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8+ Annual Church Gala Ticket Designs & Templates – PSD, AI, InDesign, Word, Publisher

Gala events are not new to churches, they are even celebrated every year in honor of the church’s beginnings. Though there are also times that a gala is held more than just once per year, and it may be to raise funds to improve the church or to enable the church people to reach out to the community. There are tons of reasons why galas are held, and most of these are simply to give back or to do service to people. You can also read concert ticket templates.

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Unlike most events, galas usually use tickets for their guests, and these tickets come with a price. This is why in order to get these tickets sold, you will need to design them well to create a positive impression to the potential buyers. Here, we have got various ticket templates that you can use for your gala events. You’ll find that all of these templates have an elegant theme on them, which is what galas are all about.

Church Gala Ticket Template

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Size: 2×5.5 Inches


Annual Church Ticket Template

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Annual Church Gala Ticket Template


Church Harvest Gala Ticket Template

Here is the first gala event ticket template in this collection that you might want to consider using. This template allows you to choose between five different color schemes to really make your ticket match with the theme of your event.

How to Maximize Ticket Sales?

In order to make a profit from your event, you will need to make sure that your tickets will sell. In fact, the main sources of your profit will come from your ticket sales and donations. When selling your tickets, you need to consider at least two questions as to why people should buy your tickets: You may also like sample printable raffle ticket templates.

1. What do they get from it?

2. Where does the profit go to?

Once you have figured out the answers to those questions, you can use it as leverage when trying to sell your tickets. This way, the people can assure themselves that the money they’re paying for the ticket will be put to good use, and will, therefore, entice them to buy tickets to get involved in the cause. You may also see best dance ticket templates.

1. Take Advantage of Social Media Sites

If you’ve got a social media account such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, you might want to take advantage of those to reach out to people and spread the word about your event. Not only are they easily manageable, but marketing or advertising through social media is also low-cost. Plus, you can also get people engaged by allowing them to comment and re-share your post on their own account. If done right, you might just be able to sell your tickets like pancakes.

2. Re-Target People Who Have Visited Your Site

There may be times that site visitors don’t make a decision right away to purchase a ticket, and this may lead them to forget about it. When this happens, do some re-targeting. Not familiar with the term? It simply means you specifically target your ads to those people who have previously visited your site but have not bought a ticket yet. Remind them about the gala event, and encourage them to stop delaying and make a purchase. You can also read selling printable event ticket templates.

3. Offer Discounts to Those Who Buy Early or In Bulk

While it’s not a new thing to offer discounts in order to get sales, but you should also make sure that you still get something in return. After all, you want to make sure that you’ll end up profitable for your cause. The great thing about offering early bird discounts is that people will get a sense of urgency, leading them to grab the opportunity before the price of the ticket goes back to its original rate. And with those who buy in bulk, it makes people want to get others involved so that they can get their hands on the tickets for a lower price. You can also check out baseball ticket templates.

Church Anniversary Gala Ticket Template

Here is a stunning ticket template that is subtly different than the first one shown in this collection. Just like the first one, this has five background colors to choose from, with the common element being the gold-colored text and graphics.

What Is a Gala?

A gala is defined as a large party and is attended by a lot of people. Also, people attending a gala event will commonly wear their most striking suit or gown, they will want to look their best for the event. A gala usually features a dinner feast, entertainment, and probably an auction as well. For non-profit organizations to come up with funds that they can donate for a cause, they will usually throw a gala, charge attendees for a reasonable fee, and then give the profits out to charity. The term gala is derived from an old French word “gale“, which translates to English as rejoicing. You can also read ticket template samples.

Church Christmas Gala Ticket Template

Take a peek at the creative ticket template above, it may seem like it is intended for a Christmas gala only, but you can actually use this for any type of gala event. The beauty of this template comes from its contrasting color scheme, which allows the textual and graphical elements to stand out from its dark background.

Church Celebration Gala Ticket Template

How to Host a Gala Event?

As mentioned earlier, a gala event will be attended by a large group of people who are dressing their best in order to impress the others. As such, you as the host should also try to impress your guests by making sure that your gala event ends up according to a simple plan. That said, it clearly suggests that gala events indeed demand careful planning and execution by the host, but how?

1. Be Sure to Outline Your Purpose for the Event

If you know what it’s for, you will know what to do and why you are doing it. On the other hand, if you don’t know why you are doing such thing, you will have no idea what to do. To be able to pull off your gala event perfectly, be sure to outline your purpose before planning it. This way, you’ll know what needs to be accomplished as well as how to do it well. If your purpose is to raise funds, then you can plan out various ways on how to do it effectively and how to entice people to get involved. You can also see movie ticket templates.

2. Analyze and Plan Out the Costs Carefully

An event that involves a large number of people will obviously come with a price, and you need to make sure that you can create a reasonable estimation on how much you may need to spend for executing the gala event. But of course, you will need to take into consideration the available resources—whether it’s enough or not to get the event going or not—because you may need to seek other means of gathering funds such as through sponsorship or partnership with other non-profit organizations. You can also read luncheon ticket templates.

When planning out the costs, divide it across the different aspects that are involved in the event including the food, venue rental, and publishing. And then during the event itself, make sure to keep track of your expenses to avoid going beyond the planned costs. You may also see entrance ticket templates.

Gold Anniversary Gala Ticket Template

3. Do Not Shy Away from Acquiring Sponsorship

As mentioned earlier, throwing a gala event will involve lots of money, and unless your organization has a huge supply of funds, you will definitely need to ask assistance in order to pull off the event successfully. Aside from just advertising your gala to potential attendees, you will also need to advertise it to businesses and organizations in order to ask for their support. You may also read printable raffle tickets.

Some may offer their support in the form of money, while some may also offer manpower to provide assistance during the planning and the event itself. It is always best to seek sponsorship from others in order to delegate tasks or to distribute the costs. You may also see exit ticket templates.

4. Plan Out the Activities and Entertainment for the Event

To keep the guests from getting bored for the duration of the event, you will need to keep them engaged in various activities such as games or raffles, or provide them with entertainment such as song or dance numbers. Plan out what activities or entertainment you want to include in the event, and seek out connections for performers as well as items that can be used for the raffle or auction. When planning these out, make sure that it goes along with the theme that has been set. You may also like vintage ticket templates.

Looking for a gala ticket template that you can use not only for galas but also for banquets and other formal dinner events? Look no further. This template has both rustic and vintage themes that it makes the design look beautiful and desirable. Regardless of the event’s theme, this template would still be a good choice to use.

Church Golden Anniversary Ticket Template

Is it your church’s 50th anniversary? Then this gala ticket layout template would be perfect for your event. This template has a design specifically for both the front and the back side of the ticket, and both designs bear gold-colored glitters and other decorative elements that perfectly match the theme of the event.

Have you found what you need to make your own tickets that you can use for your gala event? We hope so because from the nine ticket templates that we have shown you, there should at least be one of them that works for you. These sample ticket templates have been created by impressively talented graphic artists and come in strikingly high quality to allow you to appreciate every single detail present on the design.

Aside from just being awesome looking, it should also be functional and inexpensive, and thankfully, the templates here have both of them. These templates are not just fully but also easily editable, however, you will need to use the right editing tool for its format. And, these ticket templates can be downloaded for a very reasonable price, which makes them all the more desirable. Now that we’ve given you the information that you need, go ahead and start downloading one. You can also see blank ticket templates.

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