Letter of Intent – 100+ Free Word, PDF Documents Download!

A letter of intent is essentially a document which is used to express interest in holding negotiations and finalizing a particular business deal. Letter of intent documents are used in real estate deals – marking a sellout or buyout of a property. An LOI is also used in context of renting out property. An LOI is also often referred to as a ‘precontract’. On this page you will come across several easily downloadable samples – all of them fully editable.

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> Free Letter of Intent Template


This particular LOI template is a very basic sample. This is an apt choice for those users that do not have any idea or clue about what a letter of intent looks like or should look like. Luckily for you, all the samples featured in this list are pre-formatted. All you need to do is download, customize and print! [20+ Free Intent Letter Templates]

> Simple Letter of Intent


A simple letter of intent involves data on the parties soon to sign a deal, the content or subject of the deal and the purchase price, if applicable. A simple letter of intent template can also include spaces for exclusivity and confidentiality clauses as well as the time period of the letter of intent. [10+ Simple Letter Of Intent Templates]

> Letter of Intent for a Job


A letter of intent for a job is the primary thing that your employer would find about you as it is placed on top of the resume. The letter of intent for a job templates will guide you on how to present your career objectives, skills, academic qualifications, experience & why you have chosen the company for job. [11+ Letter Of Intent For A Job Templates]

> National Letter of Intent


All the student-athletes aiming to join the NCAA institutions in USA must sign a national letter of intent as an agreed declaration to participate in the 1 full year academic course in those colleges or universities. It’s an elaborate document and if you are too busy to draft it from scratch, go for modifiable National letter of intent templates. [10+ National Letter of Intent Templates]

> School Letter of Intent


Most of the students willing to apply in grad schools are supposed to send a school letter of intent with their admission application. If you are in need of guidance on how to format a proper LOI here, go to school letter of intent templates where you will get hints on how to explain your reasons behind choosing the grad school & the course. [9+ School Letter Of Intent Templates]

> Purchase Letter of Intent


A purchase letter of intent refers to a LOI that talks about a proposed purchase deal, be it about a property or a company. A purchase letter of intent template shows what to include in such LOIs like details on buyer & seller, information of the thing to be purchased, the purchase rate etc. [10+ Purchase Letter Of Intent Templates]

> Real Estate Letter of Intent


A real estate letter of intent deals with real estate contracts that are soon to be finalized in realty transactions. You will get real estate letter of intent templates for both leasing and buying/selling LOIs. Apart from information on the property, the two parties involved, the purchase price or lease amount, such templates also mention broker’s commission. [10+ Real Estate Letter of Intent Templates]

> Business Letter of Intent


This letter of intent template is perfect for usage in business settings. If you’re on the verge of starting final talks about a particular business deal, this sample works just fine to be downloaded and developed into a letter of intent on behalf of your company. Easy to download and fully editable. [11+ Business Letter of Intent Templates]

> Employment Letter of Intent


If you’re looking for LOI sample that could be used in employment matters, this template is designed for that purpose specifically. This is a fitting example which candidates can use as a prelude to their resume to impress the HR or employer. A LOI template such as this allows you to put your best self forward – spelling your career goals, skills, qualification & experience. [9+ Employment Letter Of Intent Templates]