How to Make an ID Card [10+ Templates]

Schools, companies, organizations, and countries alike use identity cards to describe and distinguish individuals belonging to specific groups, categories, or affiliations. If you are in charge of crafting an ID card design that best represents your brand or organization, check out the rest of this article where we share a step by step guide on how to make ID cards using pre-formatted ID card templates.


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5 Steps to Make an ID Card

As promised, outlined below is a step-by-step guide on how to design ID cards. Study these steps well so that you can craft suitable ID cards.

Step 1: Determine what kind of image you want to portray.

You must first determine your business’, organization’s, or company’s image or identity. Once you have created a branding persona or once you have chosen the kind of impression you wish to elicit, you can then decide on the specific design theme or motif for your ID cards. For example, if you want to reflect the modern yet fun company culture, you may use a colorful office ID card design.

Step 2: Choose appropriate branding design elements.

Next, you must handpick the specific branding design elements you wish to include on the ID card. This includes choosing the color scheme, card layout, header, logo, and letterhead designs. Save all these image or files under one folder on your computer.

Step 3: Note all information you want to include on the ID card.

Aside from the image elements, you also need to write down and save all the pieces of information you wish to include on your ID cards. You may compile a list of all your employees, their emergency contact information, and your basic company information.

Step 4: Download an editable ID card template.

Then, it’s time to download an editable ID card template. Choose a template design that best complements your brand or organization. Edit each card template by replacing the text placeholders with the card owner’s personal information. Perfect the first ID template design and use this as the base template for all the other ID cards you may need to create.

Step 5: Print the ID card design.

Lastly, print the final ID card design using your preferred printing material. Most professional ID cards are made from plastic and PVC material. Ask your local print shop for the different options that they offer.

10+ ID Card Templates

Shown below are downloadable ID card templates that you use as a base template for your own ID card designs. Choose from different file formats like PSD, AI, INDD, Pages, DOC, DOCX, and PUB.

1. Creative Agency ID Card Template

creative agency id card templateDownload

The Creative Agency ID Card Template (shown above) is specifically created for agencies or companies that provide creative services like design firms, advertising companies, and film and media corporations. This template is fully editable and you can modify the company logo and header placeholders to match your own company.

2. Daycare Teacher ID Card Design

daycare teacher id card templateDownload

Featured above is the Daycare Teacher ID Card Template. It is best used for teachers and assistants working in nursery and kindergarten schools. The graphics template follows a striking color scheme that matches well with the playful and welcoming ambiance of a daycare center or school.

3. Hospital ID Card Template

hospital id card templateDownload

The Hospital ID Card Template (embedded above) is another professional ID card design template. This card design template follows a horizontal orientation that provides more space for a person’s photo, designation, company information, and other security features.

4. Student ID Card Design

student id card templateDownload

School administrators will love the Student ID Card Template featured above. This editable template is made specifically for schools, universities, and colleges in mind. This template is fully editable in Apple Pages, Microsoft Word, Publisher, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop.

5. Restaurant Identity Card Template

restaurant identity card templateDownload

High-class restaurant etiquette involves the proper identification of all the staff members. With templates like the Restaurant Identity Card Template (shown above), restaurateurs and managers will have an easier time making their own ID card designs. When customizing this employee ID card template, make sure that you properly incorporate your dining establishment’s official colors and branding identity.

6. Blank Student ID Card Example

blank student id card templateDownload

Academic institutions need to create thousands of ID cards each year. To make the ID-making process easier and quicker, school administrators may use the Blank Student ID Card Template (pictured above). This is a pre-formatted blank photo ID card template that the school’s admission committee can repeatedly use to create multiple ID cards at a time.

7. Employee ID Card Design

employee id card templateDownload

The Employee ID Card Template (shown above) works best for companies and brands who want their ID cards to stand out. In this ID card design, end users are free to choose the main background color. The default color is light blue, so make sure that you change it to match your company’s preferred color scheme.

8. Modern ID Card Template

modern student id card templateDownload

If your organization or brand values subtle elegance and professionalism, the Modern ID Card Template (shown above) may work wonders for your company identity. This card template may be edited using MS Word, Publisher, or Apple Pages. And due to its formal design, it can also be used as a law firm ID card template or for other companies operating in the professional service industry.

9. Sample Company ID Card Design

sample company id card templateDownload

Try out the Sample Company ID Card Template (embedded above) if you prefer a minimalist ID card design. This template only includes placeholders for the most basic image and text information to make a valid ID card. When editing this staff ID card template, don’t forget to embed security features into the design.

10. University Student ID Card Template

university student id card templateDownload

Use the University Student ID Card Template (featured above) if you are planning to create a uniform identification and tracking system for an academic institution. To personalize this template, make sure that you replace the built-in school logo with your own university logo or school letterhead design. When edited extensively, this template can also be used as a corporate ID card template.

11. Minimal Student ID Card Example

minimal student id card template

Sometimes, vertical ID cards can be too common since most companies and institutions use this card design orientation. An alternative design orientation is shown in the Minimal Student ID Card Template pictured above. This template is best edited using Adobe Illustrator.

Feel free to use any of the free and premium ID card templates included above. Also, if you want to learn more about card-making, check out the rest of our website.

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