay, etc. You must not sound too pushy or forceful when keeping your matter in front of the manager. When you approach, then it shouldn’t sound demanding rather it must sound like a request.

What is the purpose of writing the merit and the bonus letter?

Even if it for the general sense of appreciation or because you have a specific reason such as spending plenty of time working overtime on a successful project, then you must use the simple and tactful words for that. When you know that you deserve to be rewarded then do not feel ashamed of writing the bonus and merit letter to your senior keeping the tricks and format in mind.

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