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6+ Financial Services Postcard Templates

One of the most effective ways of reaching out to your present clients and the prospective ones is utilizing business services postcards. This is an efficient way of marketing and through this, you can offer various services like encouraging clients to open new accounts, offer financial planning and advice services, among others.

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5 Steps to Create a Financial Services Postcard

Step 1: Make Your Message Pop Out

As a businessman, your first goal is to ensure that your messages and offers correctly reach the customer, so that he can make a choice of responding back or not. When you are using postcards to promote your business, you must design both sides of it to highlight your offers and USP. This creates a long-lasting impression on the client and increases your chances of getting a response.

Step 2: Use Industry-Specific Images

You want the customer to notice your financial services postcard as soon as it reaches their mailbox. In order to catch their attention, your postcard must have high-quality images relevant to the industry. It is useful to add images on both sides of the postcard along with texts so that it creates an engaging visual appeal. Most of the times this visual appeal draws the recipients’ attention and then he delves into the content.

Step 3: Target Your Prospects

When designing the financial services postcard, you should keep your prospective clientele in mind. Writing a generic postcard might cost you your prospective customers as they might end up disengaged or disappointed with the non-specific nature of your postcard. Instead, try to make them client-specific, so that the recipient feels engaged and can relate to the content.

Step 4: Focus On Branding

The postcard that you are sending must establish your brand effectively in the eyes of your customer. For that, you need to add your company’s name, brand logo and other identifiable features that can be associated with your brand on both sides of the postcard. The visual impact is the strongest while promoting your services.

Step 5: Highlight Your USP

Apart from getting the design and the visual aesthetics right, you must also get your content absolutely spot on. You must formulate a strong offer on a plate, for the customer to respond. You must also include points which make your services stand apart from other offers in the market.

6+ Financial Services Postcard Templates

1. Corporate Financial Services Postcard Template

This one is a 6*4 inch, print-ready standard postcard template that can be easily customized and the colors can also be easily changed. This template is used in promoting financial services like a tax refund. It uses bold fonts and vibrant high-quality images which can be the reason for the recipient to look into it immediately. The pre-loaded content on the templates is valuable in helping you start off quickly.

2. Variable Financial Services Postcard Template

This postcard template is useful for creating postcards for financial advisory services. It has a strong background color with appropriate images and font styles. It is available in PSD and AI formats, which make it easily editable. The whole design offers a corporate vibe and can be useful in creating a good impression on the client. The subtle intermixing of white and blue lends a lot of life to the template while keeping the outlook professional.

3. Smart Financial Services Postcard Template

This is a smart and clean financial multi-purpose business postcard, which can be used for various corporate services. It uses layers of colors, text, and images that can be easily changed and is available in three different color variants. The layout is excellent for attracting the attention of the recipient. Green and black are the two primary colors of the template, and it’s incredible how the two come together to create this sensational effect.

4. Professional Financial Services Postcard Template

This is a neat sample postcard template that uses the color red as the background color to give it a visually striking feel. The layout is very creative and the images and texts used can be easily altered. The template is suitable for offering services like accounting, tax refund, financial advice, etc. and creates a professional impression when the recipient first reads it. Red, black, and white come together to make this financial service postcard template truly unique, and the perfect marketing instrument you need to differentiate yourself.

5. Simple Financial Services Postcard Template

This marketing services postcard template provides a clean and befitting look to your financial services postcard. It uses a simple layout with the correct headings capable of attracting the response of the recipient. The design is simple and easily editable by making minor changes as required. This template might give you the necessary credibility which you need to further propagate your business. Blue is the primary color of the template, and as a result, this postcard is ideal for organizations that want to focus on the ideas of professionalism and trustworthiness to the foremost.

6. Editable Financial Services Postcard Template

This is a marketing postcard template that gives your financial services poster a creative look and makes its messages instantly visible to the recipient by using big readable fonts. The choice of color is also important in creating a visually striking image. The template is 6* 4 inches in dimension and can be used to offer financial solutions to different organizations.

7. Elegant Financial Services Postcard Template

This corporate postcard template follows a simple pattern of two colors black and red for highlighting the text. This can be a useful method of intriguing the recipient to go through the content of your postcard. On top of that, it also uses stunning images that enhance the value of the document and creates an overall elegant look and feel for your brand.

A financial service company needs to be meticulous in its marketing efforts. A postcard is a perfect way to establish deep-rooted relationships with your clients. All the templates covered in this guide have been selected after careful consideration of style, language, and presentation, and only then made the cut.

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