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How to Create a Employee ID Card [10+ Templates to Download]

Creating employee identification cards can be a long and tedious process. This is made longer when you have to create everything from scratch. There really is no way around this task. The Identification card is necessary and there is no way to avoid making it for your employees. However, there is a way to speed things up. Using an employee identification card template will truly speed up the production of employee IDs.

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Information nowadays is readily available online. Using an identification card template that fits well with the products and services you offer is important. Look for all available options before choosing your final design. Once you have the identification card template that best suits you and your needs, follow our quick guide in making your own employee ID card for you and your employees.

4 Steps to Make an Employee ID Card

Step 1: Choose the right template

Use the right tool for the right job. Choose the identification card template that best reflects what your company offers. Certain jobs require identification cards to carry more information over others. Also, choose a template that best compliments your company color scheme. You want the information on the identification cards to be visible. Some identification card templates double as marketing tools. If your business is the kind of business that can take advantage of this, you should consider doing using those types of templates.

Step 2: Gather all the necessary information

Make sure to gather all necessary information needed for the identification card. It becomes a tedious process to edit and re-edit the template every time you need to add new information. Procuring all necessary information prior to the beginning of the identification card creation process will greatly expedite the production of the needed identification cards.

Step 3: Gather or take all the photographs

Be sure to take all of the photographs necessary. Not having the employee pictures slows down the entire process. The pictures still need some editing before final use, so make sure that all photographs have been taken and edited before you start making the identification cards. Once all the pictures are gathered, creating the identification cards will become a smooth and easy process.

Step 4: Test print the identification cards

Before starting mass production of identification cards, make a few test prints. This way, you know how the identification cards look. Results usually vary from printer to printer. The material or card used will also play a role. Make sure the identification cards are up to standard before mass production.

10+ Employee ID Card Templates

1. Law Firm Identity Card Template


Practicing law is very time-consuming. Save time by using this law firm identification card template. It uses a practical design that is both easy to edit and practical in use. Show off your professionalism by making your very own practical and professional identification card.

2. SEO Identity Card Example


Here is an identification card template for search engine optimizers. Search engine optimizers specialize in creating online visibility. Make sure that their identification cards visibly represent them. This simple design allows your optimizers to be identified even from a distance. The simple, but not plain design is perfect for office and field use.

3. Travel Agency ID Card Template


Travel agencies often work both in the office and out in the field. It is important that travel agents can be identified when out meeting clients. This cool yet simple travel agency identification card template is the best way to do that. Simple and easy to edit, you can be sure to provide all your agents with the identification card they deserve.

4. Event Planner ID Card Template


Event planners always want to be seen. They may move behind the scenes, but they need to be noticed. This is true both in the office and when out in the event they plan. Provide them with the authority they deserve by providing them with the proper identification card.

5. ID Card Design Template


This all-purpose identification card template can be used for any type of business. This easy to edit template is perfect for any and all businesses. Provide identification cards for you and all your employees without the hassle of having to create it from scratch. Just download, edit, and enjoy!

6. Advertising Agency ID Card


Never stop advertising. This is the mindset of all marketing and advertising firms. Advertise your business even on your employee identification cards. Turn heads with this cool and sleek advertising agency identification card template. Easy to use and easy to edit, it is suitable for all of your identification card needs.

7. Modern ID Card Example


Simple and effective design. This identification card template holds all the necessary information without taking too much room. The straightforward design shows off the needed information in the front and has room for all other needed information at the back.

8. Worker ID Card Template


Identification cards are a must-have for any business. Use this high quality and professionally crafted worker identification card for all of your employees. Download the file and edit for your use. You will surely enjoy the ease of use of this identification card template.

9. Professional ID Card Design


Employees are expected to look and behave professionally. Top of that look with your own professionally made identification card. This professional identification card template is ready to download and easy to edit. Make use of this amazing template and make your employees not only feel professional but look professional as well.

10. Employee ID Card Design


Simple and direct to the point. This identification card template was designed to be used by any business that may need the design. For use of any employee, from rank and file all the way to the CEO. Download and edit to your heart’s content.

11. Employee Identification Card


Use this informative identification card for your employees. This identification card template boasts both its direct ad informative design. Quick to edit, any information can be added at a moments notice. This identification card template is also useful for marketing purposes when used outside the office because of all the information that is readily available.

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32+ FREE & Premium Employee Id Card - Download NOW

Beautifully Designed, Easily Editable Templates to Get your Work Done Faster & Smarter.

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